Mor Gabriel Monastry near Midyat - oldest surviving Syriac Orthodox Monastery #mardin #midyat #turkey #syriac #monastery

Live program with malfone Abdul-Massih Saadi and Yusuf Bektaş today at 20:00 CET. Be with us with your questions on FB!
Tahrazto haytho cal u leshono cam malfone Abdulmasih Saadi w Yusuf Bektaş adyawma i sho’tho 20:00. Knetrina a shuwolathkhu bu Facebook.


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After 7 years of back and forth fighting and occupation of certain areas, Damascus is now free of terrorists. Allah souria Bashar 🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾

How does greatness begin with?
Greatness begins with a beautiful family that entrusts The Lord with their souls. A family in which both man and woman United in their holy matrimony invoke the Lord as a couple. A family in which the rosary is recited and church isn't seen as a bothersome activity but a blessing from heaven. It is our families that become our small churches in which the sacramentals began to be practice and the sacraments are reinforced. In the church we learn about the love of God and how God works through us. In it we experience God and the family becomes more United.
The day I marry (Inshallah), I hope to reflect this picture, may God grant each of us a Holy family, material holy wife or husband and may the wife and husband together work to create many holy saints.

The only time I got to fire the 12.7 mm (50 cal.) rifle that shares my nom de guerre, the Zagros. Uses a Russian 12.7 mm round. Think the rest is made entirely by Syrian Democratic Forces in small factories. These weapons are a game changer, along with the 14.5 mm version (and possibly a 23 mm version!), they pierce cover that smaller rounds can't. We have also been on the receiving end of similar Daesh weapons, and yes they are scary as hell when incoming. I took off my safety glasses to help get good eye relief, bad idea. A few days later it failed catastrophically when it exploded while firing a defective round. Homemade weapons come with a risk. The guy firing it was right next to me (i was loading, single shot) and i thought he had been shot at first when it blew up. It broke his thumb, and smashed his face pretty hard, thankfully he was wearing glasses. #zagros #sdf #ypg #syria #kurds #arabs #assyrians #armenians #syriac #kurdistan #war #combat #warfootage #combatfootage #2A #rifle #gun #dyi #russia #sovietweapons #shooting #fight #mma #bjj #ar15 #ak47 #deash #isis #huntingisis

Our parish priest encouraged us to attend other Catholic rites, so next week we are going to the Byzantine Catholic Church! A rite represents an ecclesiastical tradition about how the sacraments are to be celebrated. As the early Church grew and spread, it celebrated the sacraments as would be best understood and received in the context of individual cultures, without ever changing their essential form and matter. The Catechism lists seven rites. These rites so listed: Latin, Byzantine, Alexandrian, Syriac, Armenian, Maronite, and Chaldean, these last two are actually families of liturgical expression. These rites are the descendants of the liturgical practices that originated in centers of Rome, Antioch, and Alexandria. Just remember that Christianity started in Jerusalem (see the book of Acts) and then it spread as Christians were persecuted. Today is also a good day to remember that there is only One Church, so all these rites are part of the Catholic Church. There is unity which is different from uniformity. Attendance at a different rite fulfills the Sunday obligation. Want to know more? Here’s an article from the Catholic News Agency for more information: https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/amp/resources/liturgy/rites/the-rites-of-the-catholic-church#catholic #Latin, #Byzantine, #Alexandrian, #Syriac, #Armenian

Portland ❌ Babylon ✨Interior of Dar Salam Lazuri restaurant in downtown Portland, OR ✨ .
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Interesting typography in this #PalmedOr #Cannes2018 winner films’ poster by #NadineLabaki and her exceptional movie #Capharnoüm The way I see it, it’s a great integration of #Syriac #Assyrian #Aramaic put in Arabic (wording) headline/title. #typography #design #PosterDesign #GraphicDesign #poster #film #ux #ui #font #illustration

¡Ven Espíritu Santo a renovar la faz de la tierra!
Domingo de la venida del Espíritu Santo.

Come Holy Spirit to renew the face of the earth!
Sunday of the coming of the Holy Spirit.
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Pentecost illustration from Rabbula Gospel .It's the oldest Syriac Maronite Gospel that goes back to the 6th century .
(2nd picture : the Ascension scene)
The Gospel was completed in 586 at the Monastery of St. John of Zagba ܒܝܬ ܙܓܒܐ,  which is thought to have been in a region near Antioch. The Gospel was signed by its scribe, Rabbula ܪܒܘܠܐ.
At the 11th century the manuscript was at Maifuc -Jbeil/Byblos Lebanon. In the late 13th or early 14th century it came to Qannoubin. In the late 15th century the manuscript was taken by the Maronite Patriarch to the Laurentian Library in Florence , where it is today.
God bless our Antochian Syriac Maronite Church.
"في اليوم الخمسين وبينما كان المؤمنون مجتمعين معاً بنفس واحدة في العلية يصلون، انطلق من السماء بغتة دوي كريح عاصفة فملأ جوانب البيت، وظهرت لهم ألسنة منقسمة كأنها من نار واستقرت على كل واحد منهم، وامتلأ الجميع من الروح القدس، وابتدأوا يتكلمون بلغات غير لغتهم على ما وهبهم الروح القدس ان يتكلموا" (أعمال الرسل).

Okay I couldn't stop myself from posting this meme at almost 3 am
Goodnight 😤😂

Worldly men want a girl that wears tight dresses and sleeps with them...
Myself, I am simply asking for a church loving, rosary praying warrior, family oriented lady that likes traditions, will let me go to Latin mass and Byzantine Divine Liturgy, will pray a daily rosary with me and understand the importance of no meat on Fridays.
But seriously, Church loving girls that fear the Lord are the best

May 20th is the commemoration of the dukhrono of St. Gregorios Dodo +609 according to the Liturgical Calendar of the Syriac Orthodox Church.
Mor Dodo was born in Sidos, a village in Iraq. His parents Simon and Helen were wealthy & well known for their strong faith. They were childless for a long time. Their faith led them to a monastery in Mt. Tabriz, Iraq. They stayed with the abbot Mor David spending their days & nights in prayers. Dodho was born because of their fervent prayers. Mor David baptized him & then the family returned to their village.
His parents wished for him to get married, but Dodo refused, saying he wanted to dedicate his life for the Lord. He carried the Bible always with him, read & meditated upon it. After the death of his parents, he distributed all their earnings and wealth among the poor. He followed literally, what Jesus had taught. “If you will be perfect, go and sell all that you have and give it to the poor, and you shall have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me” (Matthew 19:21)

Dodo went to Mor David’s monastery. He observed rigorous penance. He desired to serve God leading a virtuous life. On Mount Tabriz, he lived a solitary life for twelve years. The Abbot saw in a dream that Dodo’s life was in danger and set out in search of him. He was brought back to the monastery severely ill.

After regaining his health, he visited the Holy land. Upon his return he departed to a different place, to a scary valley known as "ܪܓܘܠܐ ܕܓܗܢܐ Hell Valley" overlooked by the village of Esfes, 7 Kilometers South West of the town of Azekh (now Idil, Turkey). It was called "Hell Valley" because of the depth of the valley and it was an area fill of thieves and outlaws who robbed every person passing through that location. Dodo called upon his uncle and forty hermits and stayed with them. With everyone’s cooperation, he could construct a church there. The village soon became a beautiful place to live.
When the metropolitan of Tigris passed away in A.D. 589, the Patriarch Peter III (A.D. 581 – 591) nominated Dodo as his successor. Mor Gregorius Dodo passed away in A.D. 609. His burial service was conducted at Tigris Cathedral. #syriac

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