Editing time! 🤔 Not enough coffee for this. ☕️ 😆 I can do this. #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnssample #sweetyarnskits

Done! 🎉 Shawl is complete. Should be able to block it tomorrow. Need to type up the pattern too so I can cast on another one for myself. 😉 It is my pattern after all. #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnssample #designedbyme

Didn’t have enough so undoing 2/3 of a bind off and one row. 😕 This may be tonight’s only project. Want to block it tomorrow. #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnssample #designedbyme

I swear I’m not obsessed. 😆 I had to knit a second sample of the first booties so that I have it written correctly for knitting it in the round. Back to work tomorrow to start writing up the patterns for the Just for Baby 👶🏻 kits. Alternate hat is complete too and I’ll be adding it in as well. 😊 #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnssample #sweetyarnskits

Alternate booties for the upcoming Just for Baby 👶🏻 kits. Found one more hat pattern to do. 😊 The sizing for this set will be 3 months. Hopefully more sizes will be coming over the next few months, maybe an alternate sweater as well. Stay tuned!! 🎧 #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnssample #sweetyarnskits

Now two booties are done too for the Just for Baby 👶🏻 kits. 😊 I love it so far. Going to do at least another kind of booties, maybe another hat. There’s still some yarn left. 😉 #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnssample #sweetyarnskits

Hat completed for the upcoming Just for Baby 👶🏻 kits. 😊 I love it!! Planning to have a no-knot option as well. #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnssample #sweetyarnskits

Good Friday morning 🐣 I slept in a little. Hanging out in my pajamas knitting ➰🐑 and sipping coffee ☕️ Working on a couple more items for the upcoming Just for Baby 👶🏻 kits. #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnssample #sweetyarnskits

One done. ✅ This one was knit flat. I’m also going to have a version for doing it in the round. There will also be suggestions for colour options. #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnssample #sweetyarnskits

Starting the next part of the upcoming Just for Baby kits. 👶🏻 Adding a solid to go with the lovely self-striping to make hats and booties. Can’t wait to see how they turn out. 😊 #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnssample #sweetyarnskits

And done! So it took me eight hours to complete the 5 hour baby 👶🏻 sweater. I think the original version was five because it’s a smaller size. Still needs to be blocked and add some kind of button. I think there’s about half a skein left. Going to weight the rest to confirm and decide what else to make. I’m thinking hat and booties of some kind. Kits coming soon. 😊 #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnssample #sweetyarnskits

Six hours completed on this 5 hour baby 👶🏻 sweater and I’m half done the body of the sweater. I figure there’s about another hour and a half or so to finish. #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnssample #sweetyarnskits

Five hours completed on this 5 hour baby 👶🏻 sweater and I’m not done. 😕 The body of the sweater is left. Shouldn’t be long. I’ll be timing it to see. 😉 Still a quick knit and will be an easy pattern to complete. #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnssample #sweetyarnskits

Four hours out of five on this 5 hour baby 👶🏻 sweater and I’ve got the second sleeve on the needles. Definitely not going to be done in the five hours but it will be close. 😉 #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnssample #sweetyarnskits

Hour three on this 5 hour baby 👶🏻 sweater is complete and I’m about half done the first sleeve. Think I’ll be over the five hours by the time I’m done. Still a fast project though. #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnssample #sweetyarnskits

Two hours in and I’ve got stitch markers in to divide all the sections. Few more rows and I can divide for sleeves. #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnssample #sweetyarnskits

One hour in on this 5 hour baby 👶🏻 sweater. Not quite done all the yoke increases. It’s cute though. Loving the yarn. It’s Drifter for Baby by King Cole. #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnssample #sweetyarnskits

It says 5 hour baby 👶🏻 sweater. We’ll see. New Just for Baby 👶🏻 kits coming soon. #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnssample #sweetyarnskits

Did well last night starting over. My little llama from @gingersnapthat1 is marking my spot. We’ll see how far I get tonight. The yarn I’m using is one of my favourites, Alegria by @manosdeluruguayyarns in Thistle. #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnssample #designedbyme

So I bound off most of the blue sample but ran out of yarn. ☹️ Back to the drawing board but only kind of. I think I’ve got the row count figured out and the distribution of the stitch patterns. 🤔 Wish me luck! 🤞🏻 #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnssample #designedbyme

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