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➹ Questions of a thousand dreams, what you do and what you see
Lover, can you talk to me? ➹ #lyrics #inspire #livefreecasama

Made my own soup from scratch today! 🥣🥣Tastes just like Momma FFJ’s and perfect for a wintery night (it snowed again last night in Vancouver!). 💥I made a turkey broth a couple of weeks ago with leftover veggie scraps and turkey back/neck that I found on mega sale for $1.72. I was inspired by a few ladies from our #debtfreecommunity and used that broth to make noodle soup and froze the leftovers. 👌🏻🍜🦃🥕
💥Well today, I pulled out the leftovers and added in carrot sticks and celery (needed to be used up) and a few pork soup bones / Asian herbs and ta da! 🤗 All the items are either scraps or from my freezer so #pantrychallenge win! ✅ So flavourful and healthy... even Mr FFJ thinks it’s good and he’s picky with veggies. 🤦🏻‍♀️ •
I did think to myself if it was weird mixing in my turkey broth with my pork bones... but it tastes damn delicious. 🤤🤷🏻‍♀️

We will be heating this up for a couple of days and I’m probably going to make some rice noodles and make it into a noodle soup on the last night. It’ll be soooo flavourful from the reheating! •
#soupnewbie #frugalfunjourney #debtfreecommunity #nowaste #sustainableliving #pantrychallenge

It’s an exciting time when you own your property and can make innovative power saving upgrades.

Contact our friendly staff for your next project today!

Our Creative Director has spoken, her spring pick for the 2018 jewelry collection: Our hammered brass pendant with a beautifully cut sustainably sourced suede leather cord. Is she currrently wearing right now? Yes, yes she is.🌿
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Hey guys! I’m hosting my FIRST giveaway to celebrate 9K followers! I’m keeping it easy...so all you have to do to enter is:
1) Followe me on Instagram (if you are aren’t already)
2) Tag 3 friends that you think might enjoy my page
3) Like us on Facebook @TimOutbackDesigns
And that’s it!!!! Good luck and THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!
Winner will be picked randomly on 2/25
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#LiveTacoma ✌🏽

Now that Fran is back, I'm away! 😬 I'm in Paris for 10 days visiting my friends and this incredible city. I realize that when I'm with my friends here, sustainability is a common subject and a real concern. Sometimes it feels good to be like everyone else. 👽 🌱 @liliserra
Agora que a Fran voltou, quem está viajando sou eu! 😁 Essa semana estou em Paris passeando e revendo meus amigos. Quando estou aqui eu percebo que sustentabilidade é um assunto comum e uma preocupação geral. É muito gostoso estar rodeada por pessoas que valorizam as mesmas coisas que eu. Se sentir como todo mundo pode ser algo bem positivo... 👽 🌱

Breakfast situation this morning 😍 (feat. my sad looking fern #plantfail)
BUT - win of the day: Milk Lab almond milk. I bought some yesterday on a whim and lawdy it is life saving stuff! I can have dairy free coffee at home now hooray!! And yes, I colour coordinate my tea 😂🌈

Fleshing a rabbit pelt, removing any fat, flesh and membrane to reveal what will be the fine leather. This can be rather difficult process but is a necessary part of the tanning process and can prove to be difficult when working with thin pelts like rabbit. While living in Tasmania we bred rabbits for the table and there plush pelts are a bonus, this one has been frozen for a long time waiting to be processed.
#tanning #pelt #leather #fur #rabbitpelt #meatrabbit #selfsufficient #selfsufficientliving #selfsustaining #sustainableliving #homestead #oldskills #traditionalskills

3 cotton cloths infused with our recipe of beeswax, jojoba, coconut oil and pine resin. The perfect non-toxic way to preserve your food and eliminate single-use plastic in your kitchen. $25 with free postage within Aus. Please pm to place an order. ✌️

CHICKEN HEAVEN! These fluffly butts are from @SherryJanis! Thanks for letting me share them! <3<3<3 Photo credit: @SherryJanis Shared with Permission

Weekends mean farmer’s market and family time. 💚 Weekends should be longer. 3 days minimum. #mentalhealth #longerweekends #farmersmarket #vallejo #fresh #local #fruit #eatclean #eatrealfood #sustainableliving #noplastic #plasticfree #buylocal #4dayworkweek #familytime

