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Whoever said that diamonds are girl's best friend.
Never owned a dog.



Empathy is a rare sight indeed.

You dont get what you want. Because everything you think will make you happy wont really make you happy. God has different plans for us. And i think those are the best plans. Sometimes things you dont get werent in your best interest. And that is the reason you dont get them. Just go with the flow. Get what is coming your way, and dont miss what you didnt get. Because if you'll be more focused on what you missed you wont be able to pay attention to what you have. Love what you have. Love your life. Because this is how it is and sometimes you cannot do anything about it except to be tough and face it and love it as it is. 💖 #Swrites

If you are reading this, i need you. I know things didn't go well btw us...i mean we never got along together. But you've always been my corner of peace. You showed me the light in my darkest of times. And i feel alone today. My hands are trembling amd im chocking and nobody cares. Nobody understands. I know you think im no good and im selfish but all those times you cared for me, you must've seen someone in me no one else did. I wish i could just whatsapp you like before and tell you how im feelings right now but i cant really do this now. If you are reading this and you still care, please....please!

When i first heard about you, i hated you. I didnt like anything, anything about you. You was the worst person ever. I hated hearing things about you. But then all of a sudden i got addicted to it. I got addicted to hearing about you. Even if it was shit, even if i didnt like it, even when it started hurting me and even when i was like shit "im already too neck deep in it". But right now when i think of all these years, i know that it was the time when it didn't hurt as much as it does today because now i dont hear anything about you. #Swrites

Time heals every wound
But every wound leaves a scar on your mind
And every scar changes you in a way its hard to mend
It changes how you see the world
It changes how you feel or think about things
And those are our reasons for doing things in a certain way
Or being a certain someone.

Tips on being HAPPY!
-Experience everything to see what makes you happy and joyful.
-People around you have a big impact on your mood. Stay around the ones that make you happy and gleeful.
-Focus on what you have instead of what you dont and what you want in future. Keep counting your blessings and count few of them twice.
-Dont be someone who cribs all the time. Be someone whos thankful. Practice it alot in day. -Instead of sitting there and crying, find a solution. And work on it.
-Stay in contact with the people you love.
-Accept. Yourself, others and the way things are. Do not always try to change things your way. Try to adjust. Sometimes if things are going against what you planned, let them be.
-Take a moment from life every now and then to enjoy the beauty of the world. Travel.
-Always keep in mind that if the day is going bad, its not over yet and if its over, the next day is on its way. Things never stay the same. Mostly the bad ones.
-Make some goals in life. Achieve them. No matter how slow you go. Its never too late.
-Be kind. Do something for someone in a day. Without thinking of any personal gain. Make someone happy. Help someone.
-Smile and laugh, when you still can.

Everybody wants to be accepted for who they are, nobody wants to accept others for who they are. Everyone wants to be understood, nobody wants to understand. Everyone wants others to be patient with them, nobody wants to be patient themselves. Everyone wants forgiveness from others, nobody wants to forgive others. We all want things for ourselves, we want to be opinionated and we want others to respect our opinion but we have no tolerance or respect for others opinions. We want people to fall in love with who we really are and not go for our looks and money but when we choose others, we choose them on these basis. We talk about falling for peoples character and nature too much for someone who doesn't fall for these themselves.
Start with yourself. Start doing things yourself, the things you expect from others. Be the person you want others to become. Before telling others what you want in them, be that person yourself and you might end up with who or what you want in life.

The worst part is that i know that things will be the same between us once i wake up in the morning. You'd still wont be talking to me, you'd still be acting you didn't see me in school even when you did and you still wont check up on me. But right now, when its not the same and you are actually talking and noticing me, i think i am in love with this moment.
#Swrites (The posts written by me will have this hashtag only from now on, the rest wont have this)



Empathy is a rare sight indeed.

Can you break a broken soul?
#Swrites #Swrites4u

Two souls, one heart
#Swrites #Swrites4u #unionoftwosouls

She is more than what she shows to the world

'Cause she is strong.

"you were just an illusion"
#Swrites #illusion #lifequotes

'cause she never gives up.

"When trust gets shattered"

"She shares the story untold" #swrites #untoldstory

"When you feel so done"
#Swrites #life #hopelessness

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