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Strength. Integrity. Passion. Purpose. Confidence. Desire to inspire. Faith. Rawness. Sweat.
All these things. All these things and so much more are my SUPER POWERS!
What are yours!?!? #healthymindandbody #sweatismysuperpower #weekendwarrior #betterisbetter

Would you believe me if I told you that I did zero cardio and still got this sweaty?
I absolutely love a challenging resistance workout that has zero impact on my 42 year old joints.

I miss the endorphins though.
Anyone else an endorphins junky? How do you get “your fix?” .
#endorphinsmakeyouhappy #fitesteem #slightedgy #fitover40 #mondaysareforthegogetters #sweatismysuperpower

#ywatrue day 9 #open. So much is happening. @trevortwigg making breakfast. Nagina wanting the food. Trevor looking for his headphones. Diamond wanting attention. I bought a harmony @jadeyogamats in hopes that I won’t slide. Will I ever not be sweaty? #sweatlife #sweatismysuperpower #gopro #yoga #yogi #timelapse #catsandyoga @adrienelouise

It can’t be normal to sweet like this after only 35 minutes of resistance training... I’m not alone in this, am I? .
#sweatismysuperpower #fitesteem #slightedgy

I only had 20 minutes to make it count. 20 min tabata ride with the @onepeloton on demand app. I’m really enjoying having a spin bike at home. #REALwomenmove #SkirtSports #SkirtSportsAmbassador #fitover40 #cardio #sweatismysuperpower #spinclass

Trainer Chris doesn't really have VFit hair here, but she is rocking our new shirt beautifully!! Our swag store is full of awesome apparels that our team is proud to sport! We get fit, we have fun, we are #vfitstrong! #poweredbyvfit #strongoverskinny #sweatismysuperpower #vfitteam

POST SPIN class POST drive home POST making lunch for everyone PRE-SHOWER selfie 🤳 Left the house at 4:45am this morning and got it done 👊🏻💙🚴🏻‍♀️#skirtsports #SkirtSportsAmbassador #REALwomenmove #myfitnessjourney #fitover40 #weightlossjourney #sweatismysuperpower 🤣

@thevfitstudio August #sweatyselfie challenge time! I love how quickly Tabata workouts seem to fly by (I also love the serious sweat). #sweatismysuperpower #poweredbyvfit #vfitstrong

Happy 4th of July. It maybe a holiday but I still make time to train. There is no excuse today. I'be got goals and I want to be the fittest I can be. So starting out this week right. 👍 do you train on holidays or do you take it as a day off?

That feeling after testing your 1 Mike run... But I PR'd my Mike time by 2 minutes from when I was running way back.. 🙀 as I really haven't done any kind of running since 2013 🙈 I had a good track buddy though 👍 my own personal cheering squad 😃👊 now time to relax for just a few more minutes and make dinner 😀 time for some carbs too👊 are you a runner or a non-runner like me?

Back to the grind this morning after a deload week. It's amazing how much better I feel when I get a good workout in. Sumo deadlifts with 4 ct lower = ouch. It was a tad bit warm this morning too.. Still have a little bit of work left for this afternoon 🙈 it's going to get sweaty.

Those after cardio feels.. Can't wait to get back to lifting.. Deload weeks are great but cardio always kills me. Had me feeling a bit on the nauseous side of life 😬 know I remember why I do most workouts fasted as I feel so much better that way. But the bonus is seeing the arm gains that have been made over the last 12 wks 💪 hello muscles nice to see you 😉 time to eat and enjoy the rest of the afternoon 👍

Hello cardio.. We meet again 🙀 my legs are spent after yesterday's leg day/Max back squat and Max clean day.. And let's not for get the 5.72 mi bike ride last night with the fam + 13 miles on the spin bike this morning in the humid warm garage gym, all I wanted to do after cardio this morning was lay on the floor. But alas I had to get ready for work 😐 so that was not an option.. How was your workout?

Head down eyes forward. Grinding it out. One hour of cardio and 30 minutes core and 15 mins of arms is in the books! Increases my milage today 15 miles on the spin bike.. I am completely spent and I am already feeling it after yesterday's heavy high volume day 😮 now time to relax enjoy the rest of the weekend and eat all the carbs 💪

I may be a bit sunburnt but that didn't stop me from crushing my workout this morning 👍👍 yeah I worked pretty hard yesterday and planned to take today as a rest day.. But I have to day off from work because my daughter has early dismissal from school today. So I got a some extra sleep and even though I felt a bit tight wasn't feeling sore so I warmed up and hit my workout. Now time to go get that kiddo and enjoy our afternoon together 😃

Good morning 60 minutes of cardio.. One question I get is how am I able to stay so consistent with my workouts? Well it was a mental shift really.. I don't workout to lose, to shrink or to fit anyone else's mold. I workout to be more.... More healthy, more confident, more strong, more patient, more loving, more caring, more capable, more comfortable, more resilient. I could go on.. But really it's about being better and more prepared for the everyday! Time for some coffee and a shower.. Then off to the big city for the kiddos aerial lessons 👍

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