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This design is very special to us here at #swirlandsparkle. Our Mother in Law, Sweet Momma Sue, has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. While our hearts are extremely heavy, we wanted to create a special design specifically in her honor. She LOVES giraffes, so what better design to capture her spirit animal in one of our Swirl + Sparkle designs. Since winter quite sucks right now, we thought it would be a perfect "scent getaway" with Tropical Oasis (Succulent passion fruit, deliciously tart yuzu, sparkling water, guava, and juicy mango mingled with musk, vetiver, and sun bleached wood to relax the body and soothe the mind} or Toasted Marshmallow. We thank you for your prayers, your well wishes and your support, and are honored to be donating 20% of the proceeds to her organization of choice (tbd). Love you, Momma! ❤️

We are in love the concept of our keepsake #swirlandsparkle editions. Who doesn't love having something to remember your Swirl + Sparkle moments with? 😍 This one is with @unicornlashesuk and we have another one with @slmissglam will be launched on Friday in both our shops! 🎀 #makeupbrushcleanser #allnaturalandcrueltyfree

Happy Hump Day, Sparklers! 🌟
We are so excited to present our very first •Wondrous Wednesday Giveaway• And YES, this is a Hello Kitty lunch box that we filled to the brim with some #swirlandsparkle magic. The left side is scented in Tropical Oasis and the right side is Toasted Marshmallow. We are estimating that this is TEN ounces 💗OH EMM GEE 🎀 This is a one-of-a-kind prize for ONE lucky winner! {Unfortunately, this will not be added to our shop, due to copyright issues}. Also pictured are 3 minis, for size reference PLUS the 3 beauty loving babes that you tagged win a free mini when YOU win, too!

1. Follow us, @swirlandsparkle (of course! 😉
2. Tag 3 of your beauty loving babes (as a comment to THIS photo. No need to repost or anything fancy).
3. You may enter/tag a maximum of 3 times/sets of beauty loving babes.
4. Sorry, no giveaway accounts.
5. And we are SUPER sorry, but only domestic entries.
Starts RIGHT NOW (04.12.17) and ends next Wednesday (04.19.17) at midnight CST.

Thanks and good luck!

We've been getting some requests for a demo on how to clean your sponges. Big thanks to @shopshinnlife for this demo! Just a few additional pointers: {1} make sure that your sponge is very soaked with water. Avoid damaging it by allowing it to be properly wet vs. dry before swirling it into our product {2} our Signature version has acrylic diamonds inside the product, so be mindful to either avoid them or simply pick them out with a butter knife, or order our Bare Naked version that has no diamonds at all. Don't forget that our full size Swirl + Sparkle comes standard with our patent pending sugar diamonds lid to deep clean all other types of brushes. Let us know if you have any questions 💗 #swirlandsparkle #beautyblendercleaning #makeupbrushcleanser #spongesneedlovetoo #makeuplover

How freakin' LOVELY is this limited edition design from @ddesigns1106? 🌟💗🌟 Loving all the bling, the gold, the pink! So happy to FINALLY get one of these beauties! Thank you, Amber! 💋 #swirlandsparkle #womenownedbusiness #womensupportingwomeninbusiness #makeupbrushcleanser #softlipsarethebestlips

Summer Collection 2017 = 7 Scents + 11 Collections of 5 new designs! Our second reveal is our Summer Lovin' collection: 🏝👙 It's ready in our shop in the following finishes: Goats Milk (GM) and Vegan Shea Butter (VSB) and 7 new scents: Orange Dreamsicle, White Jasmine Pineapple, Vanilla Berry Amore, Pineapple Cherry Slush, Passion Fruit Limeade and Peaches and Cream. Each design is 1.5 ounces that comes with a sugar diamond lid, mini acrylic diamonds inside the product and FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING + FREE MYSTERY MINI until July 3rd! Available in the shop now! 9 more collections to go. We'll be releasing them throughout the weekend and next week. Happy Friday, Sparklers! 😘 #swirlandsparkle #7elevensummercollection #makeupbrushcleanser #makeupbrushcleaner #allnatural #crueltyfree #popsicle #palmtree #flipflops #duckie #bikini

