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Happy Thursday, Sparklers! Summer is definitely not over, but our Summer Collection's FREE Domestic Shipping + FREE mini is ending this month! Which collection is YOUR FAVE? 😍 #swirlandsparkle #crueltyfree #allnatural #brushcleaner #brushcleanser #makeupbrushcleaner #makeupbrushcleanser

We are in love the concept of our keepsake #swirlandsparkle editions. Who doesn't love having something to remember your Swirl + Sparkle moments with? 😍 This one is with @unicornlashesuk and we have another one with @slmissglam will be launched on Friday in both our shops! πŸŽ€ #makeupbrushcleanser #allnaturalandcrueltyfree

Thank you @mymakeuptonight for showing us how to #swirlandsparkle with @fortheloveofmakeupbaby's collaboration design πŸ’„β€οΈπŸ’‹ #allnatural #crueltyfree #makeupbrushcleaner #loveyourbrushes

Our πŸ’Ž Diamond Boobies πŸ’Ž grey acid wash and off the shoulder sweatshirt is THE SOFTEST sweatshirt you will ever own! ❀️ Our gorgeous model is currently wearing size Medium and it fits her perfectly and we love love love the gold 🌟
🌟 Almost all of our Kickstarter Rewards will ONLY be available for the duration of the campaign. Meaning, snag them while you can because they may never make another appearance πŸ™ˆ More pictures of more Rewards to come today tomorrow! 😍 🌟Our Kickstarter launches tomorrow, August 29th where you, our InstaFam, can contribute to our goal of $10K which will help #swirlandsparklesroadtoqvc. For those of you not familiar with the crowdfunding model, it is based on three types of actors: (1) Swirl + Sparkle: the project initiator (2) YOU: individuals or who support the idea, and (3) KICKSTARTER: a moderating organization that brings the parties together to launch the idea. Supporters of our Kickstarter will get access to limited edition designs and products that are not available to the public. We have worked very hard to curate some amazing rewards that will be grouped together as sets. We'll be posting pictures, sometimes individual items and sometimes in it's upcoming set. Then, on Monday, we will share our Kickstarter page and link for you to be have a chance to be a part of our campaign. The way that Kickstarter is set up is if our goal is met, everyone receives their rewards, and we receive the funds. BUT, if the goal is NOT met, we do not get ANY of the funds, and our contributors will NOT receive their rewards (so you won't get charged until the end of the campaign, 30 days after the start). We would REALLY appreciate any and all of your support in our campaign. Even if you can't financially contribute, just sharing our page would be beyond amazing. We know we can't do this without you, so thank you in advance ❀️! Mad love to you all! And stay tuned for more goodies!! #swirlandsparkle #swirlandsparklekickstarter2016 #swirlandsparklekickstarterteaser

And for scale, here is a picture of our Founder Marii (pronounced like Mary ☺️) and the awesome bag. Throwback to Gen Beauty in SF last year with @slmissglam's Squad! πŸ’—πŸŽ€πŸ’— #swirlandsparkle

When your lighting is just perfect to capture all this shimmery goodness! πŸ’ŽπŸšπŸŒˆπŸ¬ Our #mermaidkisses and #starfishwishes Flash Edition #1 was so fun to share! We are bringing it back for a limited time, thanks to #swirlandsparkle being one of the sponsors for @catsalasmua's #crystalscreativechallenge Spring Fling Challenge! Go check her out! Plus, the theme for tomorrow is Mermaid Kisses, inspired by us πŸ˜‰ so HOW could we NOT bring it back for this special occasion! 😍 So, SURPRISE! It's back and available starting today and will end at the end of the month. We told you we were gonna keep ya on your toes! πŸ’— And how perfect is this pairing of this cutie with @slmissglam's Kabuki Brush and @beauty_ba's Seashell bag! 🐚 Happy Hump Day, Sparklers! 🌟

This design is very special to us here at #swirlandsparkle. Our Mother in Law, Sweet Momma Sue, has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. While our hearts are extremely heavy, we wanted to create a special design specifically in her honor. She LOVES giraffes, so what better design to capture her spirit animal in one of our Swirl + Sparkle designs. Since winter quite sucks right now, we thought it would be a perfect "scent getaway" with Tropical Oasis (Succulent passion fruit, deliciously tart yuzu, sparkling water, guava, and juicy mango mingled with musk, vetiver, and sun bleached wood to relax the body and soothe the mind} or Toasted Marshmallow. We thank you for your prayers, your well wishes and your support, and are honored to be donating 20% of the proceeds to her organization of choice (tbd). Love you, Momma! ❀️

OMG. Our #teaserthursday is the bottom left corner! This collaboration has been brewing for SOO long and @fortheloveofmakeupbaby and I are SOO excited and proud to launch our collaboration on Monday, May 2nd ❀️. If you are not following her, Go!!!! 😍 She's amazeballs! Hints = πŸ’„πŸ’‹ #swirlandsparkle #solidmakeupbrushcleaner

