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In light of all the talk about overcoming injuries, and battling thru a few myself right now, I took an extra day to work mobility movements with some light kettlebells and a little cardio on the open stride machine to see how my knee responds to it. Felt good. #operationwerewolf #swoleleft

Gym daddy supremes! @bonebreakerbarbell #swoleleft

Trying to put boulders on these shoulders. Lot of red shirts at the gym today. No deaths. A+. #internationalwomensday #gym #swoleleft #fitness #gymlife

End bulk/new shoulder rehab protocol and training regimen from @rigbyfitness Sitting at around 188 and 1000% body fat percentage. Today's training was:
Squats 5x10 at 225 followed by chest work as shoulder allowed and a million reps of back, bicep and triceps accessory work. #operationwerewolf #swoleleft

First day back in the gym since dental surgery a couple weeks ago. It's been a shaky start to the year for me, but I'm hoping to add more weight once I start getting back in track. #swoleleft #girlswholift #squatsday

Get swole little buddy

#operationwerewolf #Opww #swoleleft


When coach texts you "we found your push point :) yaaaaaaay" πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ today was an aggressive squat day. 8 sets of triples at 195 (shown is first, one of the middle and last set), heavy SSB with chains and a bunch of accessory. I was in a horrid mood when I first got to the gym but I focused myself as I stretched and found the right head space to drive through and really push myself. Feeling like I'm hitting a new stride in my lifting and my mindset #projectstrongher

545 for a single before doing speed and paused squats afterwards. Was suppose to be a double but it just wasn't gonna happen. Still good though. Just means I'll get a damn PR again come meet day. August 19th is coming up!! #powerlifter #powerlifting #squats #skwaats #bonafidestrength #joshstrengthmethod #swoleleft #baytown #aintnobitch #uspa #power #trainingtobeatme #standthefuckup #nosebleed @mr_mrs_alaniz

Well... today did not go as I would've hoped. Everything felt heavy today but my stubbornness wanted to hit all the reps more than I cared about how heavy everything felt. 295 is the first clip and 315x1-5 is the last one. I haven't failed a deadlift rep in who knows how long. I knew it was a risk going for the fourth rep there but I really really wanted all five and decided I could grind it out if I had to. Turns out I couldn't. But I will next time #projectstrongher

There's a reason why I video everything (aside from my coach needing to see it). There are probably hours upon hours of video on my phone that will never see the light of day but they give me the ability to make micro adjustments in real time in the gym. The first few sets of these paused squats I was reinitiating the movement by tipping forward and pushing my hips back even though in the moment it didn't feel like I was. Watching back I saw this happening and was able to correct myself and work very specifically to reduce that in my later sets. It was a very productive day. These lighter accessory/variation days might not be exciting but they're where the real work is happening #projectstrongher

This was my 2nd lift. Was suppose to do 545 for a double after I pulled 570 for a single. Just too wore out lol. Next video will be the 570. #powerlifter #powerlifting #deadlift #bonafidestrength #joshstrengthmethod #baytown #swoleleft #pullharderbitch

First and last sets of my REDEMPTION squats. Same weight that smashed my foot last week. 4 sets of 3 at 235lbs today. Crushed it. It was humid af and sauna like in the dungeon today but my outfit was on point so πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ #projectstrongher

Ain't no brakes on the gainz train. .
#lifting #weightlifting #girlswholift #gaintrain #opww #swoleleft

Gada/mace training
#mace #gada #lifting #swoleleft

Today was a battle. I could give a million excuses as to why but I won't give them the satisfaction. I had to remind myself a couple times why I was there, in the gym, when I was feeling less than excited. Accessory days challenge my motivation the most. I know they're important and I know you need them to get to the "fun stuff" but in the moment I struggle. Here's to finding a way to make accessory days fun and exciting #projectstrongher

Week 1 of my meet prep and my right foot is out of commission for the past few days. So I benched today. Hopefully by Saturday I can squat and deadlift together. Gonna be a lot of work but I need it and can't let anything slow me down. We will see what happens. This is 395 for 2. @mr_mrs_alaniz #powerlifting #powerlifter #bonafidestrength #bench #chesticles #swoleleft #joshstrengthmethod #push #aintnobitch

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