Yes, that’s right, we’re now online!
Now you can enjoy our audio cards and sweets from home. Stuck for gift ideas? Personalise a card with a voice message for someone from the comfort of your own home or office.
Maybe it’s for someone in the office? Welcome your new staff!
We also make it easy for you to pick sweets for different diets. Take a look at our Sol Simple range.
Check out our online shops, we have something for everyone.
Etsy link - https://bit.ly/2kq6zMN
Facebook shop link - https://bit.ly/2KPJtdL
Sweet Sol - https://bit.ly/2IKEx9F
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Good Morning #SweetSOLdiers
Sweet Sol's Story Time with Tammy Clark is this Saturday at 2pm and we can not wait!! Tammy Clark is the author and Illustrator of The Secret in the Rainbow which is more than just a book, it's a story of courage & triumph combined with thought-provoking yet fun activities to enable children the chance to fully understand the concept of what they are reading.
We’ve got 3 #SolSweet deals for our story timers

1) Buy any Squishy & get another one half-price. 2) Want to recreate a favourite moment from the story? Make a #SolSurprise & get £2 off!
3) Spend £5 or more & get a FREE Rock Lolly worth £1.50 from our Wheel Barrow!

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I asked #Sol to write a few sweetie name ideas down. My favourite is Wubery. Definitely naming our next sweet that ❤️💙🧡💚💜💛🍬👏🏻👏🏻🌈 #sweetsol #sweetsolnews #believeinlove #whatwouldsoldo #recordasweetmoment #wednesdaywisdom #sweets #candy #ideasfactory

Come and get a #handmade gift for a special present or perhaps just as a treat for yourself. We have got a lovely selection of #Sweet #jewelery made for us by @ninashillingartist
Which Sweet is your favourite?
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Have you seen the June 2018 issue of Kent Life magazine?

We have a full page advert after the Herne Bay feature "Shine On" we're SOL pleased to be a page turn away from our beloved town.

Take a read... we've moved into online sales before our main website release.

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Check out our blank audio cards you can now buy online.
Got a party you're planning? Looking for fun gift ideas?
Are you welcoming a new staff member to the team or wondering what you can do this Friday for the office?
Sol's blank audio cards are the PERFECT SOLution and now you can order our deluxe, simple to record audio cards to design yourself. No upper limit.

These are extremely popular for: - Birthdays, including group activities.
- Staff morale and welcoming new staff to your company with a personal voice message from the team.
- Families and special occasions and/or announcements.
- Wedding Proposals.
- Dementia Patients.
- Sorry, you're leaving gifts.
- Thank you gifts.

Available on @etsyuk and our Facebook shop :)
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Catch up with our weekly round up news! Head to www.sweetsol.co.uk to sign up or Facebook to read the newsletter: Retreat Into Wonderland :) #SweetSol #SweetSolNews #RecordASweetMoment #WhatWouldSolDo #BelieveInLove #tuesdaythoughts

Good Morning #SweetSOLdiers :) Do you know about our new pre-packed sweetie bags?

Which one are you?

Fracking Fruit - Vegan
Sol's Sour Trick - Gluten-Free
Cluster Fudge - Vegetarian
Worm-A-Rama - Sugar
Juicy Joy - Sugar
Coughing Up! - Sugar-Free

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Join us this Saturday for our Sweet Sol's Story Time with Tammy Clark who wrote the story "The Secret in the Rainbow (A Gift Of Positivity)" at 2:00pm

A book that helps support children whilst they learn and grow by empowering positivity, as we know, children are emotional beings and are very sensitive to situations and personalities around them.
Kick start your half term with some fun with us and grab some delicious sweets while you're there!

#SweetSolNews #SweetSol #BelieveInLove #RecordASweetMoment

Congratulations again to our winner Vicky Boland who won Saturday's game of #GuessTheWeight pictured below is Vicky's lovely Mum Liz Boland

We hope you enjoy your fabulous prizes which include Tea for two OR Lunch for two at the ever so tasty and lovely Toast Herne Bay, a set of 3 Royal Squishy Mobile Phone holders from the lovely team at AGILIS mobile and a big bag of Sweet Sol sweets!

Fancy your chance at winning some fabulous prizes, join us every Saturday as we play Guess The Weight!

