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Alright, so after the registration reopened, i asked some close friends to join the guild, and I offered them to join Team Prism! And, fortunately the said yes, so now, I will introduce the new members they created!
First, we have Bugs the Bunnelby! He's the calm and quiet one of the group, and usually more collected, and is much more observant. He talks when he feels the need, and he's a great advice giver. I suggest going to him with any trouble you can't figure out! If you do battle against him, be careful! His earthquake WILL shake the heck out of you!
Next, we have Rocco the sailor Scraggy! He's a hot headed dude, who usually goes into action without much talk. He's over confident, seeing himself as the groups leader. I'm not even sure if he's an actual sailor or not, but eh. Be careful, though! His fighting type arsenal of moves will make you see stars!
And last, but certainly not least, we have Joji, the chubby Ursaring! He's a bit of a grump, and a total tsundere, but beneath his rocky surface is a pure cinnamon roll, who love hugs! He'd never hug you in public, but he will if you ask! Be weary, though, because Joji is a force to be reckoned with. Taking the place as the strongest Team Prism member, his Swords Dance and Slash combo will take you out in one blow!
And those are the new additions to Team Prism! Nice, right? Oh geez, the dorms seem to be getting cramped.
Please, go and follow the people tagged, since they're wonderful and amazing and i love them.
#sylveonguild #sylveonguildrecruits #TeamPrism

(( i couldn't decide which version i liked lol )) Wynn and Griswold stayed behind at the guild for the wish adventure, so they didn't collect any eggs. Instead they are spending the day crushing berries for the hatchlings to eat, and handing them out! Don't worry, Wynn is wearing protective gear so the jam is clean i swear lol ;;00
[ #sylveonguild #sylveonguildegg ]


#sylveonguildtown 🔸
Sterling wanted to buy something for his friend at the guild
#sylveonguild #sterlingsandshrew #annabethespeon #pokemonteamsolaris

(*hates instagram for not allowing me to cut this pic properly*)
Eggs? Hatching? Eryo's ears twitched as the news finally reached him. His heart pounded, joy filling his veins with rushing blood.
"They're going to need something that makes them strong!", he thought while sprinting home.
The growlithe started boiling water, cut herbs and berries he dropped into the seething liquid.
After a few minutes if cooking, the water turned pinkish-red and a pleasant smell emerged from the pot.
Eryo stirred the liquid quickly, destroying all big pulps before adding Combee honey to make everything sweet; he knows how much youngsters love sweet juices.
After putting out the fire, he pulled the pot off the hook and let it cool for the afternoon.
Then, he filled the strength giving juice into a wooden bottle, just like he learned from his parents, put a little bow around it and brought it to the guild to share it with the new members.
#sylveonguild #sylveonguildegg #pokemon #pokemonrpg #growlithe

aand here he is, the second-in-command for #sylveonguild ! ofc i had to base him off of chatot from the games ;3 he has a temper and dishes out punishments often to misbehaving members of the guild, but its quite easy to bribe him into giving you a lighter sentence via flattery and shiny things.....he's quite easy to fluster. also! he stands around 1'8, slightly taller than the average meowth. he's around lv 48, though he hasn't evolved. #sylveonguildstaff

Sooo... Abbie went from not giving a shit to full overprotective mode xD
Don't you dare hurt Abbie's friends and those he cares for, you will die xD

Nettle left Terk to wander around the shops while she, well, shopped, and of course, he wound up listening to the banker's narcissistic sob story.

Sorry this prompt has been overdue for so long 👀💦💦
Romania found Monty exploring around the island and was about to attack him, but before she could intervene Pada came in and used flamethrower. It didn't inflict a lot damage due to flamethrower's type disadvantage so the partners both had to escaped before Romania and the others would attack them. The other teams behind them (hopefully) laid the final blow on Romania.
-- I'm most likely going to stay very inactive until June because I'm going to get consumed by school work after my spring break ends on Tuesday. Sorry for the semi-hiatus;;


Idk why but somehow Rova is like "hey loxcil, wanna have a race?" and loxcil like " HAHA you don't have a chance with me" and Gus like " haha STOP OR NO BERRIES FOR YOU" also i really miss the sylveon guild and really hope that they will open the guild again😭
Loxcil belongs to @pikachuconnoiseur.
Gus belongs to @torterrart.
Rova belongs to me.
#pokemon #pikachu #vaporeon #minccino #sylveonguild

