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What were the world’s best surfing in 1979? Larry Bertlemann was riding a 6’4” x 21.5” swallow twin with heaps of v in the 15” tail. “This board is super loose, the rail transitions are hot, and it goes unreal at Burleigh”. Tracks, May 1979. #tracksmag #retrosurf #surfhistory #surfboarddesign #seventies #soulsurf #retrosurfboard

Sea Dart report! - I’ve been surfing this board a fair bit recently and having a lot of fun on it. Initial testing up in smaller and softer waves in West Bali revealed that the board surfed equally as well as a thruster or quad.
We tested both a FLV and single into double concave versions, as well as experimenting with the positions of the rear quads.

The FLV surfed nice, with very smooth rail to rail transitions, but overall the single into double concave gave a quicker response that suited the board better, especially as a thruster. I also found that with the rear quads moved slightly further back and a touch closer to the rail the board produced the sort of thruster style drive that I have often found lacking in more conventional style quad boards.
Final testing at reasonably solid Uluwatu revealed that this board has turned out to be much more versatile than expected, and was equally at home as a thruster or a quad in more serious waves. Definitely a really fun board for summer mush, but will still be very capable if the ocean does turn on.

#LEsummerSeries #customsurfboards #surfboarddesign

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