Découverte d’une statue en marbre, photo de Guy Ackermann primée au concours #SwissScienceImage. À voir aux Journées photographiques de Bienne @bielerfototage @swissnationalsciencefoundation #lettresUNIL #ontour #bielerfototage #journeesphotographiquesdebienne

"Two different worlds". This picture of the Robotic Fabrication Lab by Michael Lyrenmann, ETH Zurich, got a distinction in the SNSF Scientific Image Competition 2018.
Description of the author: A view on to two worlds, standing inside the frame of one of the truck sized sliding doors at the Robotic Fabrication Lab (RFL), ETH Zurich. This image was taken during the documentation of the HiLo project, done by the Block Research Group. The RFL with its ceiling mount robots acts as tool and place for research in digital fabrication in the field of architecture. Some refer to the facility as one of the largest 3D printer in the world.
On one side, the calm, crisp summer night. On the other side, a dusty, brightly lit technical research environment. With this image I tried to capture the thin line between working on architectural scale research projects, with sometimes huge gaps to construction reality, even with the real world this close. The 20-ton structure appears light inside the spacious volume of the lab. Borders between the inside, the outside… structure, ceiling and technology fade. Picture taken with a Nikon D750, 14mm, F2.8, 1/125, ISO 800.
Jury comment: A distinction in this category goes to the image of the development of a curved, ultrathin concrete roof. The image features a strong contrast between indoors and outdoors, between day and night, between twilight and laboratory lighting. The structure itself should actually be outdoors, but it’s indoors, in the hall. The structure weighs 20 tonnes and yet seems light. “A marvellously constructed photo”, wrote the Jury.
#ethzurich #ethzürich #hiloproject #roboticfabricationlab #blockresearchgroup #digitalfabrication #architecture #roof #construction #SwissScienceImage #SNSF #ImageCompetition #ArtOfScience

This movie transitions from being smooth to very powerful when one imagines the forces involved in such a huge calving event. 😲 The enormous mass creates a tsunami, and the rotation of the iceberg as it calves creates a glacial earthquake, whose seismic signal can be detected thousands of kilometers away. The calving event shown is 800 m in width, and the released ice had a total volume of approx. 10 millions m3, equivalent to ~4000 Olympic-size swimming pools. The name of the glacier is “Bowdoin glacier” and is located in Northern Greenland. ❄️
The video “Calving” got a distinction at the SNSF Scientific Image Competition. 🎉 @swissnationalsciencefoundation #SwissScienceImage
📸 Lukas Preiswerk, ETH Zürich & Martin Funk, Laboratory of Hydraulics, Hydrology and Glaciology VAW
#ethzürich #ethzurich #science #ice #greenland #greenlandglacier #glacier #icecalving #glaciology

Concours FNS d’images scientifiques : Aurélie Terrier, doctorante à l'Unité d'archéologie classique UNIGE, a remporté la mention du Jury pour sa photographie "Discussion anthropologique" dans la catégorie « Les femmes et les hommes de la science ».
Cette photo montre une anthropologue et une archéologue en pleine discussion sur la méthode à suivre sur le dégagement de plusieurs inhumations au fond d’un puits lors de la mission archéologique sur le site d’Akerentia en Calabre (Italie). Ce cliché met également en évidence le dur travail de chantier effectué par des femmes là où les idées reçues attendent des hommes.

@swissnationalsciencefoundation #SwissScienceImage #photographie #photo #science #archeologie #photo #scientificimage #unigeneve #fouilles #femmes

Découverte d’une statue de marbre à Érétrie (Grèce). Une photo de Guy Ackermann, doctorant #lettresUNIL et lauréat du concours #SwissScienceImage dans la catégorie "Les lieux et les outils". Félicitations! #archéologie #fouilles #eretria #unil @swissnationalsciencefoundation

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Présentation de la mise en ligne du Glossaire des patois de Suisse romande par le Professeur Fabrice Camus, de l’Institut de la digitalisation des organisations de la #HEGArc

Don’t forget to send your scientific pictures and videos to be part of the @swissnationalsciencefoundation competition! You’ll have a chance to be part of the exhibition during the 22nd edition of @bielerfototage! #swissscienceimage #happy #2018 #bielhappy2018

Little time to go! Submit your science photos and short videos to the SNSF Scientific Image Competition www.snf.ch/image-competition Exhibition of the pictures in May 2018 at the Biel/Bienne Festival of Photography #SwissScienceImage #researchers #swiss #universities #eyeonscience #science #film #research #sciencephotography

Send your scientific pictures and videos to the SNSF Scientific Image Competition until tomorrow midnight

Dear researchers, the SNSF Scientific Image Competition 2018 is open until January 31st.

This picture received a #distinction in last year’s competition. It was taken in the Botanical Garden in Cape Town. The construction is intended to protect the plants from Egyptian goose intrusion. 📷: Melanie Boehi, University of Basel, #centerforafricanstudies

#swissscienceimage #snf #capetown #kirstenbosch #nationalbotanicalgarden #scientificimagecompetition

Submit your pictures and videos until 31 January 2018 to the SNSF Scientific Image Competition! http://www.snf.ch/image-competition The winners will be exhibited at the Biel/Bienne Festival of Photography @bielerfototage #SwissScienceImage

Chercheuses et chercheurs #lettresUNIL: à vos caméras! Le concours #swissscienceimage @swissnationalsciencefoundation est lancé, délai: 31 janvier 2018. Les photos ou vidéos primées seront exposés aux Journées photographiques de Bienne. Infos et règlement sur le site du FNS.

Digital exhibition of the winning pictures and videos of the SNSF Scientific Image Competition 20017 at @swissnexsf in #sanfrancisco until 6 January 2018 #SwissScienceImage

Concours! A vos caméras! Rendre visible la recherche suisse.
Le Fonds national suisse (FNS) @swissnationalsciencefoundation organise pour la seconde fois un concours de photos et de vidéos scientifiques. Ce dernier est ouvert à tous les scientifiques des institutions de recherche en Suisse. Délai de participation 31 janvier 2018.
Intéressé-e-s? Toutes les informations sur bit.ly/hesso_concours_FNS.
Découvrez les lauréats 2017 en suivant #swissscienceimage
#recherche #visible #concours #concoursphoto #concoursvideo #chercheuses #chercheurs

The SNSF Scientific Image Competition 2018 is on! Grab your cameras and send us your best pictures and short videos before 31 January 2018. #SwissScienceImage
The winning entries will be exhibited at the @bielerfototage .

Pictures of our competition at the @zurichfilmfestival @eyeonscience #SwissScienceImage

The SNSF Scientific Image Competiton will return in 2018.
Official announcement to come in November 2018. Stay tuned and don't forget to take your camera to your lab and in field research! #SwissScienceImage

The experiment by Simon Kramis, University of Basel @unibasel SNSF Scientific Image Competition #SwissScienceImage
A freshly exhumed human #femur is damaged with various excavation tools. The traces are then examined by scanning electron microscopy. The experiment is designed to help distinguish the digestive #artifacts from the effects of the forces. The recording was made by means of a table stand and a digital SLR camera.
The presentation combines objects that do not belong at first glance. They are well-known and less well-known tools as well as a human bone. The pictures show that these tools could act in some way on the bone, since this is the only object that deviates from the rest and lies differently. The color combination was very aesthetic. ¦ Image#1_253

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