Hnnng it got cropped, but whatever.
Brandi and Bazel don't typically like crazily harsh weather, especially Brandi, since 2/3 of her body is practically covered in dense wool.. due to this, they set up of what appeared to be more of an umbrella--or tarp, rather than a tent, since tents tend to insulate more heat, rather than cool down.
(They found a nice and shaded patch if any of y'all who prefer cooler temperatures wanna join!)
#sylveonguild #sylveonguildjunior

"Everyone! Those who doesnt have a tent fell free to come here our tent is big enought for atleast 3 more mon! " The pup barked out ---------------------------------
#sylveonguildjuniortents #sylveonguild #sylveonguildjunior

Gus made friends with one of the butterfrees during the migration. *What's your favorite Pokemon? Mine is Arcanine! :)*

They actually ended up lost during their walk through Maple March.. And Brandi is making sure that Bazel won't hear the end of it!
Anyhow, they eventually made it through and Baz is exhausted as heck, and Brandi isn't exactly being much of a help. (She's badgering him to try on a daisy chain she made, Brandi is literally 40% snobby know-it-all, 60% Just wants to be loved)
Bazel wishes to talk to somebody other than the obnoxious buneary..
#sylveonguild #sylveonguildjunior

here's a special gift for the person who let me into the guild ✨💝 @thesylveonguild @poodlepufffs Thanks You ❤️ #art #sylveonguild #traditionalart #artist #pokemon #watercolor #drawing #doodle #sketch #artwork #doodles

Look at the duo enjoying their food . Oh? Seems like someone wants to chit chat suddently a little cactus child!
Trever and James belong to @cactuzquartz
#sylveonguildcamp #sylveonguild

Lil Mimi trying to talk with the mean dustox to stop attacking all the other pokemon meanwhile Aidan is a protective pup just incase the moth attacks with hes friends

Treasure! ✨💰💸 Sorry for not posting much ;( Stuff is going on, -
#traditionalart #pokesona #pokemon #pikachu #art #artist #drawing #artwork #sylveonguild #art🎨 #traditional

For #sylveonguildjuniorforest prompt that I'm pretty late to. I been busy for the past few days so I couldn't get to it right a way.
Anyway the real reason why Maka and Maude were late to the camp site because they got distracted a lot on the way. They were never lost, they just stopped to do a lot of little things.
Maka stopped to play in some of the fallen leaf piles and got distracted by some of the residents there, like looking at small Scatterbugs. Maude although being the mature one, decided to play a quick game of hide and seek with Maka when she at least wasn't noticing, and lastly a snack break!

"Hope everyone is making it through the forest okay! We're almost out!"
Veronica needed help and Lilith was happy to oblige! The pair made it out of Maple March Way safely before... well... something. 🌚
Make sure you check out the first event! The next one will be posted tomorrow and mini prompts will be posted today! 💖
| #sketch #doodle #myart #sylveonguild #sylveonguildjuniorforest #foamybabies |

When the forest is full of pokemon who would scare you but it's your own teammate who betrays you HMPH >:i
Last box text:
Chi: Haha! C'mon, we're almost there!
Yu: Oh fine! But this isn't over!! Chi belongs to @that__wallflower
#sylveonguildjunior #sylveonguildjuniorforest #teddiursa #spinda #pokemon #pokemonart #pokemonmysterydungeon #cute #kawaii #doodles #doodle #sylveonguild

Team Bravo has a lot of good kids... except for Kujo. It's not that the others aren't amazing Kujo is just a stinky mean otter child. But he tolerates the squad 😤
The team is wonderful and I'm so glad I had a little bit of spare time to draw the beans 💚💚
| #sketch #doodle #myart #foamybabies #sylveonguild #sylveonguildjunior #sylveonguildjuniorforest |

#sylveonguildjunior #sylveonguild #sylveonguildjuniorforest
No birds are going to be bothering this bug!

