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Master's Graduation Ceremony #surreyalumni #foreversurrey

to a great night with old friends and new #tammy #surreyalumni

Breakfast on my mind and the good old uni days with @amadufie_10 πŸ˜ͺ
It's true what they say, you do miss uni once it's over #SurreyAlumni
#AbujaBlogger #BreakfastFlatLay

P is for Professional Training, an integral part of Surrey life which sets our students apart. On average, our graduate employment rate over the past 5 years is 95%.

But first let us take a selfie πŸ€—πŸ€— #stillfreshers #surreyalumni #london

Little reunion! It's amazing to meet your classmates in different parts of the world! Thank you Sabio @iisabio for such an amazing day! Is was loads of fun! All around Phuket in one day - mission complete! βœ… #Phuket #University of #Surrey #surreyalumni

Congratulations to Surrey Alumni @_adammiller for coming joint first in the U23 LWT 500m at the British Rowing Indoor Championships 2016. πŸ…#surreyalumni #usbc #teamsurrey #bric #bric2016

Three amazing years have ended! The best is yet to come! πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸŽ“#universityofsurrey #surreyalumni #createwonder

A wise man once said. When the πŸŽ“ goes up, πŸ’© comes down.

#graduation #surrey #surreyalumni #foreversurrey #AIG3/10


P is for Professional Training, an integral part of Surrey life which sets our students apart. On average, our graduate employment rate over the past 5 years is 95%.

O is for orchestra. The University orchestra puts on 2 or 3 concerts each year. Watch out for news on its spring 2018 programme, featuring an assortment of timeless film and TV scores, including the Star Wars music.

Today we have N for... nutrition. The Dept of Nutritional Sciences is ranked no 1 in the UK and our research looks into how food and nutrition affect the ageing process, including dementia, osteoporosis and DNA damage and repair.

M is for... Mini. In 1957 alumnus Sir Alec Issigonis designed the iconic Mini. Photo: Getty Images

Award-winning composer Odaline de la Martinez was the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award in the Vice-Chancellor's Alumni Awards last year. Applications now open for 2018 so let us know about our amazing alumni! http://bit.ly/2fRduAh

In our Surrey alphabet L is for... Library and Learning Centre, the academic hub of the campus. We've invested Β£16m to create a state-of-the-art learning environment.

We've reached K in our alphabet for... kidney. Computer scientists at Surrey have developed innovative software which will allow clinicians to detect acute kidney injury, improving the quality of life for patients.

In our alphabet J is for... Daphne Jackson, the first woman to hold the post of Professor of Physics in the UK, appointed by Surrey in 1971.

We're at I in our alphabet for... innovation. Our 5G Innovation Centre is developing the next generation of mobile communications - shaping the homes, workplaces and cities of the future.

Today in our alphabet is H... for health. Surrey is leading the way in pioneering new technology to tackle conditions such as dementia and cancer.

Today in our alphabet is G for... Guildford School of Acting or GSA. Its graduates can be found in nearly every West End musical, on Broadway and on tour and many appear in films and on TV.

In the Surrey alphabet F is for... food! International Hospitality Management students get practical training in our fine dining Lakeside restaurant and popular cafe.

In our A to Z of great things at Surrey E is for... E.H. Shepard. We're privileged to hold the collection of his iconic Winnie the Pooh drawings that have entertained children (and adults!) for 90 years

In the Surrey alphabet we've reached C for... cats - and dogs! Our School of Veterinary Medicine is researching new cancer treatments for our furry friends.

Our next letter in the A to Z of great things at Surrey is B for... Battersea. Did you know that our history stretches back 125 years to our predecessor institution Battersea Polytechnic?

Check out our Surrey alphabet this November

Had an interview with Franco from @La Positano Guildford today about his Entrepreneurial Biz and himself as a entrepreneur and treated myself this! Lovely and massive portion! If it’s massive for my stomach you can imagine how big it is! ( no vegan portion though I cheated this creamy mushroom ). Though have heard lots of feedbacks and recommendations from my friends beforehand, this was my first time and I love it. Cost ambience and very attentive and caring service. Franco is being lovely as a professional and a owner-manager with lots of fruitful sharings and stories from his side and a view from a senior. #SurreyAlumni

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