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A mental Transformation Tuesday 💡
Growing up until about mid way through hs I was told by other girls how lucky I was that, "You're so skinny!, "Since you're tall you can't even tell if you put on weight", "I wish my metabolism was that fast!". Eventually, everyone else developed boobs or grew into their wider hips and started looking like women. Yours truly held onto her knobby knees, never truly needed to wear a bra, and couldn't gain weight for the life of her. ◽️
It was really hard for me to ever feel sexy. I was typically described as "cute", "pretty", or "girl next door" esque. I didn't eat well and only did cardio, so I was skinny but still felt soft. Once I started lifting I tightened and created curves, but that doesn't change everything.
There is a limit to what working out can do. I usually shift into a pose that makes me look a bit curvier, like the one on the left, but I've gotten to a point where I can also be comfortable with how my body looks in it's natural state.
◽️ I am not confident in my skin because I believe there is still progress I can make in the gym that will make my hips wider, rib cage smaller, or boobs grow a few cups. These are things I've learned to accept. ◽️
The gym can never completely shift the mental way you see yourself. It can help a lot to create physical change, but if you repeat to yourself everyday that you hold too much weight in your lower half, or your shoulders are too broad, or you're shaped like a box-you will never come to terms that, THAT IS HOW YOUR BODY IS. Embrace your bone structure, where your body holds fat, and your differences because the way you are built is beautiful💓
Leggings are from @tilyoucollapse and les be honest, high waisted leggings help bring the confidence up a lil too😂code "FAITH" saves you $$ #LoveYourself #YoureBeautiful PC: @janelleleatherman

A healthy outside starts on the inside. I literally can't tell you enough how important nourishing your body is. It impacts how you feel mentally, emotionally and physically. I thought I'd share a little more about my story for any new #TeamLSF girls ❤️ I don't talk much about what a dark place I was in before changing my lifestyle. Yes I was overweight (+45lbs), but there were way bigger issues there. On the outside to most I probably seemed fine, but I was far from it. I was actually a mess and masked it as well as I could until I couldn't. Food was something I turned to to give me a momentary fix. The downside was I always ended up worse off because I'd tear myself down for repeating the same behaviors I knew led to the same anger, frustration and depression. I was a lot of prayer and a hard conversation with my dad that finally made everything click.
If you don't change what you do, nothing will change. It can be easier said then done, but you have to be willing to take the first step. You don't have to leap. Baby steps are ok. Just start moving. Start making changes you know will positively impact your life. We all know the ones that make us feel like crap and it's easy to get caught in that cycle, but it has to stop somewhere. You deserve to have it stop!
I'm so blown away by how excited you all are for the new guide! I created this to help take the work and stress out of making those changes. You don't have to try to figure out what works because I've already been through that and am sharing everything I know. Making small changes can create an incredible transformation from the inside out. I know you are going to love this new Guiltless Nutrition | Lifestyle & Recipe Book! If you're ready for a lifestyle makeover and haven't checked it out yet, click the link in my bio 👆🏻

Work Harder 🖤
📸 @harpendenstudios
PT @haider_m

Sometimes you feel like you giving it your all every ounce left in you you feel drained but you always got to reach down deep within that inner strength at all times no matter what the situation is and "GET IT"
S/O @angelikahedenstrom 🏋🏋🌐🌍🌐
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Looking unwell next to the tanned and shredded @daniel_knust_definition after an amazing podcast that will continue to motivate me for many sessions and business ventures to come.
Stay tuned for the amazing podcast in the next couple of days! @LClinkpodcast

Went to this awesome new Pilates studio today but I got home tonight and FOMO of not doing IMC, so got it done!!! Booty burner💥 Day 26/40 and we're killing it ladies!!!! Your daily posts are encouraging and @tracyjanemcneal our fearless leader bringing us encouragement daily in her posts! 💕💕💕💕 @tracyandersonmethod @bcrfcure #bcrfcure #movetocure #pray #breastcancerawareness #strong #strongwomen #onedayatatime #accountability #consistency #exercise #workout #sweat #cardio #bööty #fit #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitgirl #exercise #streaming #tam #tamily #tracyandersonmethod #spreadlove #bekind #love #workouttime #40daychallenge #pink #october #pilates

Kids put up some Halloween decorations!!

