The Heartwalk is the time of year that I celebrate three of the most special people in my world: my nephew, my dad, and my stepdad. So thankful for the technology that saved their hearts!!!! If you can support Team Carterman, here is the link to our page. Thank you!! #heartwalk #survivors #thankful. http://www2.heart.org/site/TR?fr_id=3519&pg=team&team_id=415665

One year, 9 months, and 15 days ago I was raped by a stranger in an alley after celebrating the submission of my graduate school applications. My life was changed, and in many ways I have worked to transmute that horror into gold. Much of that transformation is owed to all of the survivors in my life who continue to hold me. I know I am not alone in living with these heavy truths. .
This is a time for survivors to come together and demand justice- demand that our politicians are not, and have never been a threat. I cannot be silent any longer and I hope you join me. .
This print celebrates the strength of the heart of a survivor. It calls us to come together and fight for a better world for all of us. .
50% of all proceeds from this print go to END THE BACKLOG a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing light to untested rape kits and bringing survivors justice.
You can purchase this print through Instagram or via my website- link in my bio. .
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Our "VIP" tickets have officially sold out for the 9th FaceForward Charity Gala "LA DOLCE VITA" 2018!!
The good news is there's still a chance for you to grab the last few tickets that are still available for the evening!!
You wouldn't want to miss this amazing night! "LINK IN BIO"
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The perfect #tongueouttuesday post featuring Piper and her friend, Frankie Two Teeth. Frank was adopted from the same place as Piper, @libertyhumanesociety, and now lives with Ma's friend, @bachataandbarbells ! It's suspected that Frank was used as a bait dog in his past life so he struggles meeting strange dogs but he obviously took right to #TheOG ! We love you, Frank and @bachataandbarbells !!!

We Will Be Hosting Our First Promo Event October 13th‼️ After A Long Day Of Supporting Our Survivors Head Down to 4Seasons Bar & Grill to Cool Down With #EPS #Survivors #BreastCancer #EventPlanningSisters #PromoEvent #Fight 🎀

We need your support for this great cause.🙏
This is cause is close to my heart as well Kidney Failure.
I goal is bring awareness to these diseases and help find a cure for both and support these warriors for facing their disease head on.
#showyourlove #kidneyfailure #breastcancersucks #survivors #merchantvillenj #pennsaukennj

We were circled by sharks and nearly died... But we didn’t!

Our Restorative Housing Program is a year-long program for women who are seeking to exit the sex trade, and stabilize their lives. One REST House resident put it simply: “The REST House saved my life.”

I didn’t get any coddled or anything but I rode buttons and had an amazing lesson!!
• good job to @eq.caseyyy @camille.equii @lindsay.swede! And thank you @sarahdzhus for the amazing lesson!•

Regrann from compassioncurator - My heart breaks as I sit here in agony wishing I could be in the Carolinas. It's hard for me to not be able to put on my superwoman cape and fly over there right now to search every home and factory for any living breathing being left behind. For the rescuers that are out there, I thank you for your unbelievable work. I am with you all in spirit and working with my foundation compassionkind to provide as much support as we can from Florida
We have got to do better as humans. We've got to care more. Have more compassion and empathy towards these living beings that depend on us to care for them and love them. I am sickened by the excuses to leave an animal behind. There is simply no reason good enough for me to justify their suffering and death; their feeling of abandonment and desperation. We've conditioned them to depend on us for survival and then we throw in the towel. We are cowards
To the farmers with pigs, cows and chickens that have perished, that will get a FEMA check to resupply their "stock". Remember that you did nothing to save them, that you murder living beings for a living and that your soul is so full of sadness and death that there is nothing that can save you unless you wake up and open your heart. There's an ancient Chinese observance that says there should be no killing or eating of animals after a massacre such as this. I wish we could put that day of observance into action
Disaster preparedness is for everyone, every living being. Whether they are your hunters, security guards, bacon, milk or leather, they have beating hearts and fight to live. I look forward to the day we read about these massacres in history books and our children's children say, "Why didn't someone do something?"😔
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Happy Production Tuesday - - Amazing Interviews with 2 Living Legends - Patrick “Nine” Lemoine & Andre “Addy” Seraphin - 60+Year Friendship #FortDimacheSurvivors - 6 years imprisoned in one of the worst prison/dungeon of the Duvalier Regime - - Proud to know both Men over the last 30 years. Honored to get to tell their story - #WriterDirector - #Producer #gouinfilms #ontheroad @nomadnicki #Partner #TeaserShoot Part 2 - Super Productive Day - #gratefulheart - Generational Voices @fordi9 #blessedlife❤️ #partnersinlife #tagteam #productionsoldier #crewlife ✈️ >> NYC #Nine #PreludeDoc #FortDimanche #Survivors #Intheirownwords #Movienews #eyeonprize #basedonatruestory #filmmaker #dreammaker #believer #believersneverdie #makinghistory #Hollywood #Florida

#spoonielife post! Another week into September, and I’m still struggling with managing my chronic illness symptoms, which have been generally worse for several months now. As of today, for the first time in over eight years, I’m using a prescribed cardiac event monitor to record my tachycardia episodes and related symptoms in order to help rule out any cardiac unknowns that may have crept into my adult life (among other recent procedures). This tiny little monitor has brought up so many emotions for me. (They’ve gotten so much more high-tech after nearly a decade!) It’s so conflicting, the cognitive dissonance that comes from wishing nothing is seriously “wrong” while also wishing that my mystery symptoms will be validated by something “real”, “concrete”, and “fixable”. It’s a headspace that for me has often produced feelings of guilt, shame, and self-loathing. I have been having to work exceptionally hard to reframe these kinds of thoughts and redirect my mind to the present and what “is”. This becomes especially hard when I’m feeling vulnerable and sick.

To those of you who have struggled through #chronicillness testing differential diagnosis, have you ever felt this way? What are some ways you stay positive? I would love to hear them ❤️ Wishing everyone a peaceful week!
#chronicillnesswarriors #chronicpain #survivors #mentalhealth #positivity #copingstrategies #copingwithchronicillness #cfs #fibromyalgia #dysautonomia #spoonieproblems

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