Our last post was about hand crafted toys, however we also wanted to share this bargain buy from the markets on the weekend. It’s totally plastic but it’s second hand and we will be sure pass it on once Bubs has outgrown it. Look how happy he is!
#refusereuserecycle #thriftfinds #reuse #consciousconsumer #secondhandstuff #marketfinds #happybaby #ecojourney #zerowastejourney #notperfect #stilllearning #sustainableliving #workinprogress #lesswaste #reducewaste

"This handbag is so chic, you won't believe they are vegan", @Popsugar said about Angela Roi Eleanor Satchel. #angelaroi #popsugar

Dancing away these winter blues in this goldenrod dyed sweater because it's the perfect antidote to this morning's snow. ✨ Wearing goldenrod around my shoulders is like pulling those blueberries out of the freezer in the middle of February: Summer preserves for this final stretch before spring. ✨ This might be the best reason to dye wool with local flowers-- the way it keeps color for the colder months, holds memories of foraging with my babies, and promises a warm return. ✨ As the seed catalogs start to pile up and I distract myself by plotting this year's garden, I'm definitely going to grow more dye flowers so I can have enough to dye a few heavy winter wools too. ✨ Just thinking about my dye garden made it feel sunnier today. Supposedly, there are a few unseasonably warm days in this week's Hudson Valley forecast. ✨ I'm just going to keep snapping my fingers and tapping my feet until I can walk outside without a proper winter coat. Goldenrod for the winter blues. ✨ Slow Fashion outfit details: Secondhand wool cardigan dyed with locally foraged goldenrod flowers; secondhand linen top; mended jeans; secondhand leather boots; and always that favorite @aceandjig scarf warming my winter collarbones. #makethriftmend ✨🔹🌿

Grateful to be here at the @kulkulfarm - hands in the soil connected with so many knowledgeable passionate humans! The beginning of something special! @orinhardy @marifarii 🥑🌽🍏

I've noticed a disturbing trend of women shaming themselves for having larger ring sizes. And then I realized that by making large ring sizes only by special request, I was contributing to the problem. So I'm trying to fix it. From now on, we offer a full range of sizes up to 12. And please, if you're one of those women who hate your hands, treat yourself to a well fit ring and it will change your entire perspective. Your hands are beautiful and deserve to be adorned.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ •⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
#slowfashion #ethicalfashion #sustainablefashion #etsy #sustainableliving #prettylittlethings #etsyfind #seekthesimplicity #creativelifehappylife #communityovercompetition #theartofslowliving #momentslikethese #simplepleasures #craftsposure #petitejoys #positivelife #treatyourself #lessismore #flashesofdelight #nothingisordinary_ #apartmentliving #aquietstyle #pursuepretty #theeverydaygirl #mybeautifulmess #handmadejewelry

Thanks to Trudy, our garden stays green and healthy with lots of fruits and vegetables to eat. #sustainableliving #garden #artshouse

The appearance of fiddleheads marks the beginning of the season for harvesting wild edibles here in southcentral Alaska. Around the third week of April, these nutrient-dense morsels begin their emergence from the previous year's growth; dotting the seemingly lifeless browns and grays that dominate the creek banks and surrounding forests with a triumphant shade of green. For approximately one month, unfurled fronds can be collected in vast quantities and eaten or stored for future use by the enterprising forager. Around the first of May, I will be offering a half-day, hands-on class on the wild, spring edibles of southcentral Alaska (date weather-dependent), covering a range of plants that can be used both for food and medicinal purposes; including instructions for sustainable harvesting, preparation methods, and storage. Interested persons can feel free to contact me if they would like to attend (which will give me a better handle on class size). I will be holding two classes: one in the valley (likely at/around the Hay Flats Game Refuge (Hayfield Rd. location), and one in Anchorage (at Campbell Creek, off Campbell Airstrip). There will be a small fee ($10), and the class will run for about four hours from start to finish. Wild harvesting is important because it gives us independence, and while liberating us from costs, provides us high-quality, organic nutrition. It also informs us of the workings of our environment, and highlights the need for conservation on a local level. Come out and see what you've been missing, meet some like minded people, and fill up that pantry with nature's bounty. 🌱🌰🌲🌿🍃🌸

Made more rollers today!! Super excited to start using these!! I love making the labels!!

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