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Primeira com o novo cabelo , obrigado pela moral @montovani_vitor @fagundesbarbearia
#newhair #swaggystyle

Pretty stoked for this guy! Such a down to earth kid, well done on the win Finn! Glad to be part of your journey over the years coaching you and your bro @jack1les all those summers!! At a young age, I could really see Finn had something special going on as his cornering was like he was on rails!!! 😀🤘👊✊ pic- @maddogboris
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Мои заи😍😘❤💋 #селфи#smile #swaggystyle #явдрова

#selfie #smie #swaggystyle #l4l👍 #instagood music.ly👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼Ania Sysoeva

Long hair 😚 love it lol #goodday #swaggystyle

С Днем Рождения, @vetashostak97 🎁🎉🎂👯 #selfie #smail #swaggystyle #явдрова


Don't interrupt me.

We up.
A week ago we launched our screwdriver sets for sale at @thebigwonderful at @ohheystanley. A lot of times small brands say "we" to make themselves sound bigger than they are. I did that when I started out. But now, when I say we, I'm referring to the family, friends, the maker community, and everyone else I love that goes into what 'we' do.
We is my family supporting me my entire life.
We is the hands and hearts at @winter_session that are brilliant in design, craftsmanship and as a business.
We is encouragement from @1000thingstodoindenver to #MIFH. We is local brands like @nativeclutter @bigskysupply @huckleberryroasters @topodesigns @methodroasters @berkeleysupply @svperordinarydnvr @knottytie @omerica_organic @aaronpettijohn @megamobco @conwayectric @jackludlam @jmftindustries that have encouraged or inspired me in some way.
We is love from from @ftgreenebar @eljonesy12 @amber_feltlikeit @jordanlawver @mo_car @andyyi @_csh @pdiddypics @lee.mayfield @gedaechtnis @blakeguilford
We is many more. We is @neighborsupply


Biraz dusun ben boyle giyinirsem podyumda yurur gibi yurursem bu Belieberlarim kalp krizi gecirir mi gecirmez mi diye yazik degil mi bize @justinbieber -duru #swaggystyle #swag #juss #juzzy

Primeira com o novo cabelo , obrigado pela moral @montovani_vitor @fagundesbarbearia
#newhair #swaggystyle

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