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Burgundy place card with gold ink 😍Fall weddings are here!🍁
@drphmartins Spectralite 18 carat gold
Nikko G nib, Generals cork holder

"Children are not poets; they are too busy being poems."❤️💗💛💚💙💜 Sharing the limelight with this piece are the backstage unsung heroes: my Tombow Dual Brush markers! Without them, I would not be as inspired to tackle each new piece I imagine creating. They provide the vivid colors I crave and are up to the challenge of using them in multiple ways. Here, I lettered the word, "children" in the rainbow-ical order you see here, but then blended the letters together with a water brush. The rest of the quote was lettered with a black Sharpie-- the spaces filled within the letters with the bullet nib side of the Tombow's. Go play!
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We're wrapping up the practice challenge today & have been SO impressed with the dedication from our challengers! When we first ran the challenge in June, the number one response {aside from loving the drills!} was that our participants didn't want the challenge to end.
Well, we didn't want to let you guys down. We want to break through any barriers keeping you from achieving your full potential with the art. So...we created the Calligraphy Practice Plan, which JUST launched today! It's a 5-week course, all online, with professional video footage of over 45 drills, specifically curated to help you work on consistency, pressure, tapering, essential shapes + so much more 💕🖋 It takes place over a longer period of time to allow you to develop a sustainable practice routine to help propel your skill level.
To celebrate, we've kicked off with an early bird rate + bonus drills available for just 48 hours!! Click the link in my profile for full details & to grab an early bird spot in the course.
We can't wait to help you develop the very best practice habits & truly take your calligraphy skills to where YOU want to be!

「17 days to go」
A few days ago I reached a milestone of 6k and it was such an honor🙏🏻 Thank you so much to those who wished me luck for my exam and and for all the sweet comments and dms. Even the simplest sweet comment/dm means a lot to me. Thank you <3
(Im sorry if this pic is overly edited but the sticky notes colour is already bright and neon-y)
. .
. . [tags]ヾ(๑╹◡╹)ノ"
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What better way to celebrate the start of fall than with this summery commission? Personally, I love fall and all the basic things associated with it, but I definitely wish summer was a bit longer (or even arrived for real in Boston) this year 😢

A bit of motivation for everyone heading back to school for @calligrabasics #cb_backtoschool // haha it's not back to school yet in Australia, we finish in December and start in Feb. sorry for not posting in like 5 ish weeks, these past few weeks have been super busy and hectic studying for my final exams. I'm glad it's all over (temporarily 😬) and I hope to get back to lettering in these 2 weeks of holidays I have :)) I'm always such a stresshead when it comes to school so I've really got to make the most of this free time because afterwards I'm going into my final year of school and then the HSC which is prettyy crazyy...


I applied wet on wet technique on each flower using @prima_watercolor and it leaves from @zigphilippines Gansai Tambi. Still need more practice on this.
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Pff.. Vaya días!! Han sido difíciles pues aunque no sufrí daños graves durante el terremoto, es duro ver a mi México tan dolido y destrozado. También es difícil ver como el gobierno es bueno para NADA! Te quita los ánimos por completo. En fin, el show debe continuar. Cartel feliz para un cliente! ❤ //
What a week!! Days have been difficult cause although I didn't suffer serious damage during the earthquake, it's difficult to see my Mexico so hurt and shattered. It's also hard to see how the government is good for NOTHING! It takes your mind off completely. Anyway, the show must continue. Happy poster for a client! ❤
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@surelysimplechallenge CATCH-UP 😁🎉
I WAS SO BEHIND ON THIS CHALLENGE. At first I wasn't sure if I should try to catch up, actually; but then last night I was just having so much fun playing with colors and letters, I was like, why not?
.💟14- Bunny - Was going to use a quote from Hoodwinked, but it didn't happen. Never trust a bunny.
.✨15- Dinner - I contemplated drawing Carl from Meet the Robinsons, but it didn't happen either
.💟16- Sunglasses - Lyrics from Sunglasses at Night,
Corey Hart 😂 I had this song stuck in my head for almost all of August for some reason lol
.✨17- Party - A banana split is a party in itself, isn't it?
.💟18- Galaxy - I drew this one while listening to @brighteyespod by Aimee Meester with @sydneyfontainemusic & @cyrusfontaine #WHERESMILO???
.✨19- Cubes - Tiny bit of zentangle action...
.💟20- Leaf - MORE zentangleage lol it was fun...
.✨21- Succulents - The faint little circles were created by running the marker around the edge of the cap & pressing it onto the paper like a stamp haha
.💟22- Hat - I was going to use a quote from another movie here, but nah
THERE YA HAVE IT! Now I am pretty much caught up... Not that I think I'll stay that way for long hahaha 🙊 I hope the way I did this was not too annoying; I didn't want to spam everyone by posting these individually 😆
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I'm kinda in love with this one! 😍

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