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Como não se apaixonar por essa cidade? 😍
📌 Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney
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Just a sneak peak of what we have to offer this year at the Sydney Reed Gift Fair. We’ve got heaps of new home decor and giftware items to offer, we can’t wait to see you there! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 #RGF #Sydney #Reedgiftfair #homeware #home #decor #decorphotography #jar #masonjar #candle #rustic #rusticdecor #fresh #fragrance #allseasonshomeware

Escape the city and join us for a cup of the Bear in Kirribilli... ☕️ #TheFlyingBear #BirdBearGroup

I wanted to repost this because it comes up so often and did last week in my Kinstretch class. You should always be working off a program based off an assessment but if there’s anything I can say you need it’s shoulder and hip IR. Here’s how to get that shoulder right
Shoulder Flexion part 3 with @repthereds
As crazy as it sounds improving internal rotation of the shoulder is absolutely the best way to regain flexion. Yes you should train flexion too especially those C.A.R. Things I talk about quite frequently.

Here is the sleeper which is probably one of the most controversial stretches and in my opinion absolutely necessary for shoulder health. You will see from this and swiping right that a huge emphasis must be placed on positioning.

First start with a 2 minutes passive Stretch just breathing. You should feel everything in BACK SIDE of the shoulder and maybe running down into the tricep. Nothing in the FRONT!

PAILs ten seconds ramping ten seconds holding max effort. For your first 5 times I always suggest just doing light to moderate PAILs. Ease into it.

After the PAILs do a 10-20 seconds RAILs Contraction trying to internally rotate the shoulder more without shrugging. Ideally you feel the stretch increase.

Then 5 breaths until the next round. After your last round get 10 breaths in trying to sink into the “new” ROM. Make sure you swipe right to see the second video. Feel free to reach out with any questions!

Head to toe in @ggpageofficial | hmua @_nicquelxoxo | 📸 @katelynne_wagner

Acclaimed modern pop sensation Ravyn Lenae has released her much-anticipated new EP. Crush is available now at all digital music retailers and streaming services.⠀
Crush is Executive Produced by Steve Lacy (The Internet, Kendrick Lamar), who also joins Lenae on two of its five tracks including the vocal call-and-response, 4 Leaf Clover (track listing attached). The EP is highlighted by the sultry new single, Sticky - watch the video here.⠀
Sticky is drawing wide-ranging critical acclamation, with Pitchfork declaring it Best New Track while raving, “Sticky is a steamy affair with a slinky R&B beat, but Lenae sounds like a playfully annoyed lover, glued into a relationship that‘s falling apart. She uses Lacy’s wide-open production – electric organ and psychedelic guitar strums – to experiment with her vocals...The pacing mirrors all the frantic ups and downs of a teetering relationship, with Lenae storming around Lacy’s instrumental, changing her tone and her mind over and over again. Even through all this relationship drama, Lenae makes falling out sound very fun.” The FADER named Sticky one of its 11 Songs You Need In Your Life This Week, writing, “is an incredibly apt title for this Ravyn Lenae song, which Steve Lacy provided the beats for. Those organ sounds and Lenae's wild high notes really sound like a gooey sweet treat.”⠀
Pitchfork listed the Crush EP as one of their 6 Albums Out Today You Should Listen To Now.⠀
One of Billboard’s 2018's R&B Class: Three Artists Poised For Breakout Success In 2018, Lenae is among the faces featured in Nike’s new The Force Is Female campaign.⠀
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NB: Vagabond Co. has obtained all necessary permission from the Artists, their respective Labels, Representatives or directly to use their content. We would respect you do the same.⠀

The home stretch. Sydney, Australia in 7 days! #sydney #australia #sydneymardigras #gayaustralia #gaysydney

날이 정말 좋았던 날, -함께여서 더 즐거웠던 날

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Yo Sydney 🏄🏾‍♂️ Not too late to pick up your fresh tix to our Glebe show with @nickcunninghammusic // this Thursday at the @therecordcrate !! Click link in bio purchase tickets. I’ll be playing my first acoustic Sydney show in years, and Nicks new music is off the charts. Can’t wait to see him play! Photo @lapposnaps

🌊☀️ ASHTON RISES FROM THE DEPTHS TO BRING YOU UNFATHOMABLE COMEDY AT BEACH BASH IMPROV: EXTREME 🌊 ☀️ Nobody knows where Ashton came from. She has always been here, transcending this pitiful little thing which we humans call “time”. Her narrative is weaved throughout the folklore of many native peoples, and her image appears in cave paintings across the world. She never ages. Never sleeps. Never dreams. She just exists, and waits. What does she wait for? That is for her to know, and for us to discover when it is too late to stop her.

Despite being an all-powerful, trans-dimensional being who feeds off humanity’s combined existential terror, she knows very little about our way of life, and is always passionate about learning more. Last week, the members of Room for Improvment taught her about Origami. She spent hours excitedly folding paper into intricate little shapes: flowers, swans, love hearts, anatomically correct hearts, and portable death rays. The fun briefly came to an end when she accidentally gave herself a paper cut, and in a rage declared herself president of the Earth before removing Canberra from all existence. Conquering the world is tough work though, and we soon found her curled up in the corner taking a nap. Good times 🌈.
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When the champagne matches your outfit 😍

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