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These ladies KILLED it tonight! 💪🏻
Wanna join us? ❤️❤️❤️
💃FREE Hip Hop Dance Class 💃
Wednesday Nov 15th 6:45pm ••
👉🏻Bootcamp Classes👇🏻($10)
Thursday, Nov 16th 6:45pm
Tuesday, Nov 21st 6:45pm
Sat, Nov 25th (circuit training) 9am
Tuesday Nov 28th 6:45pm
See you soon!! 😘

SO proud of these ladies right here! They rocked bootcamp class tonight & are committed to BECOMING stronger- both inside & out- yay! 💪🏻💗😅 #becomingbootcamp #strong #fitnessfun #sweatsesh✔️ #youareenough #loveyourbody #yesyoucan #lakesideca

And even if I was struggling yesterday. I am new today. Who I once was does not define who I am becoming. Wake up each day like it is a new day, motivated that it is a great opportunity to build a better version of yourself. Learning and growing stronger day by day. Instead of dwelling on past experiences, even from the day before, using it to fuel the fire. Optimism and positivity go along way. I am not perfect and have so much room for improvement in those areas. But there is no better way to prove yourself that you are worthy than to accept who you are, forget who you once were, and be excited for your future. You are worth it. 💕 #SweatSesh✔️ #MyTherapy #FindingMyself #HavingFaith

🎉ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!🎉. You know...It's a shame for a woman to grow old without ever seeing the strength and beauty of which her body and mind is capable.👊🏼💗.

Birthday #sweatsesh✔️(celebrating life!!).
Massage this afternoon😍.
Picking up new iPhone b day present to self📱.
And we shall see what else unfolds throughout the day!🤗
PS--can we just talk about this leg definition🙌🏼#COREdeForce is rockin my world and I'm starting to feel a tad more confident in the movements!!🙌🏼🔥.
You should REALLY consider joining me in this FIGHT over the holidays!!

@shauntfitness....You do it to us every time!!! Major sweat sesh for me and the hubbs!! 💦#alldayerryday #t25 #sweatsesh✔️

Monday motivation😅So today I decided to try something new... #CrossFit 💪 Its been 7 years since the last time I went and today was "Filthy Fifty"🙀 ✅50 burpees ✅ 50 double unders✅50 box jumps ✅50 jumping pullups ✅ 50 ball walls ✅ 50 knees to elbow ✅50 KB swings ✅ 50 push/press ✅50 back extensions ✅ 50 walking lunges 🙌 for time ⏰With a bit of modification for my knee I was able to get her done👍 #trysomethingnew #crossfit #filthyfifty #fitspo #mondaymotivation#fitness #strengthmatters #metabolicconditioning #fit #fitfam #npc #npcbikini #conditioning #sweatsesh✔️ @jason5500

Killed my #sweatsesh✔️. Now for #chocolaterecover ✔️

For me, being #inchaarg means that I am surrounded by amazing, beautiful girls who are there for me even if they live across the country. Being #inchaarg means I feel confident, happy, proud, supported, fierce, and STRONG! @chaarg has shown me how to really push my self and most importantly BELIEVE in myself. I was finally able to see what my body can truly do and I feel proud about that. I'm able to love my body and not criticize every part I don't like about it. I've gained confidence in myself in so many different ways. I love being #inchaarg 💙⚡️ #CHAARGBOOTYCAMP #checkin #sweatsesh✔️

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