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Today’s mug is classic Christmas mom. It’s appropriate because next week my other 3 adult children will be here!!! ✨Joy✨ And yes, that background view is a fresh doughnut on a Christmas plate, courtesy of my sweet husband. #mugoftheday #mugoftea #surgicalrecovery

Mom wanted a fire.... so we brought her/her bed to the fire. #SurgicalRecovery #MerryChristmas #SoupForDays #NoMoreHernia #LayingByTheFire

Decided to get out of the house with my girl and celebrate the season! #surgicalrecovery #stircrazy #holidaylights #thankyoustevefordriving

Wild n crazy Saturday night at the McCoys. #surgicalrecovery #recoveryroom #backinjury #doggymovietime #ghostworld

I'm excited to try this in my smoothies.
#fitlife #surgicalrecovery #smoothietime

Two different photos. 7 weeks apart. same bra. In honor of going back to work tomorrow, my before and afters. It took 7 long weeks to recover from one of the hardest things I've ever had to do physically, mentally or emotionally. 8 lbs of boob removed and new ones constructed. Almost 4 weeks of practical bedrest. A bajillion doctors visits and loads of medication and trips to CVS. But I can say without a doubt, it was the best choice for me. I'm so happy with the outcome and even with the complications (which are still ongoing), I would do it again in a heart beat. What strikes me most about the first photo is not the boobs, but pain, and judgement and plain uncomfortableness. And in the second, I see smaller boobs but I also see FREEDOM. Freedom from pain. Judgement. Freedom. Plain and simple. And as I go back to work tomorrow I'm going remember what a blessing it was to be able to do this. The family and friends that got me through it all. ❤️ #surgicalrecovery #breastreduction #beforeandafters #aftersurgery #plasticsurgery

7 weeks post surgery! I feel great and looking back I am so glad I had these items to recover! If you're a #hystersister what were your@must have recovery items? #hysterectomy #surgery #surgicalrecovery

Was thrilled to see a local surgeons office stocked with my #NUTRASURGICALS Post-operative Vitamin formulation. Healing from the Inside Out. #naturopathicdoctor #surgicalrecovery

Want to take some time to thank everyone for your prayers, texts and love that I've received. My surgery went great yesterday and I'm slowly getting better! I love you all and appreciate all the support you all have given me and my family. I'm so blessed to have all of you in my life ❤️ #drmc #surgicalrecovery #blessed #LittleLolo


Wild n crazy Saturday night at the McCoys. #surgicalrecovery #recoveryroom #backinjury #doggymovietime #ghostworld

Mood: introspective/medicated. Who wants to come over, eat a gummy, and watch old movies? #surgicalrecovery #feelingthisturban #recoveryroom

Feeling my Vintage Movie Star Post-Surgery realness. #littleedie #liztaylor #jackieo #surgicalrecovery #butnotplasticsurgery #fieldtrip #dunedin

Recovery Day 3: lots of pain, but being surrounded by all my besties makes it bearable (not pictured but always here for me, My PC). #surgicalrecovery #doggos #familytime #recoveryroom #dogwhisperer #mom❤

Today’s mug is classic Christmas mom. It’s appropriate because next week my other 3 adult children will be here!!! ✨Joy✨ And yes, that background view is a fresh doughnut on a Christmas plate, courtesy of my sweet husband. #mugoftheday #mugoftea #surgicalrecovery

Mug shot of the day. Frothy almond milk with caramel coffee ☕️ in a Pfaltzgraff winterberry mug. My pen collection is a favorite part of my home office and it’s temporarily residing in a Christmas basket! 🎄 #surgicalrecovery #mugoftheday

In case you’ve been wondering what today’s mug would be...classic santa ho ho ho. Cocoa with whipped cream. #surgicalrecovery #christmastime

When the biggest excitement of your day is selecting the mug for your one coffee...
#surgicalrecovery #excitementoftheday

New #coldtherapy device! Here's my new toy I just picked up today! #gameready #icecompression therapy ##cryotherapy #inflammation #pain #chiropractic #surgicalrecovery #jointrepair

Decided to get out of the house with my girl and celebrate the season! #surgicalrecovery #stircrazy #holidaylights #thankyoustevefordriving

A little look at my hospital room. On the other side is a desk, counter and sink. Single room, with a huge window, if I have to stay it isn't a bad place to be. I'm in room 3N20, visitors welcome! #surgery #surgicalrecovery #anklereconstruction #cadavertendon #hypermobilitysyndrome #hypermobility #hospitalbordom #hospital #hospitalroom #365dayswithdisability #ehlersdanlossyndrome

