early mornings at the Gold Coast
💫can't wait to be back ♡

I’m so stoked with this illustration 🏄🏽😍 this surfboard @chilli_surfboards by White Rabbit was my first high performance board at the age of 16, I grew up in a small beach town and believe having an Australian board by these fellas was the shit 😎😅 illustration by @dayalfaro1

🏄Board of the day!🏄6'6" NSL Joey Nichols Design in mint condition, $199.99!
#pias_ventura #boardoftheday #ventura

Ya saben cómo se les da el skate pero...¿cómo creen que se les dio el surf?😂🏄 Pronto podrán ver el primer reportaje con @serlua y Óscar Jiménez, les va a encantar 😬✌️

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