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Day 4/80 ✅ Shoulders are on Fiiiiire 🔥 after that one!! ( cue Santana on Glee singing This girl is on fire!!)

One think I have never been accused of is having coordination. Take this for example. I can do it, until I know I am doing it then coordination goes out the door 😆
#sweata40days @shauna_harrison #sweataday
One arm mountain climbers, no mountain, just beach.



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Day 22 of #sweata40days with @shauna_harrison and this was tough and I’m sure not done 100% correct. #sweataday #movemorefitness #iamlimitless #fitness #corework

Suffering with some cramps tonight 😦 feeling like shhhhheeeet. But, I have Gossip Girl, Glee and This is Us on deck. Can you tell my vibe? Any other “feel good” shows that you recommend? #agirlandherdog #thunderbuddies

Same cup
Same hoodie
Same house
Different spot
You know how the most successful people get to where they are? It’s not by luck, it’s not by wishing and hoping. They got there by being CONSISTENT.
I do the same thing, every day, no excuses. I hustle my heart out to get a millimetre ahead than I was the day before. I go to work with tired eyes more times than not. I spend some weekends doing nothing other than what I LOVE 💕
Why? Because I refuse to stay stagnant, I refuse to believe that this is the best my life is going to get and I will NOT sit back and watch time pass when I can be making the changes NOW.
It’s not about perfect. It’s about effort. And when you bring that effort EVERY SINGLE DAY, that’s where transformation happens. That how change occurs💗

Early morning workout (think 5 am) and part included another attempt at catching up! Runners Crunch and Reverse Table Crunch and Sweep #sweata40days #sweataday @shauna_harrison

It's time to fire up that core! Check out REV's top five core moves on the blog because everyone needs more core work (link in profile)! 🔥💪

#sweata40days catch up. To be honest I forgot the days but I think I got all the moves.

@shauna_harrison #SWEATADAY #sweatadayfam #workoutwednesday

No special pose needed. This booty has always popped by itself. 😳
I always used to think it was a curse having a bigger booty than most of my girlfriends. I always wanted the thin legs that they had.
Little did I know I’d grow to appreciate it and all the strength I’ve built in my lower body.
You can definitely put the work in to make changes. Don’t feel like you’re stuck anywhere because of how you’re naturally built. If you have goals, go after them!
But don’t forget to also embrace and love the bod you’ve been given in the process. 🙏🏼💕

Walk the Side Plank.
At 10 degrees this a.m. ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️
It felt like 4 degrees. This is my second time ever getting to do #sweataday in the snow so I had to get out there. Of course the snow has already melted in most areas today. 😔 #sweata40days

Rotational Throw.
I don’t have a medicine ball but a Steph Curry basketball 🏀 did the trick. Thanks to my girls I also have a King 👑 James basketball to choose from. 😂 #sweata40days #sweataday

Day 18 of #Yogannagetfit
Check out @missbcross for a non-equipment variation

Toe stand leg extension

I am using a @trxtraining for this one

Stand on the left leg, the right one raised upwards, arms raised upwards, grasp TRX in front of your body, palms together – single leg squat.

Use a medium-length TRX, heel of the stance leg on the ground, back straight, engage butt muscles
Do 5 reps and repeat on the other side or alternate between legs

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Day 3 in da BOOKS!! Cardio ✅ Love my LIVE workout buddies!!!
Watch my story above

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