Remember to reuse this weekend and forgo the disposables - Good On You for helping end single use waste in our lifetime.

LATE NIGHT COFFE - LAMP LIGHT & CREATIVE THOUGHTS ☁️ #simpleliving #winterishere #oatmilklatte #vegan #plantbased #sustainablesolutions #zerowastechristmas

God has so blessed the works of @marvelleessentialnaturals creations to the point we keep being out of stock alongside giving a healthy boost to every man,woman, boy, girl our products come in contact with. If you haven't stocked up yet, you need to asap before the festive season falls on you for a better you.
The digits to ring are +234 706 460 5998

Listen to the podcast from @beerbusters . Interview with Murthy on this podcast. Link in profile!

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We rarely talk about it because we always try to focus on the positive and the hope in every situation , but the women we work with live in the slums of Kigali. The dirt pathways beside and around their homes, which would be equivalent to our lawns, backyards and sidewalks, carry open sewage ridden with parasites and disease. Climate change has taken a horrific toll on these communities who already deal with unthinkable burdens. If we don’t all come together to create and support sustainable solutions to these problems so many families will suffer the unimaginable. Next week is Thanksgiving, which is the perfect opportunity to give as an act of gratitude, kindness and love. Please join us in creating solutions to the rising problems these families face - to the problems Humanity faces - by extending an act of kindness and supporting our programs today ❤️ 📸 @lifedezigned .
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Got all my little soldiers in a row ready for this week’s Zero Waste diy workshops. You are still on time to join us at Dove Studios in Chelsea, London for talks, exchange and making your own products. Book on www.dove-studios.com. Looking forward to meeting you!😊♻️🙏🏼
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Makellos? Nicht mit uns. Wir nutzen für unseren ReBlock gerne benutzes Papier aller Art - egal ob bunt oder weiß, mit oder ohne Loch, groß oder klein.

Picture by @byrawpixel

Entrepreneurship, a way to make a change 👁
For @marcgusilsprax, @chacunsoncafe CEO « Luxury isn’t about buying a new handbag anymore, but about the meaning we put into our lives. New generations have different dreams, they are looking for purpose. World population is growing so fast that we can legitimately imagine that luxury will shortly be about accessing to natural resources.
⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀
Taking the lead at @chacunsoncafe was a way for me to act with purpose. Standing against coffee pods in 2006 was too soon but today, consumers are ready to hear what we have to say and are slowly moving from pods to beans.
It’s our mission to show people there is a way to act differently. We drink more than 2 billion cups daily in the world, which means the footprint of our daily consumption is a real issue we need to deal with. Each of us is unique. But our actions are universal and every effort counts. »
Entreprendre pour éveiller les consciences 👁
Pour @marcgusilsprax, CEO de @chacunsoncafe « Le luxe ne réside plus dans un sac à main supplémentaire, mais dans le sens que l’on donne à sa vie. Si l’on regarde les rêves de notre jeunesse et que l’on observe l’évolution de la démographie, on peut légitimement imaginer que le luxe va rapidement résider dans l’accès aux matières premières.
C’est chaque jour 2 milliards de tasses de café qui sont consommées. On se rend bien compte que l’équation n’est pas tenable et qu’il est urgent de changer nos gestes pour réduire l’empreinte de notre consommation quotidienne.
Prendre la direction de Chacun Son Café répondait pour moi à des convictions fortes et sincères allant dans ce sens : celles que nous sommes des « change makers » qui travaillons à réduire l’usage unique de ressources polluantes : l’aluminium et le plastique pour du grain 100% biodégradable. Chaque geste compte et là est notre pouvoir ! » ⠀⠀⠀⠀

Wake up with a smooth creamy nitro infusion. Made possible by #NitroBrew kettle systems, infusion modules, or custom kegerator systems.
DM for a demo today!
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The cold snap triggered our Nameko Mushrooms 🍄 This delicious and highly medicinal mushroom is one of the most cultivated fungi in Japan 🇯🇵Renowned for it’s anti cancer compounds, it’s also a key ingredient in Miso Soup🍜 #kumpai #fungifactsfriday #fungipharm #mushroomfarmer #forestgrown #foodforest #eatwild #radicalmycology #permaculture #orenda #sustainablesolutions #ediblelandscapes

"East Kalimantan is a microcosm of the world’s sustainable development challenges. It is one of the wealthiest provinces in Indonesia both ecologically and economically, but logging, palm oil production, mining, and fires have taken a toll on Indonesia’s tropical rainforests over the past 30 years. This has threatened the stability of the country’s natural resource-based economy, eliminated species habitat, and compromised the ability of Indonesia’s forests to help combat climate change. To combat this, TNC and the government of Indonesia’s East Kalimantan Province created the Green Growth Compact in September 2017. This initiative brings together companies, government agencies, communities, and NGOs committed to working together to conserve forests, reduce emissions and advance sustainable economic growth. Through this work, TNC and Compact partners are successfully establishing a framework for similar efforts across Indonesia and around the world.” — Photo by @nickhallphoto
Source: @nature_org

@kidsinitiative is selling tickets again to this coming years Rotary Comedy Night featuring SEVEN comedians. This year the event will be held at @themetwpg which means we will have limited tickets to sell. Tickets are $30 ($15 of each ticket KIDS sells goes back to supporting our programs)! The event is being held on January 25, 2019, doors open at 6pm. If you would like to reserve tickets, contact us at info@kidainitiative.ca and we will arrange pick up/drop off. Don’t miss out!
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Bamboo cutlery is such a perfect solution.
Quick-growing, all-natural, organic is easy, anti-bacterial, durable and compostable. Use it hundreds of times then just chuck it in the garden - how good is that?!
Photo: @zerowastenerd
Shop Bamboo Cutlery Now | Link in Bio

Choose to Reuse ♻
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ • • •
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Clay pot irrigation is an ancient technique to water plants in arid and semi-arid conditions but really, works everywhere. 
An unglazed pot is being buried surrounded by plants. The water will slowly seep through the porous material, being released directly at the roots. There are several advantages to surface watering:
- saves water as evaporation is kept at a minimum
- plants can take up as much water as they need, they don´t have to be watered individually
- the pots don´t have to be filled every day
- less workload for farmers
- pots have lids, less likely for insects to thrive in stagnant water
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Did you know...?! Isn’t that insane?! So, instead of sending the regular holiday cards this year, @sendfrom.co is hand making and stamping postcards made out of upcycled ♻️ cardboard to send warm holiday wishes FROM you! @sendfrom.co is the one that upcycles the boxes from the big box stores...so shop local!!!

The Bluewater Pro allows professionals --hotels, offices, restaurants, lodges, and gyms-- to generate their own premium drinking water.

The Bluewater PRO 400 - turning any water into healthy drinking water. The perfect compact, high output purification unit for hotels, restaurants, households, safari lodges and offices. #bluewaterpro #bluewaterafrica

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