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I record and mix in sacred ritual space.... who doesn't?
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Człowiek podziemny #svartalfheim

J'ai choisi de poser petit #svartalfheim magnifique par dessus du #navy tout aussi magnifique de #kurebazaar . Et ce n'est que peu dire qu'ils matchent bien, ces 2 coquins.
Un cocktail de 2 de mes #marques favorites
Et ce #bleunuit si profond 😍


I record and mix in sacred ritual space.... who doesn't?
#recording #sacredmusic #svartalfheim #runes


In the #Norse #Eddas #Thor's wife #Sif was wronged by the trickster god #Loki. To save himself from a painful death, Loki agreed to visit #Svartalfheim and bring back magnificent gifts for all the #gods. This #painting is my interpretation of the story how #Thor, #Odin, #Sif, and the other gods received their #magical devices.

Now you can have this magnificent original painting in your own home.
The painting is a combination of six 4"x 4" canvases, each square with a different scene of the Edda poem, painted by Danny Korves with acrylic paints. The backing board is made of the finest plywood, stained and sealed by hand.

Buy this one of a kind painting of the #Norse #mythology now before someone else gets it.

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Explanation of *the nine realms* (nine world)of*Yggdrasil tree*Or *world tree*:
Realm number(5):
*SVARTÁLFHEIM(R)*: In Norse mythology,svartálfar was realm of *DWARVES* or called *MYRKÁLFR*(dark elves, dusky elves,murky elves)that was created from the worms that came out of *YMIR* 's body(Ymir was the first creature in skandinavia mythology).The *DARK ELVES* hate sun, in result their realm was beneath the Ground and among rocks.they had an ugly face and for humans they were troublingly and they were described as an Annoyingly. In simple word, they were nothing but Troublingly. So many norses imagined that*DARK ELVES* responsible for their nightmare. In northerns' view, these elves were called*MADIAN*Madians sitted on a persons chest and whispered bad dreams in a persons ears.
توضیح نه قلمرو(نه جهان)*درخت یگدراسیل*یا همان *درخت جهانی*:
قلمرو شماره(5):
*سوارت آلفهایم*:
(به زبان نروژی باستان: Svartálfar) دراساطیر اسکاندیناوی،یکی از نه بخش جهان درکیهان‌شناسی نورس،سرزمین *دووارف‌ها*که برخی مواقع به آن‌ها (*میلکَلفار*،*الف های تاریکی*، اِلف های مبهم ،اِلف های تیره*) نیز می‌گویند،که از کرم‌های خارج شده از گوشت *یمیر*(اولین مخلوق در اساطیر اسکاندیناوی)بوجود آمده‌است. *اِلف‌های تاریکی* از خورشید بیزار بودند در نتیجه قلمرو آن‌ها در زیرزمین و لا‌به‌لای سنگ‌ها بود.آن‌ها ظاهری زشت داشتند و برای انسان‌ها موجبات دردسر بودند و به عنوان موجوداتی بسیار آزاردهنده توصیف شده‌اند.به بیان ساده‌تر آن‌ها چیزی جز دردسر نبودند.بسیاری از نورس‌ها تصور می‌کردند *اِلف‌های تاریکی* مسئول کابوس‌هایشان هستند.از دید شمالی‌ها به این نوع اِلف‌ها *مادیان*می‌گفتند. مادیان‌ها بر روی سینهٔ فرد در حال خواب می‌نشستند و رویاهای بد را در گوش فرد زمزمه می‌کردند.

Am 11.07. ist es soweit. Svart Alfheim und die beschleunigte Welt haben begonnen zu verschmelzen. Yui wird in diesem Chaos vermisst. Kirito muss nun die Sieben Könige der reinen Farbe aus der beschleunigten Welt herausfordern um Yui zu finden. In diesem Krieg der zwei Welten prallen Spieler aus beiden Welten aufeinander. Yui muss befreit werden. Schaffst Du es? #bravosport #accelworld #bandai #bandainamco #swordart #yui #svartalfheim #anime

Svartalfheim coming to life, once again.

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#NIDAVELLIR #SVARTALFHEIM Apparently based on a misunderstanding of the stanza in Völuspá, Snorri says that “Sindri” is the name of the dwarves’ hall. Snorri also includes Sindri and Nidavellir in his Christian-influenced descriptions of the Norse afterlife and the apocalypse, adding yet another layer of unnecessary confusion.[3] This serves as a reminder that Snorri and his Prose Edda can’t be taken at face value as providing reliable information about Viking Age beliefs and practices.

Unfortunately, then, we know only the vaguest outlines of what the Vikings thought the homeland of the dwarves was like.

#NIDAVELLIR #SVARTALFHEIM NIDAVELLIR/SVARTALFHEIM In Old Norse literature, the home of thedwarves is called either Nidavellir (pronounced “NID-uh-vell-eer;” Old Norse Niðavellir, “Low Fields” or “Dark Fields”) or Svartalfheim (pronounced “SVART-alf-hame;” Old NorseSvartálfaheimr, “Homeland of the Black Elves”). The dwarves are master smiths and craftsmen who live beneath the ground. Accordingly, Nidavellir or Svartalfheim was probably thought of as a labyrinthine, subterranean complex of mines and forges.

If either of these names is the “original” one – the name that the Vikings used to refer to the dwarves’ homeland – it’s probably Nidavellir. While both names occur only in relatively late and problematic sources, the first source to use the term “Nidavellir” (the poemVöluspá, “The Prophecy of the Seeress”) is older than the first (and only) source to use the term “Svartalfheim” (Snorri Sturluson’s Prose Edda). The Völuspá has this (and only this) to say about Nidavellir:

There stood in the north
In Nidavellir
The golden hall
Of Sindri’s family.[1]

The directions “north” and “downward” were commonly associated with each other in Old Norse literature, and master craftsmen renowned for their work with precious metals would naturally build exquisite halls for themselves, so this description is probably based on authentic material from the Viking Age. (Sindri is a dwarf mentioned elsewhere in Old Norse literature.) Snorri’s descriptions of Svartalfheim, however, are much more confused. For one thing, he – and only he – calls the dwarves “black elves” (svartálfar ordøkkálfar).[2] While the boundaries between the different kinds of demigod-like beings were quite blurry in the Viking Age, Snorri’s terminology just introduces an additional and unnecessary layer of complication. The name “Svartalfheim” is an extension of his invented terminology.

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