Warning graphic #postoprecovery pictures if you swipe. I was thinking this morning how irritating it is that you have to try so hard to be anonymous on social media. While initially I had wanted to share my cancer journey so that newly diagnosed women could see what potentials may lie in the future and that it is bearable and they are not alone. I find that social media sneakily connects us all to prior accounts and is forever recommending who to see. Well, just so friends and family that find themselves here know, these pictures are not really being shared for any reason other than the reason above. I wouldn't be sharing these at family gatherings or friendly knitting circles...please don't feel you need to look. I don't mind anyone seeing, just want to be clear about why the picures are even here.

This is 8 days out from scar revision. The hematoma is still swollen and a little sore. The drain punctures are sore and bruised. There is a blister under my incision on the left, I think a reaction to adhesive. My surgeons both times have used this weird mesh tape that reminds me of drywall tape. And there is lots of glue. I don't have the fortitude to try and clean up all the sticky stuff. That's too much rubbing 😞 I still have some rib pain on the left that can instigate a muscle spasm when I take a deep breath. Today has been pain med free. I took a shower, but the mesh holds onto the bleedy stuff and surgeon pen marks. I'm pretty sure it makes it look worse than it is.🤗
#breastcancer #mastectomy #bilateralmastectomy #postoprecovery #exercise #flatlife #postop #surgicalrecovery

Mom wanted a fire.... so we brought her/her bed to the fire. #SurgicalRecovery #MerryChristmas #SoupForDays #NoMoreHernia #LayingByTheFire

From scrubbing in on traditional surgeries to the work I do in organ procurement, I always try to remain positive and receptive! #surgery #surgeryselfie #scrub #scrubtech #surgicalrecoverytech #surgicalrecovery #organprocurement #savinglives #eyewear #24hourcall #suturesquad #theharvest

Meet Pretzel (aptly named because of how she curls up when she sleeps ❤️) is 6 weeks into her Postoperative Cruciate repair recovery program. She is showing no sign of lameness and is already rearing to go! By starting a rehabilitation program within the first week after surgery (simply by using ice for pain and inflammation and passive range movements) we can speed up healing times and slow down muscle wastage and secondary compensatory dysfunction. Resting is important to allow surgical site healing, however when supervised, guided activity is incorporated we get AWESOME results! Owner persistence is so important to reach the desired goals, as well as qualified therapists to ensure a suitable treatment plan is followed. #dogsandpeople #caninerehabilitation #caninephysicalrehabilitation #canineinjury #goldcoastdogs #cruciateligament #cruciaterepair #petwellness #surgicalrecovery #littlelegs

Oh my gosh, guys!!! Five weeks out from my total knee replacement surgery and I was just out walking these three for a short walk in my neighborhood!!! I’m struggling most with my muscles fatiguing and feeling like they’re going to give out and some spinal and pelvic alignment issues now that my leg is the right length again. Overall I think I’m ahead of the curve when it comes to my recovery. I’m excited to see how much of my mobility I can regain from this surgery!! #chihuahua #AmericanBully #australiancattledog #surgicalrecovery #kneereplacement #ehlersdanlossyndrome

For the first time since September 1st, this guy is going to school without a cast, a boot, crutches or a scooter. What a journey this has been. So proud of his strength and persistence through these medical challenges. Oh and he is so so so tall!!! #lovemyson #surgicalrecovery #flatfeetproblems #hesateenagernow #proudofourson #hespracticallygrown #grit #persistence #momentsinmotherhood

This handheld rechargeable massager by #Gideon isn't part of their spa line and I can't begin to imagine why! This is definitely a step up from the first massager I posted!

Much like the first, it's got 3 interchangeable heads but this time just 5 speeds. I find this much more gentle and easy to use with its long rubber gripped handle.
The massager comes with a charging cradle that holds the two heads that aren't currently in use and the heads are softer. This is perfect for spot treatments for issues like tendinitis or injury recovery. I think it would be really helpful to prevent built up painful scar tissue as well once external wounds are healed.
This is very much a luxury experience and I highly recommend it!
#iwasinvited #massager #massage #handheld #multifunction #quality #ad #sp #sportsmedicine #injuryrecovery #pt #PhysicalTherapy #scartissue #recovery #surgicalrecovery

don’t know how i got so lucky that that i get to have this person as a friend. @dosdeseptiembre, you saw me through the two hardest surgical recoveries, two of the most difficult times in my life, with unending patience, relentless humor, and limitless grace. you held my hand when i cried and my head when i thought i’d surely lose it. i am still here through both stages of phalloplasty but for your love, and i could never thank you enough for it. i love you, my friend. 💕 (ps remember when i pooped on your floor? 😂😩💩)

