A huge congrats to our very own Juliet on tucking her way into the 750 club. No shortage of amazing barre women hitting amazing milestones 🙌🏽 #purebarrepasadena #purebarre #pbp #pb #milestone #750club #goodtucking #barrebabe #barrestrong #weekendwarrior #sweatittoshreadit

Hey #pbcutie if you haven’t stopped by the barre lately you’re missing all our cute summer styles ! Sooooo much new Pure Barre and Spiritual Gangster goodies to shop so come by and snag up a cute outfit for that #purebarreledge 😏 #pbp #purebarrepasadena #purebarre #lookcute #sweatcute #sweatittoshreadit #pb #purebarre #spiritualgangster

If you’re tired of starting over then STOP quitting. This is 4 months. I would be lying if I said it was easy especially with 2 kids under 2 when all you want to do is sit down and relax but pressing play and giving 25 minutes of my time is the best therapy I can get. It’s true after 21 days it becomes a habit and I look forward to a sweat session EVERY day. #fitmom #csection #postpartum #anxiety #2under2 #mombod #progressoverperfection #sweatittoshreadit

// Et si la salle est fermée? // Que fais si tu n'as pas accès à une salle de sport pendant une semaine entière?

C'est mon cas cette semaine puisque ma salle est fermée pour travaux et pour l'instant je m'en sors pas mal !

Lundi c'était yoga à la maison, mardi je suis allée tester un cours de body Attack avec la belle @laullllo
Hier c'était training au parc avec Flor ❤ ! On a fait un toning power extrait du ebook #sweatittoshreadit de @sarahs_day
Et aujourd'hui j'ai testé une nouvelle salle de crossfit car j'ai bien l'intention de commencer en septembre si j'en ai la possibilité!
Demain je ne sais pas encore ce que je vais faire mais je trouverais bien quelque chose, avec cette chaleur c'est tout de même un peuple limité mais on s'adapte!
Bonne soirée 😘

#fit #teamolifit #fitness #sport #training #gym #crossfir #ninifamily #active #activelifestyle #bodyshape #teamanchois #shape #outdoor #fitgirl #grenoble #healthy #motivation #inspiration #fitspo

Stretching is sooo important for muscle recovery in order to prevent injuries + I am one to admit I do not stretch as much as I need to 🤷🏻‍♀️

Our resident #pbcutie Bertha is ready to smash this 40 in 60 challenge are you ? New summer goals means new summer outfit (woot woot!) .
#pbp #purebarrepasadena #purebarre #sweatittoshreadit #40in60 #summerslimdown #notbummersummer #liftthatledgegirl #barrebabes

My next guide to follow 💪🏻 currently doing #4weekbodyblitz ,then I’m good to go 🌈just reading through the guide & im loving it 👌🏻and not many of these guides are designed to do at home so extra points 💕#sweatittoshreadit #sarahsday #goals #fitnessguide #ebook #weightlossjourney #reading #research

Weekend warriors starting out this Sunday strong with a full classic 💪🏻
#pbp #purebarrepasadena #purebarre #weekendwarrior #sweatittoshreadit #barrebabes #classic #ltb

long time no post! a big hydroflask cheers to starting out on my fitness journey yet again. 😅 today i eased back into exercise with 20 mins on the indoor bike & then a 10 min ab blaster from #sweatittoshreadit! feeling accomplished!

Things are heating up outside so stay cute,cool and hydrated with this fun trio! .
#pbcutie #pbp #purebarrepasadena #purebarre #6weekstosummer #sweatittoshreadit #barrebabes

There is still time to enter my @kind_ly competition to win an armpit detox and lavender & bergamot Deodorant. These products are so beautiful and natural. Perfect if you like you're skincare to be vegan, cruelty-free and organic. Be sure to check my competition post from last Wednesday to enter (selfie of me with the products) and the draw closes tomorrow at 5pm!
Plus my discount code is still LIVE for the next three weeks so use code BEKINDCOCO on the @kind_ly website for %20 and I'm pretty sure they still have free shipping for Australia so check it out lovers 💚🌿 good luck 🌿💚
Pictured using the coconut and vanilla, this along with the lavender and bergamot are my favourite after the gym. Somehow my lipstick stayed on perfectly but I promise I worked hard 😅💪
#competition #vegan #crueltyfreebeauty #veganbeauty #veganfitfam #fitfam #gymlife #sweatittoshreadit #week3 #veganfitness #discountcode #goodluck

Morning hike with frandssss ☀️ Great way to get your heart rate up and clear your head. Already got 6000 steps in and its not even 10! 🌿 🤩🌾😛💪🏽💥

#OOTD headed to the gym now to smash out a leg workout with some friends. Legs used to be my absolute least favorite thing to train and then I realized it was because my legs were WEAK AF. Needless to say after forcing myself to squat and lunge and what not, I now love leg day. I used to struggle to do 10 jump squats and now I can easily do 50-just a nice reminder that even if you dont necessarily SEE results doesnt mean you arent getting stronger! The results you FEEL are just as important 😎🦋💙

Today was arm day, but I always like to incorporate a little bit of everything in my workouts every day. I wont completely split my workouts bodybuilding style, but I do like to focus on specific muscle groups to really burn them out one day, and then give them a little bit of rest for the rest of the week (for example, today was probably 80% arm work, 10% cardio, 5% legs and 5% abs) 🧞‍♀️ Heres a superset I like to do to burn my abs out just enough for an off day! 30 reps of russian twists into 10 in outs (you can go with a weight or without!🏋🏻‍♀️) I repeat this superset for 5 sets, or if I wasnt dead from my HIIT sprints, Id go until fail! Enjoy! 🦋🧚🏼‍♀️🎆

GOOOOOD MORNING!!! 🌞 I always love to start my mornings off with a warm lemon water. Its great for flushing out your system of any toxins (like if you maybe had a couple too many bites of dessert the night before.... like I usuallyyyy do....) and also great for revving up your digestion for the day. Not to mention Ive found most of the Victorias Secret Angels start their day this way too, so maybe if I drink this Ill magically look like them?🧖🏻‍♀️🎀🤔👙🤷🏻‍♀️

I love starting my week (and every day for that matter!)with a workout! Today, I will be headed to the gym after ‘Don Pasquale’ rehearsals, for an evening workout....I am planning on starting @kayla_itsines 12 week program again! How about you? What do you enjoy doing to stay physically and mentally fit?

Completes @sarahs_day #sweatittoshreadit Day 1 week 1 and thinks they’re thicc @emilymay_gates #oddsocks

Completed the first workout on @sarahs_day 's e-book #sweatittoshredit and loved it! 🤩💪 I'm going to be sore tomorrow ! 😫

Tomorrow will be a yoga 🧘🏻‍♀️ day and then this is the plan starting this Monday! Planning my workouts keeps me accountable and motivated when trying to attain goals. #planning #workoutgoals #fitnessplanning #keepingmyselfaccountable #sweatittoshreadit #week4 #trainingfora10k #sezzysquad

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