Still working on Kit 3. There will be two adult sizes so I’ve casted on the second size. Trying out a different colour too to show some options.
Kit 2 has been tested so it should be available soon. I need to do final edits and take some pictures. Can’t wait!! Once again, I’ll make it available online first and then in store later. And Kit 2 will go very well with Kit 3. 😉 #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnskits #sweetyarnssample #rffwipwednesday

I am having way to much fun doing Buffalo Check!! Patterns, kits and class coming soon. 😊 #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnskits #sweetyarnssample #sweetyarnsclass

Yep, casted on a new project. I’ve got more designs in the works. Friends have been graciously helping me test the patterns. So glad to have these people in my life. They’re always a huge encouragement too.

So this is going to be part of another set of kits for the store. Patterns will also be available separately when they’re ready. Stay tuned!! #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnskits #sweetyarnssample

Something’s missing.... 🤔lol Working on finishing up the first part of the sample for Kit 3. #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnskits #sweetyarnssample #rffwipwednesday

Chunky alpaca yarn in my favourite knitting bag by @crochetoneknit2 it’s the perfect size for so many of my projects. 😍 #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnskits #sweetyarnssample

Casted on Kit 3 tonight. 😁 Can you guess what it is??? It’s going to match Kit 2.
Kit 2 sample is ready and the pattern is being typed up. It will be ready soon.
Kit 1 is ready and will be released in our online store Friday at 10AM EST. After that, kits will be available for purchase in store Saturday. There’s a limited amount of kits so we’re giving the online store first dibs. 😉 If you’re local, you can always choose the pick up in store option and save on shipping.
All the kits contain local alpaca yarn from Manitoulin Island and a pattern designed by me. The patterns will only be available in the kits.
Stay tuned!! #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnssample #sweetyarnskits #comingsoon

So Kit 1 is finished. Need to finalize a few things and then it will be up for sale. Onto Kit 2. 😊 The yarn is a chunky weight alpaca blend. The kit will be another one exclusive to Sweet Yarns. The patterns will only be available in the kits. I’m also planning to get them up in the online store the same time they will be available in store. Stay tuned!! More will be coming. #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnssample #sweetyarnskits #comingsoon

And done. ✅ Project completed. Now I need to block it. New kits coming soon. #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnssample #sweetyarnskits

Blocking party!! 😆 few new samples for the store and for classes coming this fall. #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnssample #sweetyarnsclass #sweetyarnskits

Do you remember these yarns from the other day? Do you see that I have less knit? 😕 In design, sometimes these things happen. I wasn’t happy with how Plan A was turning out so I’m onto Plan B. Working on a pattern for some exclusive kits for Sweet Yarns. #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnssample #sweetyarnskits #comingsoon

Working on a pattern for some exclusive kits for Sweet Yarns. #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnssample #sweetyarnskits #comingsoon #rffwipwednesday

Editing time! 🤔 Not enough coffee for this. ☕️ 😆 I can do this. #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnssample #sweetyarnskits

I swear I’m not obsessed. 😆 I had to knit a second sample of the first booties so that I have it written correctly for knitting it in the round. Back to work tomorrow to start writing up the patterns for the Just for Baby 👶🏻 kits. Alternate hat is complete too and I’ll be adding it in as well. 😊 #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnssample #sweetyarnskits

Alternate booties for the upcoming Just for Baby 👶🏻 kits. Found one more hat pattern to do. 😊 The sizing for this set will be 3 months. Hopefully more sizes will be coming over the next few months, maybe an alternate sweater as well. Stay tuned!! 🎧 #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnssample #sweetyarnskits

Now two booties are done too for the Just for Baby 👶🏻 kits. 😊 I love it so far. Going to do at least another kind of booties, maybe another hat. There’s still some yarn left. 😉 #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnssample #sweetyarnskits

Hat completed for the upcoming Just for Baby 👶🏻 kits. 😊 I love it!! Planning to have a no-knot option as well. #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnssample #sweetyarnskits

Good Friday morning 🐣 I slept in a little. Hanging out in my pajamas knitting ➰🐑 and sipping coffee ☕️ Working on a couple more items for the upcoming Just for Baby 👶🏻 kits. #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnssample #sweetyarnskits

One done. ✅ This one was knit flat. I’m also going to have a version for doing it in the round. There will also be suggestions for colour options. #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnssample #sweetyarnskits

Starting the next part of the upcoming Just for Baby kits. 👶🏻 Adding a solid to go with the lovely self-striping to make hats and booties. Can’t wait to see how they turn out. 😊 #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnssample #sweetyarnskits

And done! So it took me eight hours to complete the 5 hour baby 👶🏻 sweater. I think the original version was five because it’s a smaller size. Still needs to be blocked and add some kind of button. I think there’s about half a skein left. Going to weight the rest to confirm and decide what else to make. I’m thinking hat and booties of some kind. Kits coming soon. 😊 #sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnssample #sweetyarnskits

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