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have i ever mentioned how much i love brittana? because i love them so much😌
soo hello everyone! it's honesty time! last year in about march i realized i was bi.🌈
now i realize it's been a long time since then and this is the first time i've told all of you. i wanted to wait because i wanted make sure almost everyone from my school is blocked from this account because this is my space to be me, and i can't do that with some very judgmental people from my school looking over my shoulder. to be honest, if i look back at some of the things i've done or though when i was younger, for instance, never being opposed to kissing girls and being a bit curious about it, this realization isn't that surprising anymore. i know for sure that i definitely still like guys, so that would make me bi i suppose.
also, just to let you all know, i do have a girlfriend😘(@kingstons_rabbit), her name is Lizzy and she is absolutely amazing and beautiful. you should all follow her. like now. dooo ittt😏
i wanted to be honest with all of you, so here you go. i hope this doesn't really change anything and that you all stick around😊

much love, jennifer ♡
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