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Grateful to be surrounded by beautiful souls as the sea awakens our energy and reignites our minds for the day ahead.

SWIMRISE 🌞💦 with my girl @haeleereis and the rest of @thehappypear crew! Proud of that 5 second dip, honestly thought I was gonna chickpea out of it tbh 😹💪🏽
#swimrise #thehappypear #breakfastofchampions

Savage out there. This photo was taken by the very talented @niall_verso. Loads of people down this morning. Water was 5.4 degrees and sunrise was at 6.23am

#swimrise #irishseaswimming
#swimming #greatcraicaltogether

South Africa has made me soft, I've resorted to gloves and booties.
Water Temp: 4.6
PC: @niall_verso
#openwaterswimming #swimrise #seaswim #1ofyour5aday #ireland #discoverireland

Sunrise photobombed by a bird and an upside down @thehappypear this morning #swimrise #greystones

It might take a year, it might take a day, but what is meant to be will always find its way. Here’s to enjoying the journey as much as the destination ✨😊
Happy Wednesday, magic #sunrise this morning - wish you a fab day ahead 🙌🎉
Today’s #swimrise crew @niall_verso @stuartcoghlan101 @kbinley @thefitzmauricefamily @hugogallagher1 @cazzy99

The sign of a beautiful person is they always see beauty in others. Here’s to seeing beauty in others and more importantly in yourself✨👌🏻🙌😊🎉
Wish you a lovely day ahead
Big shoutout to today’s ice swimming #swimrise crew @niall_verso @thefitzmauricefamily @hugogallagher1 @cazzy99 @edmelvin @ciawa_lily @michaelryanyoga @lawlessofattraction

No sunrise to see but 27 degrees of warm air to feel on day 46 of #swimrise challenge. The streak of consecutive days is ending but I’ll be back in the water at sunrise again soon. Have a great day.

To celebrate St. Patrick’s day we interviewed Ireland’s healthiest (and hottest) twins leading the culinary wellness revolution in the Emerald Isle. Check out our online magazine to find out how @thehappypear live, work, and eat well every day - hint it begins with a #swimrise . 📷 @thehappypear

Por muchas más experiencias #RADIKAL! 🏊 Feliz finde a todo el mundo!
📸: @lopetzz

Day 44 of #swimrise challenge. Days 41, 42 and 43 were so cloudy there was no sunrise to be seen. At least this morning there was some orange in the sky. The mornings are becoming cooler too!

The warm before the coldest swim ever! It was even colder than my last #swimrise with @thehappypear when it was snowing!! But what a way to finish a wonderful trip to Snowdon with 24 wonderful OYNBers!!! I am buzzing!!! PS check out the @oneyearnobeer Instgram LIVE and the OneYearNoBeer FB live this morning for all the swimming action!! #swim #snowdon #motivation #oneyearnobeer #oynb #28dayafc #noalcohol #nohangover

For a heated outdoor pool, I can live with not diving 👌
Even forgetting my goggles couldn't ruin the novelty of getting into a pool under a big dark sky, and swimming while the sun came up. A bit different to the #swimrise I'm used to, but I think this one is more in line with thus season's racing goals 😂 🏊
400 drills
10x100m @1:50
400 w/ 4x25m sprints
400 drills
300 easy
1 banana
Handfull of seeds/raisins
Few gulps of juice
Off to uni 🚲

It starts with an inhale, filling the belly, chest and head. Then, we let go. A simple movement that brings about profound changes. And makes us feel great.
After breathing like that for a while, a little bit of cold water. Even just a few seconds at the end of a warm shower.
Or, as this morning with @thehappypear, a dip in the misty, magnificent sea.
My challenge to you this morning: do something (not matter how small), that makes you feel alive.
Before the day runs away from us...
#morning #meditation #yoga #morningritual #morningchallenge #riseandshine #swimrise #seizetheday #wildswimming #beach #greystones #wicklow #training #breathe #wimhofmethod #wimhof #coldtherapy #focus #determination #vegan #health #happiness #strength

Wishing it was like this as we swam in the rain today! Wishing you a good week ahead! 👍🏻😄
Water temp today 5.2 degrees it’s said to be ice swimming at 5 and below - big shoutout to today’s #swimrise crew @niall_verso @pumpkinorla @cazzy99 @alanrowlette @breathewithniall

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