Do ya have those days where ya set out with good intentions and things don’t go your way? 🙋‍♀️
Today I was dead set on working out. BUT couldn’t get my workout to stream. Tried 3 browsers. Tried refreshing. Logging out and logging in.
I could’ve just threw in the towel. 😬 I was frustrated.
BUT I was determined. I did a 10 minute workout. 4 moves. 1 minute each, 1 minute break then repeat.
I took a deep breath, restarted my computer (again). .
And hooray got my workout to stream.
So I then went on to do my scheduled workout.
I’m not sharing this to be like “yay me” - I’m sharing this to show that sometimes a mental shift is just as powerful as a physical shift!
Take care of your MIND & BODY.
Ya need them both. 😉

A little throw back to adventuring in San Francisco in the rain. .
My husband captured this moment and I just adore how my little love has her arm around me. ❤️
Can we go back to San Francisco pretty please?

Taco Tuesday turned tostada Tuesday 😏
I meal prepped for fajitas then decided to make a fajita tostada. Is that a thing? 🤣🤣
Anyhow, pre chopping my veggies saved time. Having the slaw done and sit over night made it soooooo delicious. .
Do you struggle with meal prep? Message me! Let me help!

Today’s food was delicious. 👊🏻
I stuck to my planned meals...and no cheats!
NOW to keep it going for the rest of the week.

A repost and great Monday motivation from @melrobbinslive! Here’s to editing the next 80 days: Round 2!

A Sunday Funday with my little love.

Took my workout outside today!
I mean when it’s clear skies, 70ish degrees, and the sun is shining...you have to! Am I right? .

Cut & color!
I was over due for sure!

Yep, another workout post....Why? Because I’m on a roll this week 👊🏻💪🏻
Was I tired? Yep.
Did I have excuses? Yep.
Did I want a nap instead? Yep
Did I push through?? YEP YEP!!! 👊🏻
Once you start to gain momentum, don’t let it go.

Some moves I knocked out of the park. 💪🏻
Some moves I modified. 🙈
BUT this mamma pressed on! I’m making THE SHIFT and it feels great. 🙌🏻

I tried on jeans and like 4 different shirts this morning....😩
BUT sometimes a cute dress is the answer 😉
Why does getting dressed have to be such a chore? 🤣

This move 😩
There’s supposed to be a push up in there 🙈
Today’s workout had a few moves like this, that were just plain TOUGH. .
BUT I didn’t quit. I paused, and found a way to modify the move, and I kept going. .
Here’s the thing...There are going to be workouts that are tough. There are going to be days that are tough.

Taco Tuesday means a taco salad for lunch 🙌🏻
Whoever said that salads were boring was clearly doing it wrong 😜

Stuck to my food plan 🙌🏻
Breakfast: eggs & veggie bake • Lunch: a yummy salad topped with tuna. I used @primalkitchenfoods Greek Dressing • Dinner: heaps of broccoli and salmon topped with dijon. I was going to make a sweet potato, but didn’t want to wait for it to bake 😬 • and WATER lots of water. 👊🏻
Feeling great about today. Now to keep it going. 😉

I am here because I have a desire to get better - to be better. 👊🏻💪🏻
Feels good to be back in the shop. Working on my fitness both mentally & physically.

Yesterday’s meal prep paid off. 😉
Breakfast was amazing. 😍

When your egg & veggie bake game is taken to a new level! 😉👊🏻
Hello #copperchef - thanks for making meal prep easy and allowing for a bit of variety.

What to say?! ...
I learned so much about myself during these 3 months. ...
How important sleep and water are to health, recovery and physical transformation.
How freaking strong i am! ...
That this huge ole booty (that has been an insecurity almost my whole life) is S U P E R strong! (Stronger than Jody’s!) 😂🍑
That i could have given up because i knew my results wouldn’t be as good as they could because of two rounds of systemic steroids during the 3 months. But i didn’t.
That it’s easy to make excuses, and hard to keep a promise to myself, but the promise is worth it in the end.
I’m not where i want to ultimately be, but I’m so much closer. I’m getting comfortable in my skin! ...
My nutrition absolutely could have been better, but i continued to show up everyday and try. ...
What are you waiting for? Let me give you the support I’ve had. We start again April 23rd. We’d love to have you do this with us! ...
And if you aren’t ready for intense workouts, i have something else for you!! Either way, come on the journey with us! ❤️
#mommawantsmuscles #sweatistherapy #blondeambitions #ididthething #ididthework

Sometimes it’s the little things.
I found these at my small local grocery store.
Burgers anyone? 😉😉

A busy week - so I’m playing catch up on my workouts.
I’m not gonna let my schedule get the best of me 👊🏻💪🏻

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