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Ready for Monday 🤙🏻

❌ LEGWORKOUT ❌ - focus hammies & glutes 🍑💥 birthday medium weights workout went lit, got new rubberbands from my bby @fridahavne and these were ❤️the ❤️best ❤️ I've tried, thick material & great resistance (from casall) so we used them in the last superset in this video. However, first exercise is ordinary straight deadlifts, doing 70kg x12 here. Keeping my neck in a straight position with my back - do NOT look up while going down, it can cause pain in your neck. I've recently learned this is soooo important, this it has shown improvement in my deadlifts. 2nd is a superset - hipthrust (70kgx20 in the video) together with glutebridge on a step with the resistence band. These two made my ass BURN for real - don't underestimate the power of no-weight exercises, especially in a superset 😏👑 now I'm off for birthday dinnerdate with my love. It's meat & potatoe time hell yassss 😻😻😻 #workout #workoutvideo #workoutvid #workoutvideos #legworkout @fit_wise @topchicks.global @gainzvillle @get_fit_videos @girlswholift @gymgirlvids tights are from @jfitnesswear - use JNEVRIN15 for 15% discount 🤗

my partner in crime 🙏🏽👭💗#nunibuni🐒🐣❤️

Prvé zlato 🏆 po 5 rokoch na domácej scéne !!!! Nostalgia, moju detskú kariéru som ukončila na MSR v detskom fitness ako víťazka, kde mi zlatu medajlu na krk odovzdala Gabriela Mlsnová, včera po 5 rokoch mi ju odovzdala opäť práve ona bol to skvelý pocit !!!! ❤️🥇 Veľmi pekne dakujem celému publiku, ktoré ma neskutočne podporilo v momente, ked mi prestala hrať hudba, dodali ste mi kopec energie, boli ste neskutoční ta atmosféra !!!! 💣🤜🏼🤛🏼👌🏼🙏🏼 Ďakujem Tatino, že si to tam roztočil Lenka Bániková moja práva ruka ❤️ @barbora_seckar zlato je tvoje 🏆
Ďakujem Vám všetkým za podporu, rodina blízky, Petulik 🍀❤️
Fitness Plavky, fitness suits Danka ❤️ Sakfst ❤️
@damons.sk ❤️
@fitplussk ❤️ O týžden MSR juniorov
O 2 týždne ME v Španielsku, nespime makame !!!!!! 🤘🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
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Smize with your eyes 💝 Good morning monday. New week - new opportunities. I always take a moment every Monday morning to think through the past week. What gave me power and filled my days with positive energy? And actually what did not? For me its extremely important to always improve myself and my life quality. I, as everyone else has bad days (beeing sick back and forth for almost a month striked me heard for example) but I minimize them by every day see a new day as a day were everything can happened.
Have a great Monday and week. Remind yourself always to be your best friend and biggest support. 💕


Te abrazaba cuando llorabas y cometías el error y ahora tú me dices que yo soy lo peor...❄️

Monday vibes 🌴

I dont understand .. love and hate walk together..☔️

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