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We enjoyed three days of cycling about the overgrown pathways connecting the network of pagodas. Each has its’ own unique structure, inside sat a large Buddha and maze like hallways, and small tunnels leading to second and third floor terraces. Evenings were spent chasing sunsets, running to the tallest pagoda to watch a fiery haze ignite over Bagan until the sun is eclipsed by the mountains.


Le plus important, ménager sa monture :) #shower #warmshower #surlybikes #intergalacticsurlybikes #surly #sram #hplusson

Led Zeppelin "Whole Lotta Love"cover 《Live Schedule》

As I sat across from this guy in an Applebee's for dinner last night (gift card FTW 🙌🏻!), I thought about all the roads that led us here.
Everyone always said, 'when it's right, you'll know' or my personal favorite, 'when you know, you know.' But in all those cliches you hear when you're going through a bad breakup and you want to give up, there's hope.
There's a high five 🙌🏻 that turns into work dates ☕️ that turns into a magical kiss 😘 at 9pm in a driveway in Lowry Hill that turns into forever.
I'm blessed beyond what I deserve to have this guy by my side. It takes a village to keep this business moving and growing and changing and sometimes it feels like a three ring circus 🎡 but Luis is ever-constant and ever-calm. He balances me and reminds me to SIT THE HECK DOWN when I'm running a million miles a minute.
He's serious about his bikes and I'm all, why are we going so fast?! Are there hills?! I can't stand helmet hair! How about we just bike to get ice cream! 😜😂 How do you and your partner balance each other? Tell me! 👇🏻 📷 @jenmeneghinphotography 😘

i made up my mind to have surly lht as my new friend. it takes 3 weeks to paint the frame. guess which colour will it be!
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『Steamroller is simple and beautiful』#surlybikes #surlysteamroller #fattiesfitfine #bluelug

Still remain snow and too cold to ride Tarmac🚴
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Hello it's Wednesday!
Work still in progress.