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Come to Bali, they said 🍉it’s gonna be fun, they said. And they were right 😜🤙🌴#surfwgbali

My last memory for my softboard. Can't wait to ride waves on the fiber surfboard 👌🙈
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Monday’s at our camp are just as awesome as the rest of the week 😃🌴☀️Come visit us in Bali!

Well deserved chillout after a great morning surf session, gathering strength for the afternoon 🏄‍♀️🌊💙 #bali #canggu #surfwgbali #surf #surfing #surfergirl #oceanlove #bagus #livingthelife

“One of the great things about travel is that you find out how many kind people there are”. ~Edith Wharton♡

I would be lying if I said that once upon a time I wasn’t the traveler that loved all-inclusive resorts. Loved staying on them just drinking and lazing the day away poolside or on the beach... maybe dancing in the resort club. And there is literally nothing wrong with that style of travel. I love a little bit of luxury and laziness still from time to time. But thats not why I travel and my travel style has evolved so much. Now i’d much rather get a airbnb, homestay or even a hostel and really interact with the local people where I am, eat delicious street food and learn about the country. The trip that changed it for me the most was my first time in Bali. It was so beautiful for me to interact with locals, here their stories and realizing the world is full of kind people. 💖
The first time I was in Bali, for my first week I stayed at @surfwgbali and their motto is “feel home, stay easy”. I felt that motto while I was there so much so that I came back and brought a couple of friends! 🌺💖
The awesome human in this photo is @eddycurl ! He was my surf instructor the last time I was here and he is also my surf instructor this go round! Eddy and his amazing wife Panda both work at the surf camp and have made my experiences nothing short of amazing! He’s taught me how to Cobra on a surf board, turtle roll and to catch my own waves! I still wipe out though 🏄🏾‍♀️😂😂 But he makes learning to surf one of the funnest experiences in the world! Him and Panda have also taught me about a lot of different Balinese foods & Eddy is teaching me Balinese dance! There is nothing like learning about a country, culture or skill from local people who love to share it with you! 🏄🏾‍♀️🌺🙌🏾💖
What’s your travel style?
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