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Today I'm grateful for old friends from faraway. Some of my dearest friends live on another continent, seven hours ahead of me. But despite the oceanic separation and time zone difference, their friendships feel close and intimate. Sharing pictures like this one from a Swiss wonderland makes me feel as if I am right there. And hours of conversations about anything and everything create bonds stronger than distance. These friendships are life-giving and sustain me more than I can even imagine. Laughter and tears shared through our amazing phones closes the gap. I go to bed leaving messages and wake up with words of encouragement, cheer and complete love. Friendship really knows no distance. And I am grateful for that today.
January 4, 2018

First I would like to thank YOU. The ones I knew before and the ones I met throughout this year. I know I have a pretty strong character, yeah those who don’t know me personally would probably think that I’m as nice as a little sheep 🐑. But I’m not haha. So thank you for letting me fooling around and still liking me ! I appreciate every little bits you guys bring to my life. #thankyou 🌸

#tb In #2017 a lot of things happened …

I got a place for an entire year of exchange experience abroad in #Germany🇩🇪 #hurray #ichliebedeutsch #bretzel #bier
It’s been finally 10 year that I live in this wonderful country 🇨🇭On 28th June 2007 I said hello for the first time to #Switzerland and left all my childhood memories behind in #Shanghai 🇨🇳. #swisswonderland #landscape #lake #mountain #sun #bluesky #whatelse
The same year terrible things happened. My beloved WaiGong left me forever. Still broken hearted … He was such a smart, talented and creative man! 💔 #外公走好 #我想你
Not long after that, my friend aka bro now @adrian_kappeler and I had to accept the unwilling challenge of escaping a burning car. Thank God my dear friend managed to stop the engine letting us just enough time to save ourselves. 🙏🏻#onavulamort #heureuxdetrevivant #embracelife #cherishlife #enjoylife #brounjourbrotoujours
Hopefully there were other cheerful things to counterbalance the negative side of 2017. During my journey abroad in Germany, I met so many lovely people. You guys are shinier than diamonds. Love you love you love you from the bottom of my heart ❤️ Without you this experience would never be the same. And with that said, I am really exited for Chapter 2018! #heidelberg #erasmus #exchangeyear #留学生
What are you looking forward to in 2018 ?
Best wishes 🦔💋

All aboard the fed express 🚞 The next stop will be 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣8️⃣Sit back, enjoy the journey, and please mind the gap.

What do you call a frozen dog?🐶❄️🤔 A pup-sicle 🙊😂

The best part of stacking it on the slopes is "taking a break" with an incredible view ⛷🏔🌲🌨 The worst part is forgetting you ski mask and getting snow burn on your face 😷❄️

Oggi #solstiziodinverno ingresso nell’inverno #iniziostagionefredda lasciamoci alle spalle il “vecchio” e entriamo nel “nuovo” #ricominciare 😉😊✨✨✨❄️❄️ #21dicembre #valmesolcina #grigioniitaliano #graubünden #svizzera #swissmountains #swissalps #swisswonderland

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