Feels good to be back at for about three weeks! Sad when the hardest exercise is stretching 🤦🏻‍♂️and then I think I will sit outside because it's nice outside! That or I locked my keys in my car! 😡

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This is Dan,

Dan stares out into the world with a smile on his face.
He knows positivity is a choice. It's a learned practice. He knows his days are good because he chooses for them to be that way.

Be like Dan! Smile and choose to make each of your days into good ones!

Happy Friday! ✌🏽

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“Life’s a gamble, so I bet it.” - @mike_stud

Felt like a 🍍 with the skin. FUCKING JUICY! 😈💦🍍

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Thoughts? 🤔 What do you guys think?

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50% lighting I swear 😅💪🏼

I like this pick lets get it Panther Nation!! #keeppounding

Try not to be too disappointed in the pic, bro pics will resume tomorrow, but I think with summer coming up fast and people rushing to get their summer body ready it's a good time to talk less about crushing it in the gym and more about crushing it in the kitchen. I won't get in depth on diet or anything. Just remember you can't out work your diet. That doesn't mean you have to avoid junk food at all costs. Just put a limit on it and try to keep the main meals clean. .
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If you dont selfie, did you really even gym?

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