My bomb PT & movement person @themovementmaestro and I were talking on Monday about how different my scars are so I decided to make a post about it. Same surgeon, same anterior placement, but vastly different experiences.
Right: Incision closed with dissolvable sutures. I had a small infection in the lower part of the incision, which caused my body to wall off the area, rendering it unable to dissolve the sutures there and leaving me with a non-healing wound for three months until the last bit of suture popped out. I now have a permanent cavity there. I had cutaneous nerve damage causing severe hypersensitivity in the skin of my lateral right thigh for months. While I was positive about the surgery and did a ton of great stuff toward expediting healing, the recovery was grueling, partly because of limitations and pain in my unoperated left hip. I had general anaesthesia and fell into a depression a couple of weeks post-op, both from the realization that I still would be in pain from the left hip and from the chemicals exiting my body.
Left hip: Incision closed with staples. The incision healed without a hitch, the scar is already starting to smooth out and move well, the area already beginning to recover proper fascial glide. I was more relaxed and less consistent with the healing modalities I used before, and because my right hip is already good, I am way further along in strength and mobility than I was at this point on the first side. No cutaneous nerve damage this time, so all I have is normal aching and sensitivity around the incision. I had a spinal and light anaesthesia so the detox was much easier and no post-op depression.
What a difference a year has made in me, as I go through this recovery versus the first one. These two scars also visually represent such different experiences, I'm probably going to keep unpacking this one for myself for a long time.

One week after upper and lower eyelid surgery, brow support and laser resurfacing - one of my favorite combinations of procedures to perform. Lids are open, the jewel-like quality of the eye is restored, lower lid bags are smoothed, the forehead tone is relaxed, and wrinkles are eliminated. A natural aesthetic here is key, and improving the eyes is the most high yield area of the face, being key for age, beauty, and social recognition. At one week, some swelling and redness remain, yet the procedure is relatively stealth when considering the amount of improvement realized. General anesthesia is not required for these procedures; safety and recovery are maximized.

Feeling good on my first night out with Patrick in a short dress and boots since surgery 8 weeks ago!

Thank you 6-weeks-ago me for putting food in the freezer. I haven’t wanted to eat much but as my appetite returns it’s nice to have something easy, homemade and yummy available. #jambalaya #surgicalrecovery

First day back at work yesterday,the cool water OMG helps so much,will be interesting how i go today on my own errands #omg #poorfeet #poorfoot #surgicalrecovery #firstdayback #coolwater #interestingdays

Right after I drew the #mystery card from the #soultrees deck, I drew the #twolittlewitches card from the #oraclesofshadowandlight deck. This card tells me it is a time to cleansing out old energy and old spaces to make room for something new. I can definitely feel things changing and the energy clearing right now; even though what is to come is still a mystery to me. I am ok with not knowing what’s coming at this point. I could just get lost in the imagery of this card for now while I wait for things to change. The illustrations in this deck are captivating, and the cards are comforting in a strange way. I like the oddness in the feel from this decks. I am really pleased with my recent deck purchases. I am continuing to recover from surgery and am awaiting the time when I can start recording new videos to share readings from my new decks on YouTube. #oraclecardreadings #oraclecards #witchesofinstagram #change #clearingoldenergy #waitingforsomethingnew #witches #healing #surgicalrecovery #resting #oraclereadersofinstagram

I have been making sure to take my #juiceplus capsules to assist with my #surgicalrecovery while I’ve been in the hospital. I am feeling better today. The first day the pain was intolerable for awhile. The second day, I wanted to make sure I could stay on top of the pain with medication. Yesterday, I was dizzy and nauseous most of the day. Today, I finally feel a little better. So far, the pain is under control and I haven’t been feeling sick today. Hopefully, I may get to go home today. #surgery #hysterectomy #oophorectomy #hysterectomyrecovery #pain #painundercontrol #notdizzytoday #notnauseousanymore

