Would you do this? 🤔
A risky fashion choice.

Assets Over Liabilities Infrared t shirt from the Cop and Flip collection! 💸💸💧💧👌🏽 #CopAndFlipCollection

Sweatpants 4 life! This is my best friend, Jason, whom I've known since we were 11. And we are always in sync... n'sync... Doesn't matter how many days, months or years we are apart it's like we've never skipped a beat. When it's felt like a long weekend and we're both looking for comfort we hop into our sweat pants and put on a super hero movie.
I am doubly lucky that he is married, by my influence, to my other best friend from high school, Kathy, who is also wearing sweatpants. Now I know what you're thinking, who doesn't wear sweatpants when they want to take a load off and watch super hero movies. Well, no one does it like we do😎. #imjustsayin
#lovemyfriends #tribevibin #sweatpants #ineededthis #letsgohokies #hokies4life #friends4life #likewedo

My husband won’t be seen with me and these sweatpants in public, so I obviously had to do a photoshoot in them on the beach at our campsite. My 9 year old was more than happy to take these (and she even got creative with her angles) - she’s apparently still too young to be embarrassed by me. 🙌🏻
#campingfashion #campingfun #beachshoot

So grateful for @reebok right now. There is no measure for how good a new pair of perfect sweatpants can make you feel. Thank you for quickly becoming my new favorite brand. #sweatpants #anxietywarrior #goodvibes #grateful

African mapped sweatshirt and FOG Nicker ordered by our amazing customer @ittz_christkid is ready for delivery. #swiftdelivery is what we do. #african #sweatshirt #sweatpants #nika #fearofgodshorts #fearofgod #agbadachallenge
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@fadefashions tailored the outfit ✌

And celebrate the Eagles winning. 💚🦅🖤

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