When your lighting is just perfect to capture all this shimmery goodness! 💎🐚🌈🐬 Our #mermaidkisses and #starfishwishes Flash Edition #1 was so fun to share! We are bringing it back for a limited time, thanks to #swirlandsparkle being one of the sponsors for @catsalasmua's #crystalscreativechallenge Spring Fling Challenge! Go check her out! Plus, the theme for tomorrow is Mermaid Kisses, inspired by us 😉 so HOW could we NOT bring it back for this special occasion! 😍 So, SURPRISE! It's back and available starting today and will end at the end of the month. We told you we were gonna keep ya on your toes! 💗 And how perfect is this pairing of this cutie with @slmissglam's Kabuki Brush and @beauty_ba's Seashell bag! 🐚 Happy Hump Day, Sparklers! 🌟

Woot Woof! Our Pup Edition designs have launched in our store! PERFECT for that hard-to-shop-for pup lover in your life, or heck, just you ❤️😉🐾 Here is our cutie #goldenretriever and #germanshepherd #swirlandsparklepupedition friends! #swirlandsparkle #makeupbrushcleanser We are starting our Cyber Sale soon by offering a set of Mini Trios (holiday scent edition) to every purchase of our Pup Edition!


I can't get over the packaging of these brushes 😩 I've tested out the eye brushes so far and they performed pretty well 🦄😍 oh and that brush cleanser? Smells AMAZING! Can't wait to try it 💖


Hace 2 meses que empecé a utilizar el limpiador de brochas de @swirlandsparkle y estoy encantada 😍💕 Swirl and sparkle es una tienda en Etsy que vende cleanser para brochas en diferentes tamaños, aromas y diseños 😊
Yo compré este limpiador por $20 dólares más el envío internacional y contiene 2 onzas. Tiene un aroma delicioso y dulce 🍫 y está hecho con leche de cabra 🥛 que hace una espuma super suavecita que deja limpias las brochas 👍
También lo utilizo para limpiar mi beauty blender y la deja como nueva 😉 De algo que también me he dado cuenta es de que las brochas secan más rápido cuando uso este limpiador.
Ustedes que limpiador para brochas utilizan?

#maquillaje #instamakeup #instabeauty #makeuplover #makeupjunkie #makeupaddict #mexicanblogger #beautyblogger #swirlandsparkle #toastedmarshmallow #brushcleanser #cleanbrushesarehappybrushes #etsy #review #reseña

Got my swirl + sparkle makeup brush cleaner today! All natural, cruelty free and smells so yummy. (I ordered the passion melon scent) It's a pretty small company and I love that they took the time to personalize the package with a small note. They have a ton of different designs to choose from, so check them out and clean your brushes ladies! @swirlandsparkle
#swirlandsparkle #makeup #makeupbrushcleaner #fairies #supportsmallbusiness

One of my favorite collabs ever, my @swirlandsparkle and @shopshinnlife mermaid collab! These earrings are a hit with the kids at school, and can't go wrong with #swirlandsparkle! I hope she brings back Mermaid one day because I love her!

#crueltyfree #makeup #beauty #cosmetics #shinnlife #shopshinnlife #brushcleaner #earrings #mermaid #smallbusiness #womanownedbusiness

My latest @swirlandsparkle order! I love these to clean my brushes. I'm always sad to use the great designs so I like to buy a plain one too 😂 #swirlandsparkle #makeup #makeupbrushes #brushcleaner #makeupaddict #bbloggers #bblogger