#tbt to when our Founder Marii (pronounced like Mary) went to Paris last year and brought along her S2 Tote for a photo shoot with the loveliest @refashiongallery πŸ’— She captured our tote so beautifully, we wanted to showcase its size to scale. Because...🌟It's official! 🌟 We have added our Stripes S2 Totes to our shop via pre-orders! Our totes are super study, beautifully crafted and available in 3 colors options: {1} ⚫️ + βšͺ️ black/white stripes
{2} πŸŽ€ + βšͺ️ pink/white stripes {3} πŸ‘— + βšͺ️ mint/white stripes 🌟and 3 design options🌟: {Classic} Fairies, Unicorn, Mermaids and Rainbows
{Frenchie} Unicorn, Mermaids, Rainbows and Cuddle with Frenchies
{Pups} Unicorn, Mermaids, Rainbows and Cuddle with Pups

These Mega Cutie measure:

20" long x 15" high x 6.5" wide (box bottom)
1 outer pocket
9 inch drop handles
Top zippered closure

Be part of our First Round Wave (Wednesday, June 29 - July 8th) of Pre-orders for $44.99 and get: 🌟 Free domestic shipping ($5.99 value)
🌟 Free surprise Limited Edition 1 ounce Petite Swirl + Sparkle ($14.99 value) {{{Total value of $60.97 (savings of over $20!)}} Orders will be shipped between July 10th - July 14th. *We do not recommend putting these in the wash, but will complimentarily pre-treat it with Scotch Guard*
Thank you again for all your love and feedback on these cuties! 😍 #swirlandsparkle #swirlandsparkletotebag


Happiest of Fridays to you all! Taking it back to Playa del Carmen 2015. This magical place has my heart! What has yours? 😍 #swirlandsparkle #playadelcarmen

My @swirlandsparkle order arrived today! I took advantage of their 4th of July sale and I chose the scent Peaches and Cream. It smells amazing and I can't wait to clean my pile of dirty makeup brushes!
#swirlandsparkle #smallbusiness #crueltyfree #makeupaccount #beautyaccount

Happy Thursday, InstaFam!πŸ‘‹πŸΌπŸ€—β€οΈπŸ’–πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’• I want to take this moment to dedicate this post to 3 women who I greatly admire, respect & am super proud to call a friend: Stephanie Lewis A.K.A @slmissglamπŸ€—β€οΈπŸ’• & her friends: Susie (@glitter.madness & @makeuppmadness) & Marii (@swirlandsparkle)β€οΈπŸ’• They have had to deal with a certain situation where someone they all had sent free products to, had blatantly copied & stole their designs in order to market them as "her own", which is a very low & disrespectful thing to do to these 3 women who have busted their asses off from the beginning (with their own original designs, might I add) to create their own makeup brush, makeup brush holder & makeup brush cleaner businesses to become as super successful as they are nowβ€οΈπŸ’• I stand with these women more than 100% in full support of their businesses because it's always the right thing to do since they're all so super sweet, friendly & genuine as well so please do show them some love by giving them all a followπŸ€—β€οΈπŸ’–πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’• They truly do deserve as much love & support as possible so let's send them some positive vibes their way always & foreverπŸ’–πŸ’• If you want to find out more about the situation that occurred to them, please watch @slmissglam's recent Storytime video & also support her YouTube channel as well➑️ SLMissGlam β¬…οΈπŸ€—β€οΈπŸ’–πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’• #slmissglam #swirlandsparkle #makeuppmadness #glittermadness #showingsomelove #showingsupport #loveyouall #instafamlove #riseup

The king of makeup brush cleaners.... Swirl and Sparkle. πŸ‘‘
#makeup #makeupjunkie #makeupaddict #makeupobsession #makeupbrushes #brushcleaner #swirlandsparkle #unicornlashes

And for scale, here is a picture of our Founder Marii (pronounced like Mary ☺️) and the awesome bag. Throwback to Gen Beauty in SF last year with @slmissglam's Squad! πŸ’—πŸŽ€πŸ’— #swirlandsparkle

Check out these adorable brush cleansers! Super cute!!!
@swirlandsparkle #swirlandsparkle

And this brush cleaner literally smells like heaven πŸ˜πŸ’• #swirlandsparkle #unicornlashes #unicornlashesuk #unicornbrushes

Im not going to want to use them 😍😍😍😍 #unicornbrushes #unicornlashesuk #unicornlashes #swirlandsparkle

#Repost from @swirlandsparkle with @regram.app
These are amazing!!!!!! ... We're having a flash giveaway TODAY, as a fun way to see which ones out of our 55 Summer Collection designs are your favorites! Who wants to play? 😍. Easy peasy with just 3 simple steps: 🌈 Pick 10 designs (just like we did) πŸ’— tag us 🍭use hashtag #s2summerfaves - and that's it!! Winner announced tomorrow at 10 am CST πŸ’— So sorry! Domestic entries only! πŸ’” #swirlandsparkle #allnatural #crueltyfree #makeupbrushcleaner #makeupbrushcleanser

I think I'm in love with this @swirlandsparkle brush cleaner. I just used it on my brushes and they look brand new. Even some of them that had stains on them are stained free like magic.πŸ€€πŸ€“πŸ‘β˜ πŸ’€πŸ–€ I also love the scent which is marshmallow yummy. #makeupjunkieandfangirl #makeupjunkieandfangirlflatlay #makeupjunkieandfangirlblog #brushcleaner #swirlandsparkle #makeupjunkie #cleanbrushes #makeupbrushes #blogger #bblogger #youtuber

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