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Have you met Isaac? Our resident πŸ₯ and newest Talent Agent, specialising in F&B, bar and restaurants, FOH roles in cafΓ©s, QSR, and more...contact him on isaac@benchmarque.co β›΅οΈπŸ½πŸ· #LoveHospitality

After almost an hour of catching up we finally looked at the menu β€’

Want to make your passion for hospitality a career? Through Clipboard, set up a personal profile and find opportunities to connect with businesses to build your network. Rg @maybefranksydney

2 of our amazing People & Culture Coordinators, Caro and Mary, working hard on those schedules! #LoveHospitality

Can't get over birthday lunch on Sunday and Papi Chulo vibes β€’

The big kahuna, this is the package for those who like a good time, love to try new experiences and spending them with up to 50 of their favourites! 😎

Business in the front, part in the back!

Corporate Event that gets you the "Want the best of both worlds package" + UNLIMITED drinks for 4 hours for up to 50 people.
We'll add some extra flair to your event by throwing in 3 unique activities/services that compliment your event, and, yes, balloon animals count ;) You and/or your business will join the exclusive Ufoodi "Food Founders" page to recognise your generous contribution and support.

Check the link in bio for more juicy details πŸ˜™πŸ‘Œ

This one is for the social butterfly, what better way to catch up with your closest friends than with a Private Function where you can all create your own meals and enjoy free bevs for 2 HOURS!! What happens at Ufoodi, stays at Ufoodi!: Private Function for you and 24 of your nearest and dearest. Includes the Gimme just a little bit more package + UNLIMITED drinks package for 2 hours.

Join all the very exclusive members of Ufoodi "Food Founders" page because you rock

What are you waiting for? Link in bio πŸ˜‰βœŒ

This one has foodie written all over it! 😁

Go Crazy? Don't mind if I do!

All you can eat, but you have to eat it all! We'll open up the pantry so you can create the mother of all dishes + a drink to wash it all down. Heck -Β  you can also have an entree and a dessert.
Your inclusion on the Ufoodi "Food Founders" page is two-fold;

For proving you are one bad-ass mo-fo for consuming all that food, but also because you've shown us some serious love and we want to say thanks by immortalising you up on the Ufoodi "Food Founders" page.

Good Luck -Β  waste not, want not.

For all the package info, and a look at our crowdfunding vid click the link in our bio 😎

Like the Full Monty, but fancy a drink? This package has you covered! πŸ₯ƒπŸΊπŸΈπŸ· Need a ride?

Go the Full Monty package and we'll spot you a second drink of your choice too.
You'll also get a $25 ride share voucher, but just be sure to put your clothes back on before you get in the car home ; )

While you'll most definitely be remembered for your "streaking skills" -Β  we want you to be remembered for being one of the first to support Ufoodi - so you'll be forever remembered up on the Ufoodi "Food Founders" page too.

For all the packages and video, check our bio for the link 😍

It's time to get your kit off, or our 5th package? You decide πŸ˜‚

The Full Monty;

We got you. Customise your cuisine ( 1 Protein and 2 sides). Enjoy an entree. Devour a dessert. Tie it all together with a beverage of your choice.

You've also earnt a place on the Ufoodi "Food Founders " page because you da real MVP.

Link in Bio for more info πŸ˜™

Are you a hospitality professional looking to network with other likeminded businesses and industry contacts? Join the Clipboard community and progress your career today!

You had us at dessert 😍

The 4th package in our Crowfunding efforts is;

Want the best of both worlds?: Personalise your plate (1 Protein and 2 sides) and enjoy your choice of an entree AND a dessert!
Your name up in lights on the Ufoodi "Food Founders" page is a given.

For the video and all package info, link in bio πŸ˜€πŸ‘

Is Ufoodi for you? A question that we've been receiving this week. The answer, YES πŸ˜€

Ufoodi is for everyone! We are bringing the way you eat out into the 21st century.
Giving you, the customer, control. With Ufoodi you will be able to book a table, create a dish, share bookings with friends (can also copy their awesome creations), and pay individually from within the app.

So regardless if you've got allergies, intolerances, adhering to a diet or just a fussy eater, if you eat food, Ufoodi is for you πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ For more info, check the link in our bio πŸ˜™

Today's package has your name written all over it πŸ˜‰

Gimme Just a Little More;

One course, not enough? How about 2?

Create your own plate (1 Protein, 2 sides) and choose to add an entree or dessert.
Naturally, we'll pop you up on the Ufoodi " Food Founders" page too!

Check the link to see the video and the full list of packages πŸŽ₯πŸ˜€

One of our fave dishes from the Ufoodi Crowdfunding campaign, Charred Sirloin with Broccolini, Poached Egg and Almond and Truffle Oil.
With Ufoodi you'll be able to make your dish just like this one 😍😍

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