I thought I've put this up already.. I guess I didn't.. super late post -__-".. but anyways.. I had a wonderful and blessed day with all my friends.. family.. brothers and sisters in christ.. this is one of the best ONFIRE I've attended this year.. it was something to be very excited about at first.. and god threw a curve ball at me of somthing that really touched my heart.. I came out there enlightened and actually feeling the presents of what onfire is than before.. I hope my family had the same thing too.. get a kick out of it.. but I love to see the joy in everyone's faces.. love you guys.. remember.. for guys stay holy and handsome.. and the ladies be blessed and beautiful.. wish more can come for next years onfire 2015.. it will be a blast!.. til then take care and God bless 😊 ARE YOU GUYS ON... FIRE!?!? #NorCalOnFire #OnFire2014 #SVFYAG #SVFYG #DiscoveryKingdom #StVincentFerrer

Mighty Ducks!! I'm happy through out the Koinonia Cup event 2014.. We stay strong.. live.. laugh.. love and pray though out the whole day.. with all the games and challenges in front of us.. we push it through.. we all came out safe towards the end.. and thats all what matters to me.. no matter what place we take.. we praise and we thank you our Lord.. out of everything.. bringing us together and stronger makes us feel like Champions.. I love you guys.. and im proud in each and every one of you.. we did it!!.. til then take care and God bless 😊 QUACK QUACK QUACK!!!.. #MightyDucks #Quack #StVincentFerrerYoungAdults #SVFYAG #Blessed #KoinoniaCup2014

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