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Hello from the Bahamas, some great songs are on the way!! I've been writing a lot recently, gonna be hard to wait until the end of the year to share it with y'all!! Kisses from this little piece of heaven on earth!! #bahamas #friends #house #amazing #place #palmtrees #swimmingpool #goodtimes #beach #life

Amazing place in France ✨🇫🇷
Double tap if you'd stay here! 💦🏊
"The only expectations you should live up to are the ones you put on yourself. Don't let others take control over your life." 😉✨☄
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... What happiness after the bustling nightlife of Bangkok 💃🏼 (about it read below 🙈) to be in a quiet & peaceful place 💙@wbangkok #wbangkok
💁🏼Most of the tourists in Bangkok will hear the phrase "thai massage" sooner or later, in second place of the hit parade is the phrase - "ping-pong show" 🤔😳. These words you will hear every minute being in the epicenter of the night life of Bangkok 💃🏼. At first it is unclear why the barkers so zealously "invite" you into these show bars, offering free entrance and low prices for drinks 🍻, guaranteeing an amazing show 👀 where Asian ladies will show the skill of their body, or more precisely, the skill of their genitals 🙊 with which they will throw table tennis balls, shoot darts at the targets, smoke cigarettes, open banks of soda, blow into a whistle and produce other interesting,but useless actions.
A promising show huh 😉?) But the real show will begin when you have a couple of heavy men 💪🏻 offering to pay the bill whereby a couple of zeros are added to the promised price 😳 and then there are two ways: 👉🏻 either to except with unforeseen waste of money and smiling understand that you have a good story to tell your friends and an invaluable personal experience 😜 or be ready to defend your rights using Thai boxing techniques 👊🏻😉) so be vigilant and if you decide that "ping-pong" should be on the "must see list" then be careful: not to stack bills but pay immediately and take enough money with you😉😘🖖🏻
Какое счастье после бурлящей ночной жизни бангкока 💃🏼(о ней из серии : "жесть, как она есть" читайте ниже, в первом комментарии под постом 🙈😉) оказаться в тихом умиротворенном месте 🐬💦💙

Breakfast goals 🥐🍉💦 @jwmarriottphuquoc
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Just keep swimming.
If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.
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"Once you step inside, you will not come out without great stories to tell" 🥂🍾❤️❤️🎂⭐️🎊 #cutphuket #phuket #delicious #foodlover #theplacetobe #chill #swimmingpool #love
For instant and secure booking : https://goo.gl/zj5OGo
Phone : +66 93-638-8921
Google Map : https://goo.gl/YYeqrE
Menu & Infos : http://www.cut-phuket.com/

OMG! It's Friday already. Time to indulge.

Ich freue mich schon so sehr darauf, unseren Pool im Garten wieder in Betrieb zu nehmen... Davor ist aber noch ganz schön viel Arbeit zu erledigen... Derzeit gleicht der Garten einem Urwald😝
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Superior accommodation with 360 panoramic views with each apartment opening up to the breathtaking scenery of the city. In addition to play areas there is an outdoor pool, and gym.
You can now benefit from our ONLY 8% DOWNPAYMENT; Call now on 01 614748 - 03 989 027.
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