A while back I made this mini-quilt for my secret partner @silort_on_flickr. It (finally) arrived to her all the way in Brazil! It took seemingly forever, but arrived just in time as she sits at the bedside of a very ill loved one and she said it brought a moment of happiness to her sadness. Can everyone please lift her and her family up in thoughts and prayers during this challenging time? Thanks!! #xojessica #swapgooseflock

Look what flew out of my mailbox today! #geeseswap #swapgooseflock It's beautiful 😍 @arlenemdebuck thank you so much for sharing your time and talent! I love it!

OMG πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’•πŸ’• look at this beauty!!! I was so hoping for this mini from the minute I saw it! I just love everything about it! The colors are so vibrant πŸ’•πŸ’•. Thank you so much @silort_on_flickr I really πŸ’• your work. @shoppershaz_swaphost mark me as happily received!
#happymail #swapgooseflock #geeseswap #flyinggeesequilt #miniquilt

This beauty was waiting for me, once we returned home from a family funeral in North Carolina. My sadness turned into joyful/thankful tears.
I can't tell you how many times I stalked this beauty and hoped and prayed that it would make its way to Florida! The back is just as beautiful as the front. @sewsmall_by_zsofia It's absolutely perfect! I'm one very lucky girl. Thank you!!!
#geeseswap #swapgooseflock #flyinggeese #happymail #sewtherainbow #luckygirl #iwonthelottery

Hey Kate @katabeau --look what flew to my house!! My #swapgooseflock mini arrived!! Absolutely perfect colors and style. All those tiny geese!! I SO appreciate your time and talent, Kate. It will be up on my wall before the weekend is out. It's absolutely great!! Thanks so much ❣ #geeseswap

I received this gorgeous mini quilt from @khallagan for the #gooseswap 😍
I love it! Colorful & bright, playful & modern β€πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’— Thank you so much for sharing your talent with me! It even fits into the perfect spot on my wall!

#swapgooseflock #miniquilt

@erinhmqvist wowza!!! You're gorgeous many arrived yesterday and I couldn't be more delighted. Colors are perfect the feather fabric is adorable and your craftsmanship impeccable! #geeseswap mark me happily received! #swapgooseflock

Oh wow! I finally got home and opened my #geeseswap #swapgooseflock mini from @gail.colleen. I love it so much! Bright yummy colors, linen background, wavy line quilting - Gail stalked me well indeed! Mark me very happily #geeseswapreceived!

Sad goose... Still no mini quilt in the mail... Will my partner please check her tracking number?? #geeseswap #swapgooseflock

This one is flying it's way to its new home. I hope you like it partner! #geeseswapcomplete #geeseswap #swapgooseflock

My #geeseswap #swapgooseflock from Cynthia @cynreaves58 arrived! I love @katarinaroccella I love #flyinggeese I love #logcabin blocks, so basically it's perfect for me! I love the pattern and the colors and the quilting and the binding! Thank you, Cynthia for such beautiful work! πŸ’— I will truly treasure this!
I've also posted the mini I made for this swap, since I never showed the whole thing!

Look at this AWESOME mini @manda.made sent me for the #geeseswap #swapGOOSEflock I πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– IT!

@tortiepoints I love it! You are amazing...I can't believe how much thought you put into it from the colors and fabrics to the design. You're the best! #swapgooseflock #geeseswap #geeseswapreceived

@quiltingrage I love it!!!! The ombre' gives it such a fabulous effect. Thank you so much for waiting patiently for me to get home from all my recent adventures..... I know it is torture to wait😘😘😘😘 #swapgooseflock #geeseswap

Best happy mail of all, a FAB #geeseswap #swapgooseflock mini!!! Liberty(!!!!!) and all that beautiful handwork and hand quilting!!! It spectacular @saphre1964 I love it!!!

I received this amazing mini in the mail today! I'm sooooo happy!! It's absolutely beautiful. Thank you @leah4837 the colors are wonderfulβ€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’– The picture does not do it justice! #geeseswap #swapgooseflock

Thanks so much, Susan @brown_eyedsusie for the beautiful #geeseswap mini! I love the design, the colors and the quilting. It's perfect! Thank you! ❀️ #swapgooseflock

My partner @meg_mccord nailed it! Thank you! I absolutely ❀❀it! 😍😊😊#geeseswap #swapgooseflock

It's here, it's here! And oh, my gosh, I love it! @lnweidner - this is amazing! I love the sleek simplicity of this modern design, and the colors are perfect! This will be finding a home in my work cubicle! @shoppershaz_swaphost - please mark me very happily received!
. . .
#swapGOOSEflock #geeseswap #miniquilt

I'm a lucky girl! @daffyodil from Alaska made me this beautiful rainbow geese quilt and I love it!! Now to decide where to hang it...thanks @daffyodil! #xojessica #geeseswap #swapgooseflock

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