This is a little late but here are my tips for traveling in Switzerland based on my recent experience.

1. Do not buy water in Switzerland. There are free (and safe) water fountains everywhere. We re-used the mini water bottles from the plane but you could bring your own.

2. Limit eating out. A single meal at an average restaurant will be close to $70 for two people. Pick a few select places you really want to try and get everything else at the grocery store.
3. Buy your groceries at the train station. Switzerland runs on trains so nearly every large station has at least two grocery chains (Coop and Migros) inside or across the street.

4. Go to the local farmers market. Most cities have one on the weekend and you will get delicious fruits and veggies at a terrific price!

5. Swiss trains leave EXACTLY on time. They don't mess around with punctuality. We never waited more than 20 mins when transferring from one train to another and only had to run once to catch a train during a transfer.

6. The trains have cool features like fold out tables and little trash cans built into the table. And some of them even have blinds you can pull down if the sun is in your eyes. Although who wants to block out the gorgeous Swiss countryside?? 7. If you book a hotel in a major city, you will almost always get a city public transportation pass for free.

8. Consider getting the Swiss travel pass. We were in a different city every day so it was wonderful to just hop on the next train heading to our destination rather than having to buy tickets in advance or at the station

9. The hotels don't have microwaves. I don't know if it was just the ones we happened to book or the Swiss don't understand the concept of heating up leftovers but it was annoying (and why we mostly ate salads). 10. Learn a few key words/phrases of Italian, French, and German (different languages are spoken in different parts). Especially pleasantries like "have a good day, how are you, good morning, etc." Almost everyone speaks enough English that it wasn't a problem but we felt like idiots not being able to say more to the folks we met.

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It’s summer in Switzerland🇨🇭! #swisstravel #zurich #ilovesummer

Travel paradise = a medieval lakeside city nestled in the Swiss Alps. Lucerne, thanks for the epic views!

Imagine a place that is picture perfect, that you won’t find in a guide book, and where hotels only have locals as guests... •
Ce matin nous avons demandé à notre hôte ce qui valait le coup dans la région... Elle n’avait pas menti, nous étions seuls parmi les locaux. #chantaletmax

Oeschinenlake🌹🌹 Hey Leute ihr geniesst bestimmt auch ganz toll das schöne Wetter. Ich hab die blöde Pollenalergie das ist so lästig drausen, es macht mich so Fertig, ohnen Sonnenbrille geht gar nichts🤓, wünsche allen noch einen schönen Sonntag😘💕
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Earth day🌍Yesterday @greenpeace_switzerland ‘s 🌍 really soft plastic « attack »:
We collected the unnecessary plastic from people after they shopped at the supermarket, to make consumers and the supermarket aware of our overuse of plastic.🛒
🌿Why do we all have to reduce our plastic waste?• Only 5% of the plastic is recycled ! the 95% left is decomposed into microparticules of plastic that goes into landfills, nature, fish’s and birds belly... Then our food chain is polluted.🐠
• 100’000 marine mammals die each year because of plastic
• By 2050, some scientists predict there will be more PLASTIC THAN FISH
• A lot of oil is used to produce plastic, thus a lot * will be more PLASTIC THAN FISH _______________________________________________________♻️How to reduce?
- the five R : REFUSE, REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE, ROT (compost)
• Refuse what you do not need.
• Reduce what you do need.
• Reuse by using reusables.
• Recycle what you cannot refuse, reduce, or reuse.
• Rot (compost) the rest. • Refuse plastic bags 👜and always keep one (reusable) with you • Avoid buying plastic bottles and refill yours💧 (surtout en Suisse, ça a pas de sens!) • Avoid single-use plastic -> No to straws ->have your own cuttlery ->put your vegetables in the supermarket or market in a reusable bag (canvas bag) • Buy savon de Marseille, solid soap instead of liquids (in plastic)
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A trip to the other side of Lake Zurich to get a different perspective of the mountains and look back across towards Raperswil. Stunning scenery and a view I will never tire of. #swissalps #swisstravel #raperswil #travelphotography #sceniclocations #myview #bluesky #meadow #snowtoppedmountains #summerscomeearly #stafa #visitswitzerland #myday #lovephotography #canon #canon5dmkii #didntusemyphonecamera

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