🐦WARNING: NON-SKINCARE RELATED POST AHEAD. Now that that's out of the way...today was brush cleaning day! By far my least favorite beauty-related activity. However, I hate it a lot less since I discovered @swirlandsparkle.
🌺These hand beauties make cleaning my brushes way easier and thus I don't dread it nearly as much. Just add a touch of water and swirl my dirty brush all over the cleanser to make a bunch of beautiful bubbles (I love bubbles).
🌺These come in a variety of scents and leave your brushes smelling amazing. My personal favorite is toasted marshmallow.
🌺They are also sold in a variety of sizes to suit all brushes.
🌺I'm not going to lie. They are a little on the pricey side (between $8 - $35 USD depending on size and design) but imo totes worth it. They last FOREVER. Okay, not forever but like, a really long time, okay?
🌺The one pictured is unused (obviously) because the one I'm using isn't pretty any more.
🌺Do you dread brush cleaning as much as I do? What do you use?
#swirlandsparkle #morphebrushes #brushes #makeupbrushes #brushcleaner #handmade #makeupaddict #makeup #cosmetics #instablog

@Regrann from @swirlandsparkle - We love our co-branding partnerships because we get to share such cute and original labels! Love love love @unicornlashesuk artwork by @kurtisrykovich 💗🦄💜 @unicornlashesuk is getting a restock!!! Thank you to all who have been so patiently waiting 💗🦄💜 Be on a lookout for their pre-sale announcement and go snag your own! This is our 2 ounce Classic, but we'll be adding a 4 ounce Mega Tall as well 💜 And lastly, our Royale Collection collaboration will follow shortly after 🌈 Oh Happy Day 😘 #swirlandsparkle #unicorn #unicornlashesuk #allnatural #crueltyfree #girlbossesunite #makeupbrushcleanser #makeupbrushcleaner #cleanbrushescleanface - #regrann

Just a quick brush cleaning tutorial! I am using my favorite brush cleaner by @swirlandsparkle! Love this stuff! Hope you enjoy this video 💜💜

She's here! Flash Edition Design #6 {FED6}: 💋 Magical Monday FE Launch:
Monday, May 22th at 8 am CST and ENDS on Sunday, May 28th at midnight CST.

Orders mailed out on Wednesday, May 31st! * Signature line (with diamonds)
* Sugar diamonds lid

Scents to choose from: - Toasted Marshmallow: If you love sweets like candy and baked goods, this is for YOU! It's very true to it's name. No wonder it's our TOP SELLER.
- Tropical Oasis: Voyage to the warm waters of the Pacific where a tropical oasis awaits you. Waiting in a simple wooden hut is a chilled glass of succulent passion fruit, deliciously tart yuzu, sparkling water, guava, and juicy mango mingled with musk, vetiver, and sun bleached wood to relax the body and soothe the mind. This is our Founder's ultimate fave. Will it be yours, too?
- Passion Melon, a cousin to the egg-shaped Passion Fruit, has a lighter scent than its cousin, combined with black currants and watermelon.
We are also offering $0.99 domestic shipping! #swirlandsparkle #cleanbrushescleanface #makeupbrushcleanser #makeupbrushcleaner #allnatural #crueltyfree #makeuplover #womenownedbusinesses #supportsmallbusiness #handcrafted

Can't wait to clean all my @slmissglam brushes with the best cleaner from @swirlandsparkle and so pretty I wish I could keep it in this condition #sparkles #makeupaddict #slmissglambrushes #swirlandsparkle

Miren que cosa bella! ✨🎀 Un Jabón para limpiar brochas de maquillaje! 💕 de @swirlandsparkle
#maquillaje #makeuplover #swirlandsparkle #ipsy #ipsyos #cute #girlstuff #elrincondebelleza

A gift I got last week and was able to give it a swirl today. Love it and I can't thank the beautiful @mrsjanaya for this great smelling gift. Smells heavenly and works great. @swirlandsparkle fantastic job and they smell great. If you don't have one you should 😍💞🤗#welcomehome #makeup #loveislove#smellsgreat #love #allnatural #alwayschooselove#swirlandsparkle #brushcleaner #crueltyfree #instaclean #brushessmellgreat #cleansndswirl #makeupbrushcleaner #instabeauty #instamakeup #instaglam #instabrushes

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