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A creative way to arrange your pictures is to hang them imbricated in threads from a rail in the ceiling. Together the pictures form a cluster and become an artwork itself. đŸ™ŒđŸ»(Illustration by Arty Swede)

Estate by Robert Rauschenberg đŸ“·avant.arte

- untitled - (oil on canvas, 90x90 cm)
For most of my life I've had a difficult relationship with food i find unusual. It's not something I'm proud of and I've started to work on it lately. From my experience it seems that it has nothing to do with taste, not even texture. But rather psychological barriers I must have established somewhere in my childhood. For example I recently discovered that I was allergic to avocado, I had always thought that I didn't like avocado, but it turned out that I had never, in my 21 years of living even eaten it.
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Friday afternoons I pick something special to work on. Enamelled silver coat buttons for a beloved son.

For me art is an ingredient in a sustainable living. In Karlstad you will find the museum of one of my favorite swedish contemporary painters.
#swedishart #sandgrund #larslerin #sustainableliving

Having a happy start of the weekend! My next workshop in intuitive art is almost fully booked already! Only one spot left for March 24-25 in Stockholm! So excited to see all these creative souls out there joining! Thankyou for supporting and participating đŸ™đŸŸ
I’m gonna spend my weekend in Barcelona painting, walking barefoot on the beach, training, doing yoga and eating my fav vegan brunch with my love💜
How are you gonna spend yours? 🌮

TBT when I drew my favourite villain last year. đŸŒ±đŸ’š
I looove the Batman movies made in the 90's and Poison Ivy has been my favourite villain ever since. 😍
Have a fantastic Friday evening everyone! đŸ„‚

This is what we are looking for! Do you know any cool Swedish galleries or a museum that might be interested in showing our art in a HUGE group show - please let us know! ♄ ..
Original artwork by our amazing ART MONSTER - ALEXANDER JANSSON! (@janssons.art )
swipe to see full version.

En mycket stor mÄlning, signerad med en otydlig signatur och daterad 56. Signaturen gör mig galen. Jag ska lÀgga upp en bild en dag sÄ fÄr ni se vad jag talar om.
I bild tvÄ sÄ ser ni den enorma ram som hör till tavlan.
Bild tvÄ ser man Àven ett jÀttemussleskal.
Trevlig helg.

#19thcenturyart #swedishart #swedenantiques #swedishantiques #antik #oldmaster

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