Another thing for #sylveonguildjunior .
Kili wanted to say thank you to Mara and Garret (@lamora_floofyfox ) for letting him join their team. That's why he has searched some pecha berries and wants to give them to both as a present now! Kili is really happy and hopes to become closer friends with garret soon, so that they all get along well and have a great time in the future!
#pokemon #cute #comic #fanart #mimikyu #sylveonguild #pokemonmysterydungeon #art #drawing #artist #fun

'Baz takes pride in his tidiness, and how "well prepared" he typically is when it comes to packing.. Brandi, on the other hand, couldn't care less on what she does or doesn't bring.
#sylveonguildjunior #sylveonguild

"Touch any of my stuff and you die."
Kujo brought a few things for the junior expedition: a few berries, iron thorns for extra damage, a decoy orb, and two of his prized possessions. He carries a mystic water to boost his scald and razor shell, and he also carries a sky gift with him at all times from his mother. He waiting for the right time to open it.
Taking any of these items from him would most likely result in him killing everyone in the room and then himself. Beware. 🦈
(He's rude and such but he'll share if you gas him up or he actually likes you)
| #sketch #doodle #myart #foamybabies #sylveonguild #sylveonguildjunior |

( NVM THEN :'D I didn't make the deadline so rip. )

Met my new babies Trip and Alli! I came home late because I was out all day :,D I hope I am able to join still. -
Alli and Trip turn out to be two polar opposites. Alli tends to stay out of peoples ways while Trip is a 'hot head' and likes to fight. However the two work well together and even though they are opposing elements ( and Trip's hidden ability can actually cause Alli is a fire type. )
Backstory : Born from a Alolan Ninetales and a regular Ninetales, the two were sent to the guild to gain experience like their parents. Who were in a team before. It was quite a surprise however when they hatched originally. The twins were born in the same clutch, and surprising they hatched as double shinies with two different vulpix forms. For their rarity, they were often teased and/or bullied by other pokemon. The guild is planned to make the two stronger and they hope it does.
( #sylveonguildjunior #sylveonguild #kalasocs #oc #originalcharacter )

Introducing Yume! :D He goes by Yu and is identified by his star mark on his forehead! In a team with Chi! ( @that__wallflower )

#sylveonguildjuniorrecruits #sylveonguild #sylveonguildjunior #spinda #teddiursa #cute #kawaii #doodles #sketches #sketch #pokemon #pokemonart

Here they are, just in time!
Everyone, meet the new faces of our Mystery Dungeon Adventures, Hikari and Jaxx!!
Two friends who live in a desert/river area, they've known each other their whole lives since their parents are friends. Word got to them that a special guild that is aimed towards younger adventurers has just opened, and they took up this opportunity in a heartbeat. Hopefully, they make it on time.
Hikari is a bright and optimistic Maractus, who loves dancing and expressing himself! He always can be seen humming or bouncing to a beat, never to stop moving unless he falls asleep. He wants to become a star when he grows up.
On the other hand, Jaxx here grew up alongside Hikari, and became best friends with him. He wants to be a champion fighter, the absolute best there is, and explore every dangerous place there is without fail. He's rash, and runs headfirst into danger without thinking to have Hikari follow trying to save him. They make a good duo, though. -
Update: Geez, I really should make their designs a bit less generic. I'll work on that soon.
I hope you guys like them!
#sylveonguildjuniorrecruits #sylveonguild #sylveonguildjunior

Just another little thing for #sylveonguildjunior . This what Maka and Maude are bringing along for the trip. Maka's hood has a secret pouch underneath the fur to store things in!
In bag: Revival Herbs (1), Honey (1), Cherri Berries (3), Sitruis Berries (2), Soft Sand (1; For Maka), and a Quick Claw (1; For Maude).

The votes were close but Dewey the Dwebble was the winner (by 1!)
She's headstrong and decisive, and lives for fun and adventure. Her personality is what ultimately brought her to joining the #sylveonguild but also her drive to impress her parents! As an energetic early teen, she's ready to make friends, fight foes and find fortune!
#sylveonguildjunior #sylveonguildjuniorrecruits


My team for #sylveonguildjuniorrecruits . This is Maka and Maude. They both care for each other and protect each other. Maka gives Maude a place to hide while Maude creates fields of electricity to protect her from enemies. Besides her size, Maude is older than Maka. Maka is still a kid while Maude is a late teen. Maka is also good at singing and humming while Maude is good at sewing and repairing damage clothing.

Here's my Pokémon for the #sylveonguildjuniorrecruits ! His name is Gus and he's a Minccino. He is very naive and gullible, but is very sweet. He can very easily get tricked into doing the wrong things, without him really putting it together first. Though he may have a lot of flaws, he is usually very outgoing. His ability is Skill Link and he is on level 13. His moves are Double Slap, Pound, Toxic, and Protect. Gus is hoping to be able to make some friends at the Junior Guild :) (I guess he's around 12?)