#SweetSol #BelieveInLove #RecordASweetMoment #WhatWouldSolDo #OnlineGame

Check this out! We’ve got new chairs & tables outside for parents waiting for their kids creating their audio cards, or if you’re with a friend and need a refreshment
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Sol’s been busy helping the lovely Jo & Jen at @retreatintowonderland an amazing place for all walks of life to educate themselves about the care for animals. It’s an extremely positive place and we’re proud to support the whole animal family and the wonderful women who care about it passionately.
Our lovely Angel who we have sponsored is looking much better and is a lot more energetic and positive. #sweetsol #sweetsolnews #believeinlove #recordasweetmoment #whatwouldsoldo #sundayfunday #sunday #weekendvibes

We had such fun today with @educational_life_cic and Pixel saying hello to #hernebay town with free sweets and photos with Eddie the Elephant :) check out our #selfies and then Sol himself came to try our new #pickalolly wheelbarrow. Find your perfect giant lolly by searching through the flowers #sweetsol #sweetsolnews #believeinlove #iloveyou #RoyalWedding #weekendvibes #saturday #whatwouldsoldo #recordasweetmoment

yes people we have edible Harrys and Meghans!
Part of our ROYAL TEA this weekend at TOAST. Did you know you can win a Royal Tea for 2 with the #guesstheweight game happening now, head over to @sweetsolshop to enter
#harryandmeghan #toasthernebay #sweetsol #royaltea #competition #beachcreative

Are you ready for #GuessTheWeight

#GuessTheWeight starts with the fabulous Royal edition with a Royal tea for two OR lunch for two with thanks from Toast Herne Bay, we also have 3 royal-themed squishy phone holders from AGILIS mobile and of course, we have a big bag of sweets too!

Remember we've got THREE rules so it's fair for everyone.

1. No continuous comments with consecutive guesses from one person (Check Chris Welsh) i.e... Chris Welsh comments: 112
Kris Searle comments: 227
Chris Welsh comments: 113

2. No ONE comment with a LIST of numbers i.e... 112

3. Don't reply to someone's comment as this can be missed due to the number of players we now have. If you do reply to someone else's guess we may miss it and unfortunately, we can't accept the guess.

Tag in your friends at home, on the beach or even on the go!

Good Luck everyone!

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Goooooood Moooooorning #SweetSOLdiers!
Today we've got lots of fun going on... FREE CAKE! There's a giant 3 tiered Victoria sponge cake made by our very own Super Nan in celebration of the #RoyalWedding - come get a slice!

12pm Pixel the dog will be here. Photo op!

12.30pm EDDIE the Elephant from Educational Life CIC is visiting us so come say hello and have some fun in the shop with them :) Just after 12.30pm our extremely popular online game #GuessTheWeight starts with the fabulous Toast Herne Bay helping us give you a special edition Royal edition with a Royal tea for two OR lunch for two :) Of course there will be the big bag of sweets and we have 3 royal-themed squishy phone holders from AGILIS mobile https://www.agilismobile.co.uk/

We've got a wheelbarrow full of flowers with giant lollipops hidden so come and search for your perfect lolly.

We now have table and chairs outside so if you're bringing children to create audio cards or waiting for someone, sit back and relax and enjoy a drink from the shop. Ice creams are arriving this Summer!

Herne Bay, Kent Buy in the Bay Hello Herne Bay

#WindsorCastle #SaturdayMorning #Weekend #SweetSol #SweetSolNews #RecordASweetMoment #BelieveInLove #WhatWouldSolDo

Are you ready for tomorrows #GuessTheWeight?
This is a very special Guess The Weight game as we celebrate the #RoyalWedding with a Royal Tea for two from Toast Herne Bay (you gotta visit, the food is delicious!) and three mobile phone squishy holders with the colours of our great flag the Union Jack, thanks to @AGILISmobile https://www.agilismobile.co.uk/

Of course, there will be Sweet Sol's big bag of sweets and a surprise gift!

Keep an eye out for our game which will start at 12:30 only on Sweet Sol

Don't forget to like comment and share with friends and family to increase your chances to WIN!

#SweetSol #BelieveInLove #RecordASweetMoment #RoyalWedding #WhatWouldSolDo
Buy in the Bay Hello Herne Bay

Hey, #SweetSOLdiers check out the flavoured Rock we've got in. We have 10 different flavours to choose from.
We've got Blueberry Muffin, Ice Cream, Birthday Cake, Watermelon and Bubblegum just to name a few.
Which flavour do you fancy? Take a look at the flavours in the picture and leave a comment below!

#SweetSol #BelieveInLove #RecordASweetMoment #hernebayrocks #rock

Good Morning #SweetSOLdiers
We've got a ROYAL surprise for you as Eddie the Elephant from Educational Life CIC and Pixel from CraftyHusky Cosplay will be saying hello to us from 12pm on Saturday 19th may

Say hello to Educational Life and learn about what they do Educational Life CIC has a dream, and it’s a big one! To empower & inspire our youth by sharing good news stories & reports from the schools & local communities.
Make sure to get your pictures taken with them!
#SweetSol #BelieveInLove #RecordASweetMoment #WhatWouldSolDo
Buy in the Bay Hello Herne Bay BayPromoTeam Herne Bay Youth FC MADE in HERNE BAY

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