Transformation Tuesday shit is real today. Three weeks post hysterectomy and I feel like I got hit by a bus with flashing lights saying “menopause or bust”. So this transformation is rather a reformation of myself. The bitter truth behind endometriosis, poly cystic ovaries and chronic pain that people don’t know about and don’t talk about, so I will. 🤦🏻‍♀️💛🙏🏻
#wokeuplikethis #seriouslythoidid #endometriosis #pcos #hysterectomy #transformationtuesday #chronicpain #surgicalrecovery #roroaintroingtheboatanywheretoday #keeplookingforward #realtalk #endoftheendopain #hotflashes #spinningroom #funtimes

Today I felt well enough for #BearBellyRubs and #Visitors from one of my favorite humans Aunt April @april100680. 🐾🐻🐾Mom let me take off my e-collar and I curled up on the corner bed only to fall off and then fall asleep promptly where I fell. #SickLife #RecoveryLife #BearDen #BearProblems #ADayWithBear #LuxatingPatella #Trupanion #AdoptDontShop #ARLMain #SurgicalRecovery

Had surgery July 1 and have lost a lot of weight from the endo. I was 98lbs at time of surgery and now I'm 103lbs! Slowly making my way up to my 120lb goal. Feels great to be able to exercise again. Prior to surgery, I had been bed ridden with endometriomas on my ovary since October. The difference a year can make! .
#gymselfie #mirrorselfie #surgicalrecovery #laproscopy #endometriosis #endosister #endowarrior #chronicillness #spoonie #workout #nextsurgeryinmarch #weightgainjourney

Is it to late for a nap? To early for bed? 🤷🏼‍♀️#SurgicalRecovery

Actually I'm like 92% certain I did. Suddenly I have a lot of pain in my pelvis and bleeding kicked up. Feet up and lounging. #ioverdidit #surgicalrecovery #pain #oopherectomy #tired #hurting #endometriosis #endowarrior #thisiswhywecanthavenicethings

3 weeks post surgery and I managed to alter the jacket. Adding buttons, button holes, 2 zippers, cutting off the sleeves and finishing those.
It was honestly exhausting. My leg is angry but I need to keep working at getting back to living.
I have Kou's jewelry and undershirt at my house. I have burgundy tights and his boots too. I lost 10 pounds since surgery but I feel chubby without my binders on.
I will do my best to have Kou stage ready for the opera house Sunday. I am so very excited to cosplay again. ♡
#surgicalrecovery #backsurgery #hope #koumukami #mukamikou #cosplay #cosplayer #over30cosplay #michigancosplay #diaboliklovers

I have the opportunity to go to a cosplay meetup Sunday! I have been meaning to remake casual Kou for a while so... this is what I am doing now.
I will be 3 weeks post surgery on my back so I think I can do it if I take my cane and move slow. ♡ Time to rise.

#cosplay #cosplayer #cosplaywip #closetcosplay #koumukami #mukamikou #diaboliklovers #diabolikloversmoreblood #anime #otome #surgicalrecovery #backsurgery #hope #diabolikloverscosplay

3 months ago today, I started the recovery process from throat surgery. It was not an easy time for my husband and I, but with the help, love, and support of our community, we were able to move forward with the best outcome possible.
The months prior to my surgery, I was unable to eat solid foods, sleep, or have comfortable conversation with people I love. My weight hit an extreme low of 98 lbs. and I felt like a lifeless heap of bones. My flares kicked into high gear, my anxiety was at an all time high, my nerves were shot, and I spent weeks upon weeks in bed extremely ill. Through it all, I started to lose hope and trust in my body. 5 years of chronic illness topped off with 9 months of throat symptoms was just too much to handle. Fear and depression kicked in and I simply shut down. If it weren't for the strength, compassion, and hard work of my husband, I'm not sure where I would be today. Sometimes life gets too busy and we forget to say thank you to the ones that hold us up the most. Thank you @hymanjd I sure love you so darn much.
While throat surgery (or any surgery, for that matter) is something that I never want to endure again, the process shined much needed light on all that I'm thankful for. For 2+ months now, I have been able to eat solid foods by myself and while in the company of others. There's no embarrassment or fear attached to eating. I can sleep without sitting in a complete upright position. More importantly, I have renewed hope and trust in my body. While there are a great many things out of balance in this temple of mine, surgical recovery showed me that there are a great deal of things still working. This body is not betraying me. It wants to see me get better and I fully believe that it has the capacity to do just that. Trust and hope are a beautiful combination.
This week, we're back at Mayo meeting with my surgical team to review results from my surgery, as well as, several appointments with my long term care team to discuss possible treatment options for my on-going immunological/hematological concerns. While we've only just begun to scratch the surface on my healing path, things aren't fully resolved, and there is a great

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