My entry for #sylveonguildjuniorrecruits :)
This is Kili the venonat.
He is a very introverted guy and prefers to be alone because he is scared of accidently hurting anyone with his poison typing. Other young Pokémon also rather stay away from Kili, because his face expression is always very emotionless which is kind of scary for them. Nonetheless he is very kind and once you get to know him better he can be a really warmhearted and caring friend. .
To sum up he is a very lonely little venonat who decided to join the guild to eventually find some friends who finally give him the love he deserves after years of rejection :,)
#pokemon #venonat #poison #sylveonguild #drawing #art #fanart #cute #manga #anime

Nexus The Shiny Pikachu!! Level 56

Calm Nature ✨

Move Set: 🔥
Quick Attack
Iron Tail
Thunder 🌩
Thunderpunch ⚡️
Treasurer 💸 #art #artist #drawing #traditionalart #pokemon #pokesona #oc #sylveonguild #sylveonguildstaff #sylveonguildjunior

allow me to present, Caesura! the delphox cook of the Junior Expedition Camp!
Don't be fooled by her "prim and pretty" looks, she won't hesitate to spike your soup with spiced berries or whack you into the sun with her soup laddle; however, if you're polite and have a good demeanor, don't be surprised if you get a lil sweet treat alongside your meal! (kind of her way of saying "thanks for not being a lil shit")
Though she puts up a tough front, she has a real soft spot for teaching young pokemon, and her closest friends!
(I cant think of much else to put rn, but I hope you all like her !!)
#sylveonguildjuniorstaff #sylveonguild #vonnieskiddos

The mon, the myth, the legend has arrived!
The illustrious Guildmaster Lilith the Sylveon has officially returned for another bout of exploring! Same moveset, same jolly attitude, same frightening amount of strength in the body of a pastel rabbit dog. Kind and caring, she decided to open a exploration camp for kids! She's super excited to meet them all! 💖
I just realized both of my Pokémon oc's are blue as purple what. 🤔
| #sylveonguild #myart #sketch #doodle #sylveonguildjuniorstaff |

Here's my girl for the sylveonguild ⭐️ She's very kind to everyone and wants everyone around them to be happy! She loves when other pkm talk to her 💕

#sylveonguild #sylveonguildstaff #sylveonguildjuniorstaff

Some more Haku, rating to adventure and mentor

#sylveonguild #sylveonguildstaff #sylveonguildjuniorstaff
Quiet, calm, collect and strong, Haku is ready to help one and all! Though one at a time, Haku's all type specialty makes it easy for him to teach all types of Poke'mon. No matter the type, no matter the level, no matter the evolution, Haku will gladly help those who need to understand their abilities
Haku will be monitoring the members on their expedition, analyzing movesets, abilities, typings and teamwork. He understands type stab, advantage and coverage. He also is good with learning about levels and evolution so feel free to ask him any questions. He seems big and scary but he's easy to talk to I promise!
Beware, he will make terrible jokes and occasionally poke fun at others! Lilith has experienced this first hand

So yeah I'm gonna make a junior guild member for my own guild hehhhh I'm cheeky like that.
So this is Kujo W. Fumi the shiny dewott! His mama was a skuntank (kinda explains his pompadour) and his dad was a samurott. His parents sent him to the camp to help clean up his act, since he's a huge troublemaker. He likes to pick fights, steal food, and use foul language at elders. He talks big game, and can usually back it up if Pokémon are his level. Although stoic and arrogant, he can be a good guy... 2% of the time.
I'll post Lilith tomorrow! I wanna go to sleep soon, but the guild is officially back!! Registration is from today until the 3rd of June! Get in while you can! 🎏
| #sketch #doodle #myart #sylveonguild #sylveonguildjuniorrecruits #foamybabies |

Phantom is surprisingly a good dancer, kinda. He has a lotta fun while dancing.
But, Joji is having trouble keeping up with these complicated steeps and grooves? How can he possibly move like that? The answer: He can't.
#sylveonguild #dragonianocs
Agh how do you guys deal with no motivation or will to do anything it sucks

