Celebrating Steph and Brock!! 💗💗 #sykedtobeahayes

Let the celebrations begin!!! 👰🏽💍✨💗#sykedtobeahayes #mybestfriend

#tbt to one of many epic nights with the dynamic duo @stephy4984 @bhayes. Can't wait to celebrate your love this weekend!

Photo bombing the bride! Congrats Steph! #sykedtobeahayes #stephandbrockswedding

These ladies! Amazing wedding, and excited for Steph to be a Hayes! #stephandbrockswedding, #sykedtobeahayes

They're married!!!!! @stephy4984 @bhayes #sykedtobeahayes

When one of your best friends gets married, it's awesome. When two of your best friends marry each other, it's the best day ever. @teddytalbot and I love you guys to the moon and back, @stephy4984 @bhayes!!! #sykedtobeahayes

Almost wedding time!! #stephandbrockswedding, #sykedtobeahayes

I hate everything about this picture, except for the fact that it was taken the night @stephy4984 met the guy she's marrying on Saturday, @bhayes. It's impossible to love a couple more than I love you two. So #syked to celebrate!!!! #sykedtobeahayes #tbt (cc: @baconbarbellsbikinis)

Congratulations on tying the knot @stephy4984 and @bhayes! Feeling lucky to have been able to share your special day with you. Looking forward to many more happy times in Seattle 😊 #sykedtobeahayes #weddingseason

psyched to be in beantown for #sykedtobeahayes

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