Not that we condone hanging out of moving trains....but it does look fun! 😎⠀

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#rainforests #trees sometimes have #buttress roots like this one in the #lush #tropicalgardens of @sundypraia resort on the #mystic #principeisland in #westafrican waters.

Bhutan, Land of the Thunder Dragon. Bhutan sounds exotic, mystical, almost otherworldly. Well, it feels that way too. Bhutan is such a joy to travel to, this country straddling the Himalayas. Bhutan is less affected by modern civilization than other countries but that is beginning to change. If you want to see Bhutan before it gets to be modernized, visit now. It is a feast for the eyes and and eye opening cultural experience. Explore the dzongs, marvel at the Himalayas, eat chilies and cheese, learn about Buddhism, and have one of the most unique travel experiences of your life. “Travel now before you run out of time”. #travelbhutan #tourists #holiday #traveler #travel #tour #trip #traveltips #familyvacation #destinationwedding #honeymoon #adventure #grouptravel #allinclusive #ecotourism #travelgood #travelbetter #sustainabletravel #instatravel #bhutandyangadventure #destination #tourism #traveling #luxurytravel #getaway #seetheworld

Forgot to pack a hat on your trip to the desert? No problem! Visitors to Project Wadi Attir can enjoy tours of the site in shaded comfort with the recent addition of four shaded way-stations. They're the perfect place to learn about the history and development of the project from our experienced guides, while taking in the beautiful views of the expanse of the Negev 🏜

As part of their mission to empower local communities and preserve the natural environment, our friends at @offseasonadventures are giving away a free 11-day trip to Tanzania! You'll have the opportunity to visit Zanzibar, three Northern Tanzania National Parks, explore the culture of indigenous tribes, and descend into the Ngorongoro Crater.

Only 2 days left to enter for your chance to win - see @offseasonadventures link in bio for more info!

Jeg og Liv tok en liten impulstur til København, og beviste at vi kan reise både grønt (tok tog - gikk kjempefint), lett (sekken på ryggen her og en liten reisevogn var alt vi tok med for tre dager), og alene med baby 👌🌱. Vi har storkost oss! Heiet på lillebror @thevjen som vant Nordic Trading Competition, sett på bruktklær, bøker, bibliotek og alle de grønne lungene i byen vi kunne finne! 📚🌵🌳 #sustainabletravel

Living outside is the best thing I know 🌿🌊 .
Life on the road is a lot slower. There is more time to think and just be, and usually no phone signal. I am usually a very busy person so taking the time to adjust to the slower life is sometimes hard, but so worth it. I am so happy to be spending my days hiking, climbing, reading, cooking, and doing all my favourite things on the road. I realise living outside is good for me, I need it. 💚
Happy weekend! How are you spending your time off? Do you enjoy living outside and camping?🌏
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A couple of days ago I conducted a poll on travel & the environment on my Instagram stories - thank you to everyone who took part!

It’s obviously not based on a representative sample (there were around 60 respondents in total & not everyone answered all the questions) but it’s interesting nevertheless - and at times, quite surprising!

First, I wanted to know if you felt guilty about flying: 38% said they did, while 62% didn’t. Next, I asked whether you were going to reduce the amount you fly because of climate change: a large majority (67%) said no. What I found particularly interesting, however, was that about one third of those who said they did NOT feel guilty about flying were nevertheless part of the minority (33%) who said they would cut down on their flights. It seems that guilt is not a prerequisite for action, nor does it automatically lead to it, either.

I also wanted to know whether you consider some reasons for flying more acceptable than others - 72% said they did. I then proposed different scenarios, asking you to choose which of the two activities was the better reason for flying. First, I compared work and holidays, and this was the biggest surprise for me: 62% said holiday is the more acceptable reason.

Next, I asked you to compare flying for work to flying to visit family, with 89% agreeing that latter was the more acceptable one. (Maybe the cute photo of me with my grandma meant nobody wanted to say work? 😅✨) Last, I asked you to choose between flying for work or flying for a special occasion - 76% thought that special occasions beat business travel.

Ideally, the poll would have also included the option “neither”, and had more different scenarios (and used a random sample, and explained the concepts, and been up for more than 24h, and and and.. please excuse the social scientist in me 😂) but as I said, I think it’s quite interesting as it stands. What do you think? Does any of it surprise you?

The beauty of nature can be found in each of our wallets and cardholders. Taken sustainably from the earth and capable of being returned. A full circle. True sustainability with zero waste. #olivercompanylondon

Every minute, the equivalent of one garbage truck full of plastic is dumped into the ocean. @surfridersandiego and @hiltonnewsroom are trying to change that. With the help of volunteers from around the world, plastics and other trash that end up on the beach are being picked up and responsibly disposed of. If you have a day or just a couple of hours help them keep our beaches and ocean enjoyable for all. 🗑 🏖

(Unbezahlte Werbung wegen Markierung)Today we visited the organic coffee farm „Finca Agroturistica La Milagrosa“ in Boquete. A perfect place for coffelovers! ☕️ 😍. 🌿#panama #coffee #naturelovers #explore #kaffee #nature #adventurer #naturaleza #boquete #naturephotography #travel #travelblogger #arabica #geishacoffee

The first stop on our tour is Delhi, where we will visit a non-profit cut + sew factory. After taking a tour of the facility our travelers will get to meet some of the ladies, ask questions, and learn about their stories. This is what fair trade is all about!

Are you longing for Bali and some of the tropical good vibes? Warm yourself with a nice cup of Bali tea! Pick any of the herbs you can find nearby, like ginger, turmeric, lemongrass and rosella. Sit back, and enjoy!🍵
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The taste of Cala Luna is the taste of wellness, because Pura Vida applies to all the senses. #CalaLunaPuraVida #CostaRica

It’s been a long time since I sat at the window, so I even forgot to peek outside until we almost landed. I forgot how amazing the view is from up there. Makes me want to jump right on a plane again. 😍
Did you know though that aviation has an enormous negative environmental impact? And that those beautiful skies may soon not be so beautiful anymore?
I love to travel to far and distant places, but also want to become more conscious about it.. so how do you travel? And what’s your next destination? 😀

Making magic at Fellow Member @naypalad, this is another creation by the incredible @danielpouzet. The treehouse is part of the array of activities available for children.
Guests here at the Siargao Island hideaway in the Philippines experience nature with thief loved ones in barefoot luxury. The design sits in harmony with the wild surroundings and culture of Siargao while a sustainable ethos interweaves the entire experience. 📷: @artonsefa
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