Sometimes it just ends up being right in front of you. #blueprintathleticshop

Today was a good one. I looooooveeeee speed! Cardio! Anything that has to do with me running. Heart rate up!!! Get it! #t25 #speed2point0#workout#sweat#yaaassss

#thankfultuesday and we are so happy to announce that our restock shipment will be on its way SOON!! We appreciated everyone's patience during this time and we couldn't be more appreciative of the orders that have been coming through even with us being sold out 🙏
We truly have the best supporters and we are so incredibly thankful again and again for all the love and support we are seeing with all the #IG stories & shares 💕😊
Keep a look out for our emails as we can expect orders to be fulfilled later next week 👏🙌
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For anyone else whose been on the fence about trying our product... be sure to order yours now while we replenish our stock! With Christmas just around the corner... you will want to secure yours now!! #christmasgift #perfectpresent
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|Athl: @gabstoomuch @xtinegk katie Vaugh, John Zhang, Dawnyelle, Juan and Blue Tank
|Train: @jeromehaywood99 | *Monday nights 7pm are here to stay! This crew crushed it last night. Don't miss Circuit Training with @jeromehaywood99 if you want to get your week on a healthy path!
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✨Ok here we are!
✨This was really tough to post, like really really hard but I know it could potentially help someone and I am aaall about that life
✨Some background info: on the left was 3 weeks out from my comp, I was roughly 48ish kg and I got down to roughhhly just under 7% body fat.
✨What I am trying to wrap my head around is the fact that the body on the left is not maintainable or healthy for me. I've mentioned before how taxing comp prep is, I basically manipulated my metabolism into getting my body to where it was.
✨Post comp it's important to follow a "reverse diet", your body is in an optimal position for storing body fat, it wants to hold onto everything just in case you decide to deplete it again (sort of like starvation mode on crack). If you don't increase your intake slowly, it can lead to gaining a significant amount of body fat in a very short amount of time and can lead to severe metabolic damage.
✨This post is getting really long and really educational so I'll settle down a bit and get to the point
✨Yes, I'm not lean anymore but I feel great. I am happier and I am healthier, I am going out to eat with my family and friends, I am able to participate fully at birthdays and special occasions, I have SO much more energy, I feel stronger at the gym, training is more enjoyable, I am 1000% less scatterbrained and I am just all round enjoying life a lot more.
✨For a while I struggled, I am softer and I am fluffier and I felt worthless and unattractive and I was scared of what people would think.
✨What I am slowly realising though is that my outward appearance does not determine my value. My worth doesn't depend on whether I am lean or not. There are so many more important things to be worried about and there are so many more pros to this weight gain thing than there are cons.
✨My new plans are to get to a place of balance, I will be focusing on continuing to make some serious gains and while I would like to reach a happy medium between these photos which will involve losing some of this body fat, I will not put myself down or feel any less in the process.
#feelingmyself #everystepoftheway #staytuned

When we are chasing success, we will obviously run into many failures. Most of them are brief. What would the world be if the sun never set??? If we never had darkness, we could not fully appreciate the light.
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The majority of my teenage and young adolescent years were plagued by low self-esteem and an inadequate sense of self-worth. The cause? Dangerously poor self-image. It's amazing (and sad) how your self-image can affect your self-confidence and subsequently your relationship with others.

The notion that your self-worth is correlated to your physical appearance is ridiculous but, alas, society is to blame for that. My concern is, with the prominence of social media, this is now exponentially worse.

I know that once I found my confidence, my entire paradigm shifted and my life changed. Ultimately this is why I started VN Vigor. I strive to help others find their confidence and will do this by showing them that it's their ability to perform and not their body shape or size that's important. This is the essence of health and fitness. This is the essence of VN Vigor.

As for me, am I perfect? Far from it. Am I the ideal [insert criteria]? It depends on whose lens you're looking through. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter. I'm confident with the person that I've become.
📷 @thekingjmj

Now we're cooking! Training going amazingly well. Crossfit and bodybuilding 😁👌💪
Thankful for having such a supportive and loving gf ❤ thank you Storm

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