#legday workout killed 👌💯💪BOOM 👊
Almost died without oxigen and fresh air in the gym.. That was sucks🤪 But I killed it! 😎

Gun show over here? 😂 My arms haven’t been my main focus, but I can’t help but notice my muscles 💪🏻 All because I made time for my workout! ⠀

I’m so excited because we are preparing to launch a brand new program in January! It focuses oN getting your workout in for only 20 MINUTES!! Turn your New Years Resolutions into Results! 👊🏻⠀

I’m going to work hard these next few months to reach my goals! Who is gonna join me? 👇🏻💌

Stay determined even when your mind says no!!! STAY HUNGRY!! STAY MOTIVATED!!
#beardedmotivation #beardnomics #swoleoclock #swetsum #menshealth

Po treningu jeb jeb foto 😂😉😜#swoleoclock #bodybuilding #gym4you #dobryhumor #lecimyztematem 💪💪💪

Finished all my Aural Perception units under the wing of Mr Daniel Rojas @rojitodan

I remembered the first class I had with him, he said "with your skills you should aim for the stars, if you get less it's not reflective of you". I've always taken that approach in Aural. Whilst I have Perfect pitch (I.e. the ability to work something out just by listening to it), I got pushed to areas which I got complacent in improving. Having Dan for all of my classes 3 semesters in a row, coupled with his charismatic and uplifting nature, made me always feel confident at most times! (Bar the AP3 lab exam :p). Thank you Dan. In a world where I always second guess or compare to others, you made me confident in my abilities to be a better musician with my hearing, which I also learned how to translate into everyday life! :). Going to miss you Dan 😍😊😎 #sydneycon #danielrojas #spanish #cerado #tango #music #aural #ufc #swoleoclock
#heplayedstarwarsattheendoftheexam #besttutorever #mvp #shaunmastermusic #tabla

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