A zombie style au that may have a part 2 idk.
Backstory: ▪ This is set after Daniel has returned. They find out that the reason he has his aggressive outbursts is because bringing back the dead can not fully awaken them. However, in their place a human killing machine is left. When injured in any way by such creatures you too become one of them. Of course Regina was blinded by her first love and fell ill herself. Unfortunately she isn't the only one who has been infected.
Should I do a part 2??

How I be looking at my wife who doesn't know she's my wife 😻🔥 @lparrilla Mwah 💋

Goodnight Oncers. I'll be back with posts once I've sobered up a bit 😂 Don't forget to vote on my story if you want a day of Smutt or Fluff tomorrow ❤

Holiday fun.
I'm glad I finally had the time to finish this even if it turned out crap 😂
Qotp: How often do you die over your ships???

Look at the love in their eyes. Holyyyy molyyyy 🙈.

Miss Swan being defensive over her wife.

My BROTP talking about my OTP 👅

I'm aware this post will get mixed reactions but it's only meant as a joke

Reginas face be like bitch me too.

I said what I said.

I want a full list of what Lana has read.
I've got 49 aus to make so don't think they're gonna stop anytime soon.

Between her legs being one.

Goodnight all ❤

Dominant Mills is out to play.

E: "Can I do anything to help?"
R: "No, I'll be okay dear."
E: "Do you want to be alone?"
R: "Not if I don't have to be."
E: "I don't have anywhere I'd rather be."
R: "Okay...*sniffles* thank you."
E: "Don't thank me silly!"
{Just a lil 5 minute manip and a sneak peak at my next instagram fic}

No more hate. Let people ship what they wanna ship. Let people stan who they wanna stan. Let people appreciate things and show love in their own way. Being that we all watch this show about fantasies there is no crime in letting people have their own. Stop with the ship hate.. the oncer hate. #shiplove #oncerlove

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