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Vote for your favorite Defense Attorney who goes against Barba. You CAN vote OTHER if you prefer another attorney. You can only vote for one! Duplicate votes do not count. Thanks again to @svu.16th.precinct for the survey question. Got one you’d like to ask? DM me!
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martha plimpton lives, breathes, eats, sleeps, IS anti-consumerism chic in this ep of svu. was her character a drug addict who was found with a LITERAL dead baby’s severed finger in her purse & that’s why she’s nailing her aesthetic so hard? SURE. does that mean she’s not REPRESENTING baby bangs in full force? OF COURSE NOT. was her chemistry with ice t so palpable that she won an emmy for it? ABSOLUTELY. is this one of my favorite eps? DEF.
S3E21 | denial | 5.3.02

pick me up off the floor bc mary steenburgen, my underrated, academy award winning QUEEN, knocked me cold out with her cut👏🏻ting👏🏻 portrayal of a narcissistic mother who killed two children & abused the other. also paging @intothegloss for an in-depth feature on mary’s skincare routine bc this bitch hasn’t aged a day since 2002!
S3E21 | denial | 5.3.02

wow wow we wow nepotism nellie rears her ugly head ONCE AGAIN. reports say that richard belzer pulled some strings to get his cousin a guest spot on svu without one single audition! & TBQH this is v unsettling as john munch is our collective moral compass on this show & in our lives #WWJMD #svtrue
S3E20 | greed | 4.26.02

back in 2014, I took a “which broad city character are you” quiz & got judith light the dog. so as you can imagine, I’ve felt a v distinct kinship with bureau chief turned judge elizabeth donnelly. just like her canine counterpart, she is the smartest, toughest, baddest bitch that we all aspire to be!
S3E18 | guilt | 3.29.02

hidden cameras what? dead rats who? after a couple of run ins with a stalker/rapist, emily deschanel is as strong & composed as her perfectly coiffed hair. no one’s going to stand in the way of her moment! now throw on a strong liner & lean in honey!
S3E17 | surveillance | 3.8.02

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