Cup of tea and a moment of calm after another big brunch service.
I'm having such a magazine moment these days and am on the look out for some new gems. I always pick up @deliciousmag and @voguemagazine on the way back from London and used to loooove @luckypeach (until they stopped printing last year) but I'd love to know if you've got any favourite magazines to recommend!

Le nouveau restaurant @tandemvevey du chef Benjamin Luzuy
* un lieu branché aux détails travaillés (on adore la déco!)
* une carte variée et originale, 3 menus du jour sont proposés chaque midi, des cocktails uniques accompagnés de tapas version locale pour le soir et des brunchs en week-end
* un service super friendly
* et on se réjouit de profiter de leur terrasse avec la venue des beaux jours
Bref, gros coup de ❤️ pour ce nouvel établissement!

Off on a little last minute road trip and even though our Ford Fiesta (kindly lent to us by @fordswitzerland) has an awesome integrated GPS, we're plotting our route à l'ancienne with a road map that we just realised is from 1983

There's something about Swiss trains and the views that makes me love travelling around the country.
All you need for a 3 hour train ride is a good picnic, a pack of cards and some great company ☺️
@myswitzerland #Grindelwald #inLOVEwithSWITZERLAND #ad

♥️My heart belongs to Hawaii ♥️
Good night and mahalo Kona 🌺 Tomorrow this time we’ll be on a plane ✈️ out of here... 💔 We’ll miss you and all your beautiful people 😘😞
This amazing flower lei was given to me by our wonderful airbnb hosts and friends 😍 Mahalo @badarme808 ♥️
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#scandinavianstyle #tigerofsweden

dinner tonight: eggplant with a ‚fishy‘ sauce and rice 🍆🍚 so yummy and healthy 😋now I have leftovers for days hahah ☺️

Nouveau post sur le blog...
Bon debut de semaine😉

And we're back! Bonne année à vous tous. On se réjouit de vous revoir pour une tranche ou une salade Ro-yal ce midi: Gnocchi courge curcuma poêlés aux échalotes, marrons glacés, airelles confites à la crème de cassis, gruyère caramel, jambon cru des Grisons et salade
📷: @httpxnday

.We had an awesome year, full of incredible encounters and discoveries. Many were the characters that made our 2017 so special. Take a look at our best of the year review. Link in bio

Here are our #bestnine2017 !! Just a glimpse of the many great encounters we had this year. Check out our blog for much more.

What do you do when you don’t like Xmas? You travel! We came up with some ideas for you. Link in bio and have a nice Monday!

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