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Float through life, just take it easy, not too much stress, just float.💦🏝 Beautiful picture by the mysterious, wild and free @gypsea_lust #bekapten #kaptenandson

Absolutely stunning #NewYork #skyline views of #CentralPark. An urban park in #Manhattan, New York City. Central Park is the most visited #urban #park in the #UnitedStates, with 40 #million yearly visitors and one of the most filmed locations in the world. Photo by @wantedvisual

#hotsummer 😜💦
how was yours so far?

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Cape Town is mad beautiful💙 shot some fun content this weekend🤘 (photo by: @dandedekind )

Learn to effectively combine your Bodyweight & Barbell conditioning! This is something I covered with @schoolofcalisthenics and @victory_visuals in the new members videos being launched next week (filming more on Monday 28th). How? Sign up yo my free newsletter through the link in the bio, but also (taken from an old article of mine) Consider the research published by sports scientists in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research who investigated the additive effects of plyometric push-ups (where the athlete's hands leave the floor during the upward-concentric phase, often clapping in between reps) to a traditional heavy resistance training program on strength.

Here, 17 resistance-trained men were selected and assigned into two groups. One group followed a traditional strength training protocol for eight weeks while the other combined traditional strength training with plyometric push-ups. Following the eight weeks, the athletes were tested on the bench press: although both groups improved, the traditional strength training group increased by 7.1 per cent on average compared to 11.6 per cent for the plyometric push-up training group.

Scientists concluded that the inclusion of bodyweight plyometric push-ups into a "heavy resistance training program increased 1RM bench press and enhanced power."


Sammer 😂😂. #sardinia #sea #swimming

With IMCdA now just 7 days away I decided that during today's heat session it was a good opportunity to test if my new @airofin_athletic speed suit would also make me faster on trainer! lol Ultimately it turns out if you aren't measuring speed initially and your apartment isn't a wind tunnel aerodynamics plays a rather insignificant role...but I look fast so that's got to account for something right?!😉

Summer pre-eclipse bliss at Lake Tahoe!

C A L L 🐬M E ... Flipperaaaa la Dauphine 😹😹😹ou quand t as le plongeon dans la peau 😹😹😹le voila mon ptit rite officiel de vac's ... l appel du rocher perchoir... mon heure de gloire 😹Seul hic bien entendu c est qu'avant d'avoir cette rafale plutôt prometteuse j'en ai "foirade" quelques uns... et notamment lors de notre virée bâteau ou j'ai bien failli finir... en mille morceaux... 😹😹😹call me surtout la "sale gosse"!!! Lol ... Big kiss à tous ceux qui TOUT comme MOI aime vivre dangereusement 😹et reprendront le chemin du boulot demain en se noyant aussi dans leur fond d écran 😜!! Allez promis Si VOUS êtes sages cette semaine je vous poste d autres trophées 😹😹😹! A viiite! #propriano #corse #paradise #heaven #splash #beach #pool #seaside #summer #holiday #photooftheday #picoftheday #instamood #sport #body #mind #swimming

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