Sorry this prompt has been overdue for so long 👀💦💦
Romania found Monty exploring around the island and was about to attack him, but before she could intervene Pada came in and used flamethrower. It didn't inflict a lot damage due to flamethrower's type disadvantage so the partners both had to escaped before Romania and the others would attack them. The other teams behind them (hopefully) laid the final blow on Romania.
-- I'm most likely going to stay very inactive until June because I'm going to get consumed by school work after my spring break ends on Tuesday. Sorry for the semi-hiatus;;

Oh boy its a WIP
Someone please help me these backgrounds are killing me

Cole is ready to protect some pokemons that needs it #sylveonguildisle #sylveonguild

"I wouldn't attack this pokemon if I were you..."
Cornflower used protect! A barrier appeared before the tow pokemon.
"Sorry I couldn't come sooner little miss! Steel insisted we find you, and I had to follow."
- - - - -
Look guys I did a thing.
- - - - -
[ #sylveonguild #sylveonguildisle ]

Wonder how I don't get cavities with all of the candy I eat... { DoUble eDit:'D} ♡ #Drawing #Art #Sketching #Sketch #Doodle #Pokemon #sylveonguild #Oc

Gerrick uses dark pulse to take care of 2/5 aerodactyls , while Dash uses her razor leaf to get hers away. Curtis is ready to strike despite the burning fire. After defeating the 5, the mega appears!

Prism VS. Aerodactyl! Who is the successor? Who else but our heroes! It took them all working together, but they were able to take down the aggro Pokemon. But geez, that poor Aerodactyl didn't stand a chance! And to be body slammed by Joji like that, ouch. Thats what did him in.

It also seems that Joji and Phantom were able to get over that arguement. Good for them!
Also @mintydiccs that was a jojo reference

#sylveonguild .
I couldt handle 4 guilds at once, and Team Zircon broke apart so i didt see any resons to stay.
Ill miss the guild... but i cant stay, i wont be able to finish promots and ill just be a character no one knows about in the guild really... So bye Sylveon Guild.

#sylveonguildisle #sylveonguild
Eclipse used Confusion!!
Razor used Spikes!!
Rose used cinnamon roll!!
The three fought off Genesect's minions as good as they could!

Urgent Mission! Save the captured allies from Aerodactyl!
After the events of the previous comic, Bruno, Bugs and Rocco were snatched by an angry Aerodactyl, and taken away into the sky.
After realizing the bullshit that just took place, Joji and Phantom work together to Retrieve their allies. Fortunately, the Aerodactyl circled above ground, making things a tiny bit easier. Joji launches Phantom at the Aerodactyl, allowing Phantom to get up close and personal in order to bash the Aerodactyl over the head with a bone. Why wasn't it not effective? Because screw Pokemon logic, it got hit on the head with a BONE. The momentum alone with the impact stunned the Aerodactyl and he dropped the 3 others.
It also appears that everyone has a different way of landing. Good job, Bugs.

Another one.

Nettle knew that the genesect's strength nearly doubled her own, but the least she thought she could do was to attempt in poisoning it, so the stronger guildmates could have a better advantage. She knew her plan was well carried out, as she succeeded in poisoning the ill tempered antagonist-- there is just one problem.
#sylveonguildisle #sylveonguild

This is the sketchiest one I've done so far..
Eh. So Nettle was able to exhaust one of the kabutops so Terk could deliver the winning blow.... he doesn't realize that his opponent has already fainted.
#sylveonguildisle #sylveonguild

@shroomyeen .
It took forever and originally I was just gonna draw Fell but when I thought this um I couldn't just not draw them
My favorite thing is doing just pencil drawings... mechanical pencil and color pencil is aaaaalll I need 😍
This was originally an art trade between us two but I took so long not drawing my part so I'm sorry for that xP

Hope And Li-Li thought they could beat F16 and its minions easily,but Li-Li paid the price for that..

Whoops guess who tried to be purposefully sketchy?
Not rlly sure if I like it haha
Anyways, two cuties who don't like being called cute are cooperating to defeat one pterodactly - are they going to win? Who knows.
Loki belongs to @leftei
Eryo belongs to me .
#sylveonguildisle #sylveonguild #pokemon #rpg

late comic for #sylveonguild #sylveonguildisle with the new team member named Li Li

The gang got caught up in a fight with two Shieldon, it was a rough fight for the young friends but they just barely defeated their enemies. They are pretty beat up and worn out and unforsure if they shall continue on to the boss fight, but who knows?
Haha, I was going to do a whole comic but I really don't have the patients for that-- eeeh #sylveonguild #sylveonguildisle

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