Seriøst spas m. @stefan_borup 👻
Assisteret af chefen, @jesperkristian.dk 🙄

Me and my girls 💟⚓ #boatlife⚓️ #summerinnorway

LOVE retreat life.... it involves loads of crying, laughing...... more crying!!! Yoga, healthy food, healthy minds and amazing people who just care and want to help each other. And swimwear shots of course wearing @awaythatday


“Ships don’t sink beacuse of the water around them ; ships sink because of the water that gets in them. Don’t let what’s happening around you get inside you and weigh you down .” #somethingIreadtoday #quotestoliveby #swimwearshot #nofilter #baconbikinis #whiteonepiece #summersoon

Tips for getting a bikini shot when you’re no longer a spring chicken 🐣 🐣 🐣
1. Find a shady spot (direct sunshine is a sure fire way of showing every lump and bump!)
2. Get a short person to take your photo. Children really come into their own here and let’s face it, they need to earn their ice cream 🍦 money.
Failing that, ask a taller person to hold the phone/camera quite low down (it makes such a difference)
3. Stand with one leg slightly in front of the other. Put your weight on your back leg and rest your front foot lightly on the floor but without any weight on it;
3. Make sure you have a slight (even if entirely manufactured thigh gap, or else you’ll end up with a mono thigh. A mono brow I can do; mono thighs are trickier to work with); 4. Breathe in like your life depends on it;
5. Edit the photo to add some colour;
6. S😁M😁I😁L😁E
Now this is all entirely tongue in cheek and for some, the idea of a bikini shot is their worst nightmare. For others who are happy to fly the flag for us bikini 👙 clad over 40s, this might just make you look at yourself in a whole new light. Go on give it a go and let me know how you get on. Oh and swipe for the “alternative” shot. See what I’m grabbing here?! #over40 #over40bikini #bikiniover40 #cocobay #photographytips #bikinishot #bikinishots #swimwear #swimwearshot

What do you think of this awesome #underwaterswim 🤔 Comment Below! Let me Know! 👇👇👇 🌊🏊🐳 @underwaterphotography_

That's how #beachwear is done 🌊💙🏊 @zaharaswim

When you are there, you realize how this place is big...

Sunset vibes with Thea

Riding the French Pyrenees with @yann__b

Incredible place in Italy

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