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#Synthesized #voice generated by a computer called #GPWS which is Ground Proximity Warning System. It alerts pilots about unsafe conditions in #flight.

There's nothing bigger than our #synthesized racks, not even in Hollywood! ( . )( . ) #gearporn #synthesizer #geartalk

Thumbs up! 👍🏼 Para la noche que se viene.
Main Floor: @dj_brak
Deck: #Synthesized
cover: 150Bs. +21

I have a thing for crazy instruments and synthesizers.. so I found myself a new toy ☺️. No idea what I will do with it, but I already had a great time with it! #synthesized #casiovl_tone #poetry #music #playinglikeakid #music

I got mail today from @masterbootrecord and @dataairlines Thanks for this Beauty!
#vinyl #synthesized #metal #chiptune #music

Last night was so much fun. Thank you @dallasacid @topgirlproductions @croyandtheboys @teppiehunt @night_glitter for playing @staygoldaustin ! So much vibes and love. Looking forward to next week ❤️ #moog #synthesized #soundbath

Im in love with this synth cause it's made of wood.. End of story..... #korg #synth #synthesized #boulder #colorado


Here's part of a very old song I wrote called A Dying Faith. Tell me those drums aren't sick 😏 #original #music #song #metalcore #drums #drumming #tuxguitar #synthesized

In the news papers to day, Fentanyl is making headlines continuously. #fentanyl and its #analogues result in #overdose and #death among several thousands #addicts especially in the US but also in other parts of the world . Eastern Europe, And especially Estonia who now now have the most drug-related deaths in Europe. Cheap #synthetic fentanyl from labs in Russia have replaced the more expensive #heroin.

Unlike other #semi-synthetic #opioids like the popular #oxycodone, Fentanyl can be #synthesized with the expensive #thebaine. Thebaine, an #opiate-alkaloid, is very expensive and strongly controlled under international law.
Due to this fentanyl and analogues have become popular, but their popularity are also because or their #potency. Fentanyl is about 5-10 times stronger than #heroin and 50 times stronger than #morphine.
USA is amongst the worst cases; Fentanyl flood in over the boarder from #cartellabs which produces very pure and cheap fentanyl. Either the cartel themselves or US dealers cut their #heroin with the much cheaper fentanyl. As a consequence #heroin #addicts all over the US #overdose or die due to the extreme potency of Fentanyl.

Fentanyl are also starting to show up in #cocaine and #crack according to users of different forums and on Reddit. Popular pills amongst the younger drug users - i.e., #oxycodone and #oxymorphone pills etc. - are also turning out to be pills containing the cheap fentanyl and not the intended drug.

Junkie XL – Synthesized

When Junkie XL burst onto the scene in the mid-’90s with his amazing genre-twisting groundbreaking remixes for the likes of Fear Factory and his own killer electronic music as well I instantly became a huge fan. His albums Saturday Teenage Kick and Big Sounds Of The Drags blew my mind with their innovative approach. Then he hit it massive with his Junkie XL vs. Elvis “A Little Less Conversation” remix, and something changed. After that it seemed like with each successive album every track in the listing read “Junkie XL Song” (featuring So-And-So) as he built his work more around guest vocalists than his own sounds and became, in my mind, more of a follower than a trail blazer. By the release of 2008’s Booming Back At You I decided I was bored and basically let him drop from my radar.

Recently I have noticed Junkie XL (Tom Holkenborg) has come surging back onto the scene with his exciting and fresh soundtrack work, some of it as a partner composer with the legendary Hans Zimmer. In the last few years he has created excellent scores for the blockbusting films Divergent, Mad Max Fury Road, Batman v Superman, Deadpool and the newly released Dark Tower. This, and a conversation with my buddy Joe X, got me thinking about Junkie XL’s catalog. Looking back I realized I had never picked up his final album release before transitioning to doing film music exclusively, 2012’s Synthesized.

Continued in the comments...

Roland VP-03
The VP-03 is a miniature version of the VP-330 Vocoder Plus, one of the most popular vocoders ever made. Part of the Roland Boutique series, the VP-03 brings together the worlds of synthesized sound and the human voice, using the latest ACB technology to accurately emulate the sound that made the original so influential. The VP-03 has the VP-330’s vocoder, human voice, and strings sound sources on board, and comes with a gooseneck microphone. And when paired with the optional K-25m Keyboard Unit, you’ve got the authentic VP-330 vibe in a reliable, low-cost setup that’s highly portable. There are new features too, including 16 Chord Memory setups and a Voice Step Sequencer for even more creative potential. Whether you want the classic, electro-infused “talking robot” sound or the expressive power of shaping synth sounds with the human voice, the VP-03 puts it all at your fingertips.
Ultra-compact recreation of the iconic VP-330 Vocoder Plus
Retains the sound, character, and user interface of the original VP-330
Gooseneck XLR mic included
New features include Voice Step Sequencer and Chord Memory function for one-finger performance
High-quality construction with metal front panel
Highly portable for mobile music making
Battery-operated (4 x AA) or USB powered
Built-in powered mini-speaker for instant enjoyment
Dual ribbon controllers for pitch bend, modulation, and one-touch sound preview
Compatible with optional K-25m Keyboard Unit and DK-01 Docking Case
Contact us for further details! #alfannytrading #roland #egypt #showroom #audio #video #distributor #vocoder #VP #synthesized #voices #sounds #portable

Its a tradition for me to release an instrumental every 30-07. 30th of July III (Rebirth) now available on Soundcloud. Go listen. Link in bio. Cheers!!!
#30th #july #tradition #edm #dance #instrumental #trumpets #synthesized #voice

One of the guys from #Soulsby with their #synthesizer bank. Top one is a #yamaha #dx7 . #synthesized #centreforcomputinghistory

The guys from #Soulsby were there. With their #yamaha #dx7 . #synthesized #centreforcomputinghistory

Another one of the many I took at #centreforcomputinghistory #synthesized event last week. Drumpads. Where's that drumming #cadburys #gorilla when you need him?

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