These ladies KILLED it tonight! 💪🏻
Wanna join us? ❤️❤️❤️
💃FREE Hip Hop Dance Class 💃
Wednesday Nov 15th 6:45pm ••
👉🏻Bootcamp Classes👇🏻($10)
Thursday, Nov 16th 6:45pm
Tuesday, Nov 21st 6:45pm
Sat, Nov 25th (circuit training) 9am
Tuesday Nov 28th 6:45pm
See you soon!! 😘

SO proud of these ladies right here! They rocked bootcamp class tonight & are committed to BECOMING stronger- both inside & out- yay! 💪🏻💗😅 #becomingbootcamp #strong #fitnessfun #sweatsesh✔️ #youareenough #loveyourbody #yesyoucan #lakesideca

🎉ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!🎉. You know...It's a shame for a woman to grow old without ever seeing the strength and beauty of which her body and mind is capable.👊🏼💗.

Birthday #sweatsesh✔️(celebrating life!!).
Massage this afternoon😍.
Picking up new iPhone b day present to self📱.
And we shall see what else unfolds throughout the day!🤗
PS--can we just talk about this leg definition🙌🏼#COREdeForce is rockin my world and I'm starting to feel a tad more confident in the movements!!🙌🏼🔥.
You should REALLY consider joining me in this FIGHT over the holidays!!

@shauntfitness....You do it to us every time!!! Major sweat sesh for me and the hubbs!! 💦#alldayerryday #t25 #sweatsesh✔️

Monday motivation😅So today I decided to try something new... #CrossFit 💪 Its been 7 years since the last time I went and today was "Filthy Fifty"🙀 ✅50 burpees ✅ 50 double unders✅50 box jumps ✅50 jumping pullups ✅ 50 ball walls ✅ 50 knees to elbow ✅50 KB swings ✅ 50 push/press ✅50 back extensions ✅ 50 walking lunges 🙌 for time ⏰With a bit of modification for my knee I was able to get her done👍 #trysomethingnew #crossfit #filthyfifty #fitspo #mondaymotivation#fitness #strengthmatters #metabolicconditioning #fit #fitfam #npc #npcbikini #conditioning #sweatsesh✔️ @jason5500

Killed my #sweatsesh✔️. Now for #chocolaterecover ✔️

For me, being #inchaarg means that I am surrounded by amazing, beautiful girls who are there for me even if they live across the country. Being #inchaarg means I feel confident, happy, proud, supported, fierce, and STRONG! @chaarg has shown me how to really push my self and most importantly BELIEVE in myself. I was finally able to see what my body can truly do and I feel proud about that. I'm able to love my body and not criticize every part I don't like about it. I've gained confidence in myself in so many different ways. I love being #inchaarg 💙⚡️ #CHAARGBOOTYCAMP #checkin #sweatsesh✔️

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