A little delayed... but here’s my stylish yoga session for ELLE UK // September 2018 🔥

The new @fashioncanada sustainability issue is making me smile. So proud #hproject sponsored this issue to be @carbonzero certified - just another thing to smile about...oh ya an my @davis_project jacket 📖✨ #carbonzero #sustainabilityissue #fashioncanada #sustainablefashion

I don’t buy (women’s) magazines because I prefer to read or listen to non-fiction books (educational & self-improvement). And if I need information about anything specific I just ask the internet. However, when Elle UK announced a sustainability issue I had to buy to review and learn. Verdict: great job for a mainstream fashion magazine! This is the way we need to go across all types of media and for all audiences/ interests. Looking forward to seeing more of this! Well done #elle #elleuk #ellemagazine #womensfashion #magazine #sustainability #sustainabilityissue #sustainabilitymatters #sustainableliving #sustainablefashion #uk #sustainablefuture

still so happy about this #elleuk issue 🌿♻️

Current reading 📖 Elle UK’s September issue is full of important stats, facts + interviews with various activists pushing for a more circular economy and fair, sustainable tactics in fashion [including absolute legends Stella McCartney @stellamccartney + Fashion Revolution @fash_rev]. 🌿🍃🕊 Printed on 100% recycled paper as well 🙂🌟 Amazing.

S U N D A Y 📖 R E A D S
I’ve really enjoyed reading the latest September issue of Elle magazine. How gorgeous and cool is the pregnant cover girl, Slick Woods.... (I mean, imagine having Erykah Badu as your doula 😍)
• If you need some direction towards making more informed choices and everything surrounding sustainable beauty and fashion, and to have a greater awareness of the ethics behind the making of the clothes you wear - there is a whole feast of information and style to absorb.🖤
• We know to use reusable coffee cups and to ditch the plastic water bottles and bags - but can we now change our attitudes to clothes...the amount and way we consume them? 🖤
• We can no longer ignore #whomadeyourclothes - nor refuse to acknowledge the environmental impact from mass clothing production, and the increase of harmful landfill from the disposal of cheap clothes. 🖤
• Taking a sustainable approach to fashion doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy clothes or shopping without guilt - it’s about making conscious decisions before buying something new. Who made it, will it last and, do you really need it? 🖤
• Of course, if you know your *best colours* - you have already made a huge leap towards making more informed choices and will avoid costly mistakes and waste...🖤
Happy Sunday folks xxx

📸 @elleuk Elle | September 2018 | Slick Woods

Really pleased to see this sustainability issue of @elleuk, with real informative content. Optimistically hoping that it will change shopping habits for some of the readers....
And yes, I'm camping for the 4th time this summer. Nuts.
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Here it is @elleuk September issue. I must say I really like Elle magazine and the way they bring something new and exciting.This time they made a sustainability issue and focused on exploring the sustainable fashion.I know this is on the rise now so I am very interested in getting to know more about this.Also bringing something new - a pregnant model on the cover is very exciting! I just love magazines and can't wait to get stuck into this one😀👌
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Going to pick up my copy today...cannot wait to dive into the sustainability articles ... #elleuk #sustainableconcepts #sustainabilityissue

A M A Z I N G #sustainabilityissue @elleuk featuring beautiful shoot with @lcflondon_ @fcorner and awesome students @fidler_aniela @pippipictures @joana_e_mg and a FAB article from @dilys.williams @sustfash 🤓👏🏼💥🙌🏼😍 big congrats @emelie_akerbrant ❤️

Dear Elle magazine, you're unfashionably late to the party with your sustainability issue. And I wonder how much change for good you will genuinely commit to (curating your advertising for this issue would have been a bold step, but no). But hey, I love a good slogan and yours are fab. #elle #sustainabilityissue #septemberissue #sustainablefashion

Monday Mood. Outside Wogan House just before going on BBC Radio 4’s ‘You & Yours’ programme today at 12.15 to talk through our September issue and Sustainability. #listenup #sustainabilityissue #bemoreelle

After months of searching for it I finally got the issue of @vogueaustralia focused on #sustainability guest edited by @emmawatson ♥️ #inspiration

Out of the blue I was contacted by Daniel from Enchanted Homes to use my painting "Tesuque Hideaway" for their cover. I stayed in this sweet guest room while visiting my dear friend in 2013 and was inspired to paint it. #tesuque #newmexicolandscape #enchantedhomes #sustainabilityissue #taosnewmexico #taosnews #westernlandscape #adobe #adobehome

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